Thursday, April 7, 2016

We met our goal of 36,000 and more! Thank you all for your generous donations! May God bless you!

Jerry Marcantonio is our host for the last hour with Monstery of the Ascension with Brother Selby Coffman

On the air now is the Grand Knight of Twin Falls Council Spencer Uhl

This hour we have Theresa Jensen on the air speaking about Hospice care.

On the air now is Dr. Steven Kohtz speaking about being a Doctor and faith life and parenthood.

On the air now is our beautiful host Diana Grandy with Mary Fike speaking on the for the Eucharist for the Home Bound/Hospitalized

On the air now is Elizabeth Taylor with St. Edward's schools talking about afterschool programs with Jerry Marcantonio

Prizes for this 3 hour block for St. Edwards include multiple gift certificates, along with a beautiful hand-crafted cedar kitchen hutch.

St, Edwards School is on the air praying the divine mercy chaplet for St. Edwards time block of 3-6.

Father Justin is on the air now for Our Lady of Snow's block from 2-3.

Pictures from this morning at St. Nicholas School

Kathy Burgess is on the air now for Come & See RCIA! Tune in!

Lisa Gifford talking about Food Ministries and Out Reach for St. Jerome. On now!

Prizes for St, Jerome's 12- 2pm Block

Concrete St. Jude Statue from Tijuana, Mexico.
Drawing for one month membership to Gold's Gym
$5 gift card from slice
2 Free buffets at pizza at pizza pie cafe
1 box of See's Candies

On the air now is Colleen Crozier, Rusty Giddeon & Veronica Alvarez speaking about the Capstone Missions.

They will be on until 1:00pm

Fr. Rob Wekerle is on talking about being with the Pope Francis in Mexico

Up now is St. Jerome's

                            Fr. Rob Irwin will be with us as guest host for the next two hours
                                                             Joining Fr. Rob is Pete Hillman

Thank you Chick-fil-A for our delicious lunch!

On this half hour with Fr. Julio and Jerry is Alicia Tallez

The stats, so far, for the running for the KofC Golden Spatula!

1. St. John's, Boise
2. St. Mark's, Boise
3. Immaculate Conception, Buhl
4. St. Jerome's, Jerome
5. Sacred Heart, Boise

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A new hour is with St. Therese Parish in Burley!

    Our guest host for the hour is Fr. Julio Vicente talking with our local seminarian Joseph Lustig

Prizes for this hour:

*A book called The Rosary with Pope Francis
*2 Pope Francis Rosary
*A book called St. Therese, the Story of a Soul
*2 Free Buffets at Pizza Pie Cafe
*A box of See's chocolate candies

Our local Pledge Drive coordinator Diana Grandy

Talking about World Youth Day!

           Joey Ordaz is talking about being able to go to the World Youth Day this summer in Poland.

Teresa Rogers-Kossman won this adorable bobblehead of St. Francis

Our own little shrine of Mother Angelica praying for the Pledge Drive

Our second hour with Immaculate Conception Church and St. Catherine's

          On now is Lucy Fait talking about the BCCW and the all the works of mercy they do.

Our volunteers!

                                              Phone bank volunteers are waiting for your call
                                                      Luke is our "Keeper of the Goal"

Our yummy breakfast this morning

               Our new guest is Carey Crist. She's talking about volunteer work here and abroad

We just met our matching pledge of $1000! Thank you!!!

Prizes for the next two hours

*Six hours of Interior Redesign consultation
*One month membership to Gold's Gym
*6 Express Car Washes from Magic Car Wash
*Divine Mercy Plaque
*2 free buffets at Pizza Pie Cafe
*A box of See's Chocolate candies

Our guest host for the next two hours, Filipe Zamora

                                             Listeners from Buhl and Hagerman call in now!

Immaculate Conception Church in Buhl and St. Catherine's in Hagerman is on for the next two hours!

              First up is Vicki Smutney talking about keeping the faith during hard times

                      Listen in now and hear Kenny Santana talking about vocation discernment.

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                         Tune into our LIVE broadcast from St Nicolas Catholic School now!

This beautiful Divine Mercy Statue, hand-carved from Bethlehem olive wood is in the All Day prizes!

Some prizes for this hour

For anyone who donates you could get:
     *A Bobble-head of Pope Francis
     *A book called The Name of God is Mercy by Pope Francis
     *Pocket-size book called Daily Reflections:A Year with Pope Francis on the Family
     *Drawing for two $5 gift cards to Slice pizza in downtown Twin Falls

Coming from St. Nicholas School in Rupert with Fr. Pako

Talking to Principal Wes Remaley and Director Beth

We need five more calls to be entered into getting the Rediscover Jesus book by Matthew Kelly and a See's Candy bar!

More prizes to get!

All Day-
     *2 tickets to see Fr. Larry Richards with dinner
     *Divine Mercy Statud, hand-carved

 level of $30/month
     *1 yr subscription of Magnificat
     *Beautiful Mercy book from Dynamic Catholic


Some prizes for today!

Listen in to here the Dyson's talking to our host for the day, Jerry Marcantonio

                                                      Talking about the Shrine of Mercy

Here we go!

We are starting now here in the Magic Valley! All you listening around the area, please call in now and make a donation!

                                                         Our local team starting us off