Friday, April 12, 2019

Thank you!

Thanks be to God!

Laura McCauley

Jayne and Judy

Rich and Mel


Cousins- Sr. Susie and Carol

Brian, Carol, and Keith at the end of the day.

Praise be to God whom all things flow!

Thank you for all those that called, volunteered, prayed, and helped with this Spring Pledge Drive.

Special thanks to our Salt & Light Radio friends and family members that have been putting in extra hours.
  • Phone bank helpers and those callers, greeters, prayer warriors, and guests sharing their stories
  • Alma Ugarte for the pledge drive graphics and parish and school newsletter/bulletin editors for posting our pledge drive information. 
  • Teresa Zepeda for writing the pledge drive letter. 
  • Thanks to the parish staff for posting posters, pulpit announcements, and prayer intentions. Special thanks to St. Edward's for the use of Guadalupe Chapel in Twin Falls. 
  • The Marias for coordinating Adoration at both locations- Maria Turner in Boise and Maria Marez in Buhl. Special thanks to Bishop Peter for the permission, Fathers Camacho and Vicente for helping with exposition. 
  • Food donors: Cecilia Obrachta, Angie Harrison, Pat Larson, Brooke Borroyo, Diane Holley, Margaret Norris, and Eddie Johnson
  • Master computer- Richlyn Kim, Joni Krakua, Mel McClenna, Trish Campana
  • Bloggers- Debbie Johnson and Jacqueline Machado
  • Parish ambassadors and pledge hour coordinators: 
    • Debbie Chester- Sacred Heart
    • Patty Blazek- Holy Apostles
    • Mary Jo Dickson- Our Lady of the Rosary
    • Karen Simkins- St. Mark's
    • Pam DiLucca- St. Edward's
    • Kathleen Hawkins- St. Therese
    • Lori Hoard- St. Nicholas
    • Denise Ervin- St. Elizabeth
    • Teresa Zepeda- St. Jerome
    • Vikki Smutny- Immaculate Conception
    • Pete Hillman- Knights hour
    • Keith Pettyjohn- St. Mary's
    • Kathy Ferbreche- Our Lady of Good Counsel
    • Lori Chaplin- St. Paul's, Nampa
    • Pat King- Our Lady of the Valley
    • John Ysursa- St. John's Cathedral
  • Hosts
    • Brian Howell, Whitni Willmore, Deacon Bob Barros-Bailey, Hope Ryan, Seminarian Nelson Cintra, Pat King, Felipe Zamora, and Pete Hillman. Davis Greenwood running the board. 
  • Staff
    • Kip Guth and Tom Lowther- Engineering, Laura McCauley & Russ Biaggne- calls, Richyln Kim- finances, Mike Schauble- "best-of show", Bill Teske- phone bank and facility preparations, Whitni Willmore- decorating, Keith Pettyjohn- leading us. 
                                And for those other workers behind the scenes and not posted here, may God Bless You for your generosity!

                                Carol Brown
                                Pledge Drive Coordinator. 

                                St. John's sharing now

                                Call and pledge 208-344-4774

                                Jack and Kathy Dahl

                                John Ysursa

                                All callers this time are entered into a drawing for this 
                                picture by Amy (a St. Mark's Parishioner) from a SW Mission

                                Bill Doyle

                                St. John's Cathedral is on the air until 5:30 pm

                                Image result for st john's cathedral boise

                                St. John's is on the air.

                                Tune in until 5:30 PM.

                                Call and pledge to help us meet our goals 208-344-4774.

                                Our Lady of the Valley is on the air

                                Call in and pledge 208-344-4774

                                Sisters of Divine Grace sharing about their recent move close to OLV.

                                Sisters Sheila and Susie

                                Brian Howell and Pat King

                                Margot Loza

                                Our Lady of the Valley is on the air!

                                Our Lady of the Valley is on the air until 3:00 pm.

                                The Sisters of Divine Grace will be on to chat about their recent move to Caldwell. 

                                Please call and pledge 208-344-4774.

                                St. Paul's on the air

                                Join the fun- tune in and call 208-344-4774.

                                Maureen Coon

                                Angie Hancock

                                Davis Greenwood and Seminarian Nelson Cintra

                                John Biggi

                                Walter Kimbrough

                                Sergio Gutierrez

                                St. Paul's is on the air - Seminarian Nelson Cintra is hosting

                                Image result for st paul's nampa

                                Help us reach our goals. 

                                Call and pledge 208-344-4774.

                                It's OLGC time

                                Tune in to hear Fr. German and Oscar Sanchez to talk about what's happening at OLGC. 

                                Oscar might have his guitar!!!! Tune in and listen to find out. 

                                Call in and pledge 208-344-4774

                                First hour for St. Mary's- made the goal! Thank you!

                                Special thanks to Betsy Chumich, Stacy McDonnagh, Jim Kelsch, Carol Christensen, and Michelle Pettyjohn.

                                All callers from 8:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. receive at booklet called "In Sinu Jesu"

                                St. Mary's time is now

                                Image result for st mary's boise

                                8:00 AM Betsy Chumich
                                8:15 AM Stacy McDonnagh
                                8:30 AM Jim Kelsch
                                8:45 AM Carol Christensen and Michelle Pettyjohn
                                9:00 AM Fr. Jesus Camacho
                                9:30 AM Jimmy Harrison

                                Call and pledge 208-344-4774

                                Day 3 here we go!

                                7:00 AM   Morning Light
                                8-10 AM   St. Mary's
                                10-11 AM OLGC | Corpus Christi
                                11-1 PM    St. Paul's
                                1-3 PM   OLV
                                3-5:30 PM St. John's
                                5:30- 6 PM End of Drive

                                Please call and pledge 208-344-4774

                                Thursday, April 11, 2019

                                The Knights of Columbus have this last hour!

                                 Pete Hillman is hosting and talking to the Grand Knights from St. Jerome and St. Edwards.

                                It's Knight Time!

                                Maria will be praying for all those who make a pledge this hour.

                                Rounding out the hour is Maria Marez talking about her "Yes" to her faith

                                On now is Carrie Crist from St. Catherine's in Hagerman

                                                                                 She's talking about her "yes" to marriage

                                $500 Matching challenge to all Knights of Columbus this hour!

                                Vicki Smutney is coming in early to help host the hour too.

                                Jessica Machado is on talking about Mary and how she's played a role in her and her husband Adam's life.

                                Immaculate Conception is up this hour!

                                Hosting this hour is Felipe Zamora

                                You could get one of these books this next hour!

                                           Your name will be in a drawing for a beautiful MERCY book if you donate this hour.

                                Don't forget about the KofC beer stein!

                                The Parish with the most Knights that call in with a donation get the honor of having this stein until the next drive.

                                Fr. Adrian rounds out the St. Jerome's hour

                                                                       Show him some love! Call in now with your donation!

                                Tricia Davis starts our next half hour

                                                        Tricia is talking about her "Yes" to God in having an autistic child.

                                St. Jerome's in their last half hour! Listen and call in support our local Catholic Radio

                                Trish Borreson and Judy Bay have a lot to say! Talking about the Council of Catholic Women.

                                Vanessa is waiting for your call. Let's get her busy!

                                First up for St. Jerome's is Mary Vogel

                                Mary has a wonderful story to tell about service and saying a Mary yes to giving their son to the priesthood.