Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On-going Prizes...

Besides the GREAT feeling you get all year long because YOU'RE keeping the Catholic radio message of HOPE on the air, you can win real things!

For $10/month, you'll receive a prayer card and the current issue of the Magnificat.

For $20/month, you will receive one of these beautiful Rosaries handmade by the sisters of Marymount Hermitage. (Thank you, Sister Beverly, for donating Rosaries again this drive.)

For $30/month, you'll become a COFFEE CLUB MEMBER! You'll receive this great travel mug, plus refills at The Fixx CoffeeHouse in Boise!

For $100/month, you'll be a "SALT & LIGHT PILLAR," and you'll receive a Crucifix as our special gift.

End of Day 1

We're in the last few minutes of Day 1! Call/text/come by the station! We need EVERYBODY on board! Is it your turn...?

Thanks for keeping the positive message of Salt & Light on the air waves.

Book for the Next 10 Callers!

The next 10 callers will receive a copy of the book "Praying for our Priests" donated by our guest DJ, Sherry Brownrigg! Go to for more information.

Fr. Francisco Flores

Thanks for joining us for this last hour of Day 1 of the Fall 2011 pledge drive!! Fr Flores will bless the HIGHEST donor this hour with his very own, made-from-scratch homemade chocolate cake topped with raspberry jam! He loves having Catholic radio available for himself and his parishioners.

We have a MATCH:
A parishioner from Our Lady of the Valley will match your dollars up to $500!! Double your money NOW.

Time to hear from the west end of the valley!! Call in NOW, Canyon County!!

(208) 244-4774... in the Treasure Valley
(208) 490-7754... in the Magic Valley

Fr Jose Ramirez

Fr Jose is here from St John's in Boise. What a joy to hear his story of coming to the priesthood and now serving his parishioners and the poor.

Donchya just LOVE Catholic radio??

The HIGHEST donor this hour will be awarded this fantastic Boise State garden rock donated from Rockitecture!!

The first 4 callers while Fr Jose is here will receive this gorgeous silver Rosary in a carrying pouch OR one of these books!

Thanks for caring about YOUR Catholic radio. :)

Knights of Columbus Challenge Update

St. Mark's in Boise is winning the Knights Council challenge. WAY TO GO, MEN! So far, they've donated more dollars than any other Council.

St. Paul's in Nampa is in 2nd place.

We haven't heard from Our Lady of the Valley in Caldwell at all! Where's our OLV men??
Call now...
(208) 244-4774... in the Treasure Valley
(208) 490-7754... in the Magic Valley

Fr. Steve Rukavina

Fr. Steve Rukavina from St. Mark's parish.

Please call NOW to donate. If you are the highest donor of the hour you will win a lunch with Fr. Steve at Outback Steak house. This is time to call!!!


We have some great winners to announce:

Jimmy & Peggy Gibson won a Pie from Chef Lou

Lorette Weaver won the beautiful ladies leather and woven handbag

Roger & Linda Tebo won the Carved Wooden Monkeys

Patricia Hunt from Holy Apostles won the Womans Relaxing Basket

Chuck and Ronda Baines won the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS to our of our winners!!!
God Bless you all for your generosity!

Father Jesus Camacho

Fr. Jesus Camacho is here to talk about the Prison Ministry at St. Mary's in Boise.

For our first 10 callers: Praying for Our Priests.

Around the Station

Just the local help at the station today! Our prayer warriors in the chapel. Our volunteers in the phone bank NEED you to call!

Advent Challenge "Dress for the King"

Ronda Baines & Angie Hancock are here to talk about promoting the Advent Challenge "Dress for the King." It's a movement to get the church family to dress more reverently and for our King who is present as Mass.

Books to go to for more information:
-Catechism paragraphs: 2517, 2521, 2522, 2526
-Theology of the Body talks by Christopher West
-Dressing with Dignity by Colleen Hammond
-Choosing Beauty by Gina Loehr
-The Authentic Catholic Woman by Genevieve Kineke

They donated a basket full of wonderful items of Catholic faith for you to enjoy! If you donate now, you could win this basket!

Lay Carmelites

Sharon Schweitzer & Thelmas Prisco are here to talk about the Lay Carmelite ministry.

It is TOO quiet in here...Please Call, Call Call NOW!

Call us at the following numbers:

(208) 244-4774... in the Treasure Valley

(208) 490-7754... in the Magic Valley

Can you believe we've expanded to the Twin Falls (Magic Valley) area?? YOU made that possible by donating $5, $10, or $100 a month!

Rachel's Vineyard

April Agenbroad & Mary McCool are here to talk about Rachel's Vineyard, a post-abortion healing retreat. The retreat happens each November and it is for women and men that have been hurt by abortion.

Need support? Visit our website for Rachel's Vineyard

They donated this book for a drawing for the half hour.

World Youth Day

Jennifer & Jana Loutzenhiser attended World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain. They are here to talk about their experience and promote this awesome youth conference.

These ladies are also working in the phone bank and they NEED you to call in and donate now!! They love Catholic Radio and I know you do too! Please call now!!!!!!

They donated a beautiful icon from Lourdes, France for a lucky caller!

St Vincent de Paul

Paquita Barrett from Sacred Heart in Boise and her sister, Mede Anton, from St John's parish in Boise came in to tell us about their work with St Vincent de Paul. Besides helping people around the valley with their utility bills, food, and other basic needs, their biggest project of the year is coming up: Thanksgiving dinner food boxes. They need all hands on deck to donate 100's of dinners to the poor who need us. If you want to help, call their Helpline at (208) 331-2208.

Lay Dominicans

We're learning about local lay Dominican activity from ...

Robert Turner, Sacred Heart parish, and John Keenan, Holy Apostles.

John is involved in the Idaho Lay Dominicans.
Robert is involved in a Dominican committee called DOERS (Dominican Overseas Education and Relief Society).

Robert spends a lot of time in Honduras and donated Honduran gifts for those who call in this half-hour! We have a beautiful, traditional oil painting AND coffee from that region.

He wanted to remind everyone that the 5th Annual Honduran Dinner Fundraiser is coming up at Sacred Heart parish on Dec 10. Cost is $5 per person.

It's too quiet...Please Call, Call, Call...

Donating to Salt & Light is an easy way to minister to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Call in TODAY:

(208) 244-4774... in the Treasure Valley

(208) 490-7754... in the Magic Valley

Can you believe we've expanded to the Twin Falls (Magic Valley) area?? YOU made that possible by donating $5, $10, or even $100 a month!

Our Lady of the Rosary Activities

Maggie Williamson and Dan Makley are here from Our Lady of the Rosary in Boise to talk about their parish's response to the Bishop Mike's pastoral plan "All at the Table."

They donated this package of beautiful greeting cards. Call in to win them!

Lunch Time DJs

Look who's running things during lunch... Great job, Dan Minnert and Carol Brown!

Lucy Rodriguez

Lucy is sharing her story of how her heart was called to help the people of Tanzania, Africa. As a result, she began "Operation: Upendo." If you want to help her in this ministry, call (208) 297-2468.

Lucy donated these prizes to those who call in while she's on the air, too: a purse from the region plus a set of 3 of carved wood statues of "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"!

Lunchtime Challenges!

If you call in over lunch time, your name will go in for a drawing for...

A THANKSGIVING PIE from Chef Lou, owner of Westside Drive-in and parishioner at Our Lady of the Rosary, both in Boise.

Matching Challenge!!

A generous donor will match dollar for dollar up to $1000! Double your money right now!

Fr Thomas Faucher

Fr Faucher is here sharing stories from his long journey as a priest.

Anyone who calls in will receive a copy of one of these 2 books Fr Faucher wrote:
"God Didn't Make Peas" and "Yes, I Knew Jesus of Nazareth"

Around the Station

Fr Faucher and Deacon Richard chat. One is finishing their stint in the studio, and one is preparing to go on air.

Carol Brown is the fearless leader of our 100's of volunteers coming through this week. Thanks, Carol!

Suzanne, Jayne, and the Teske's grandson are here to help.

If you come down to the station, Cecilia will greet you. Bill is sure to give you one of his heart-warming smiles, too!

Thanks for dropping food by the station, Lisa, 'cause we're hungry! Help yourself, Bill and Ray!

Jennifer shows us the way to the Phone Bank!

Wade's keeping the pledge drive ship afloat!