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Friday, April 28, 2017

Last Hour Behind the Scenes

What does it take to bring together a pledge drive? Faith-filled people willing to volunteer!

Treasure Valley Teens for Life

 Robbie Robinson, Nicholas Sower, Jacob Brown, Sophie Campana
"We are not the Catholics of the future. We are the Catholics of now!"

Hosts Alberto Jaramillo and Justin Weis

On the phone with Chris Kreslins. There is a leadership camp June 14-17

Call and pledge in honor of Catholic leadership. 344-4774

Rob and Gina Sower and Apologhetti Camp

What do you get when you combine apologetics for teens with a monthly spaghetti feed? Apologhetti! They empower teens with ways to explain, defend, and love their faith. Now they have a camp too! Their guest last time was Tim Staples. Please call and support in honor of the amazing things the Sowers have accomplished for the Faith 208-344-4774.
Rob and Gina Sower

Learn more about Apologhetti

Catechesis of the Good Shepard

Katy Beedle Rice is new to Boise. Welcome!!

The foundation of this catechesis is rooted in the teaching style of faithful Catholic Maria Montessori.

Hosting this hour: Teresa Wittry

Teresa Wittry
Author, Historian: John O'Hagan
His next book will be entitled, "Stone Wondrously Hewn" It is about the history of St. John's Cathedral. It includes a story of an electrical wire causing a major fire.

The title of the book is based on the rubric for the dedication of a Catholic Church. It is found in the Book of Daniel.

And Fr. Jerry Funke

Gemma Gaudette and her Adorable Boys!

Our Prizes from St. John's

The DeFranco Family from St. Joe's Catholic School

This sweet family is sharing their love of Catholic education at St. Joe's Catholic School.

Up This Hour St. John's Cathedral in Boise

Host Louis Sheppard welcomes Craig & Patricia Somer. They are discussing the wonderful relationship between St. Joseph's Catholic School, and BK Catholic High School. Send your kids to Catholic school! Call and support in their honor 344-4774!

Mike Roberts and Pat King On the Air!

From Pat King: "I wouldn't be Catholic without Catholic Radio!" He has a challenge out to fellow Knights, "Call and make a pledge. I will smoke a brisket for someone this hour!"
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OLV: Here is your Phone Bank. Please Call!

They are waiting to hear from you! Please call! 344-4774

OLV's Patricia Guerrero and Thania Beltran

One of the top ten reasons to have a Family Life Ministry: "Faith is caught, not taught."

Here is the 2C Catholics group on Facebook! Canyon County Catholics

Young People and ICYC

Nallely and Stephanie
These lovely young ladies are speaking about their experiences with conferences for youth. "They bring you hope in our lonely world."

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