Friday, April 24, 2020

St. John's is on the air!

OLV until 3pm

1:00 PM Zach Groeblinghoff
1:15 PM Virginia Harness
1:45 PM Lisa Penzkover   
2:00 PM Jerry Loop
2:30 PM Mike Roberts

St. Paul's time

11am Nelson Cintra
11:15am Patti Martin
11:30am Mike & Maureen Schaller
12pm Powel & Adrian
12:15pm Father Vogel
12:30pm Joe Schneehagen
12:45pm Antonio Parez

Call and pledge and be entered to win the handmade veil. 80+ hours of work on the veil.

St. Nicholas and St. Therese

10am Jose Medina
10:30am Fr. Pako Godinez

St. Mary's is on the air

Grand finale- Day 3

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Knight Life

Our Lady of the Rosary Guests

11:00 AM Mary Jo Dickson & Josh
11:30 AM Chris Verhaeg                   
11:45 AM Anna Hamerl & Maddie Alles
12:00 PM Theresa Mendiguren
12:15 PM Mike Coyle
12:30 PM Jared Williams

St. Edward's guests

8:30 AM Juana Rosas
8:45 AM Heather Hanson
9:00 AM Fr. Julio Vicente
9:30 AM Tim Daigh
9:45 AM Fr Joseph Lustig

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Day 2

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Why support Catholic Radio?

St. Mark's it is your time. Now until 6pm

3:00 PM Lucy Kobusingye
3:15 PM Bob & Jeanette Bauer
3:30 PM Deacon Joe Rodriguez
3:45 PM Surood & Bassam Bansit
4:00 PM Igor Nazaradeh
4:30 PM Dan & Jenn Loeschke
4:45 PM Judy Ditter
5:00 PM Cathleen Booth
5:15 PM Sarah Kirkendall
5:30 PM Deacon Farid
5:45 PM Kathy McGinley

Call at 208-344-44774
Or online at


A unique match we haven't encountered before. A generous donor will give us $1K for every $1K we raise until 3pm. Every little bit helps us get to that $1K so please call 208-344-4774 or pledge online

St. Jerome's is on the air until 3pm

Please call and pledge 208-344-4774

Holy Apostles schedule

11:00 AM Cookie Sorge, Julie Jacobson, Kathy Hunt
11:30 AM Travis Beavers
12:00 PM Mary Wax
12:15 PM David Son
12:30 PM Deacon David Shackley
1:00 PM Sylvia Thompson
1:15 PM Dcn Steve Rayburn
1:45 PM Diana Tetrault