Friday, October 25, 2019

St. John's is on the air.

3PM - $5,500
4 PM - $5,000
5PM - $6,000

John Ysursa

Stephanie Bennett

Jim Nourse

Our Lady of the Valley is on the air!

1 PM - $3,500
2 PM - $4,000

Thank you Vickie, Deacon Toby, and Deacon Kerry!

St. Paul's is Here From Nampa

Deacon Mike and Linnie Collins
Deacon Mike, Ben, and Angie between segments

Angie Hancock on the radio.

St. Paul's is on the air!

11 AM - $3,500
12 PM - $3,500
  • Deacon Mike & Linnie Collins
  • Duke Bulanon
  • Seminarian Darrell Falconburg
  • Mike & Ailen Evaniuck

The Remote Broadcast from the Magic Valley

Swag and Signs

Here's the van!

St Therese

Behind the Scenes in Boise and Jerome

In Cassia County

Goal: $3,500

Fr. Mark Uhlenkott Todd Redfield

St. Mary's Men's Group and a Deacon

Joe Mallet St. Mary's Men's Group

Deacon John Carpenter
Deacon Imanol Betikoetxea

St Mary's Principal Brian Olmes

...and his adorable family.

First Hour of the Drive Today

Ralph May and Grant Breidenbach from St. Vincent de Paul
Rebecca M. Carrol and Maureen O'Toole

St. Mary's is on!

8AM - $4,000
9AM - $4,000
  • Dcn. Gene Fadness
  • Joe Mallet
  • Fr. Jesus Camacho
  • Deacon Imanol Betikoetxea
  • Patrick Tavelli 
  • Dcn. Francis Hess 
  • Brian Olmes

Day 3