Thursday, May 1, 2014

Closing it out with our very own Magic Valley Executive Team

Last Challenge for the Day!

Carrie Hall with her beautiful children, has challenged someone to make a $50 pledge in this last 15 minutes and Pete Hillman will wear her pink Seattle Seahawks shirt to Mass!

Call in now!!!

Fr. Mike talks with his mom, Sharroll.

It was taped. She had a mild stroke today so please pray for her.

Carl Skabronski challenged all grandparents of St Ed's kids to meet or beat his $100 pledge!

OK Magic Valley! Let's get to our goal of $3500 this hour and go out with a bang!

New people on and more prizes to win!

 Carrie Hall, Director of St. Ed's Pro-Life Ministry is on the air now and she brought this beautiful handmade Auto Mirror Rosary for your car.  Call in this half hour and have a chance to get it!

"Get the Eternal Food which is Catholic Radio" Raquel

Congratulations to Rosetta Hedden for getting the Eternal Zoe necklace!

Raquel Arenz is talking about her future trip to St. James's Way (commonly known by its name in Spanish: El Camino de Santiago) and Mary

Matching Fund alert!

A Matching Fund was made for $1500 for the time from now until 7pm

Here is the garden statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe that can be won today!

Pete Hillman...doing a great job as co-host

Who's on now with Fr. Mike

Shannon Neville is on now talking about her travels and the Blessed Mother and her conversion story

Question asked on Facebook! Win a "What's so great about being Catholic" by Jason Everet

Be the first person to answer this question correctly on Facebook and win a Lighthouse Catholic Media CD!

The first St. Ed's school started in the 1930's, what order of nuns taught classes?

Post your answer now!

Listen in now and here Teresa Zepeda talking about St. Ed's school

Prizes coming up!

 7 Secrets of Confession by Vinny Flynn can be won in the next hour by someone!
This beautiful necklace brought by Joey Payne is up this hour also.

For the rest of the time on air today someone will win 
a 30 minute Introductory flight from Precision Aviation!

Fr. Mike is our host for St. Ed's for the next 2 1/2 hrs

Time now with St. Edward's!

Joey Payne is talking now about her conversion to the Catholic faith

We surpassed our hourly goal! Keep the pledges coming!

O'Malley Stuart and Kim Watts are joining the group!

 Talking about RCIA coming back to the Catholic Church
Matching Funds this hour is $950!

First up this hour!

John Plank and Jim and Linda McCaughey are on the air talking about St. Catherine's, Cursillo, and the Diaconate program.

Talkin' about the New Evangelization!

Freddie Ourique and Filipe Zamora are on now! Listen in!

The Golden Spatula is at stake!

Come on ICC KC's, call in now and show your support!

Show your support for Immaculate Conception Church!

Matching pledge of $1500 for the next hour!
Call in now and help us meet the pledge!!!

Great Prizes in these next two hours!!!

 Bible CD to someone who donates in the next two hours
A beautiful statue of Our Lady of the Rosary donated by Eva Wagner to be given away in the next 2 hours also

*A wonderful gift of a dinner for 2 with Fr. Jorge at the Snyder Winery will be given to someone who donates over $100 in the next 2 hours

Immaculate Conception is on the Air!

 Jason Nunes is our co-host for this next 2 hours
Mal and Sandy Machado are on the air now talking about ICC's youth group and Covenant of Love

Joining Fr. Julio and Pete now is Brain Duncan

Brian is talking about the choir ministry at St. Nicholas

Call in now and show your love for Fr. Julio and your support Salt and LIght Radio!

208-344-4774(Treasure Valley) | 208-490-7754 (Magic Valley)

Prizes this Hour

 St. Nicholas statue - Will be in a drawing from the pledgers from this hour

The Saint of the Day Book- Will be given to a lucky pledger from this hour

Listen to Fr. Pako Godinez from St. Nicholas who is guest hosting for the next hour

Fr. Pako always smiling and joyful

He's talking to Jasmyn Rogge who is the DRE at St. Nicholas

Congratulations to Colleen Crozier! You won the Nivea's Beauty Salon gift certificate!

We're back on the air!

Fr. Julio Vicente from St. Therese is on hosting with Pete and speaking with Margaret Archibald, Parish Ambassador and Loreen Gorringe, sacristan for the parish.

Please call in now! We need your donation!

Ellie and Toni working on the prizes. 

Congratulations to the 3 winners of the Monastery giftshop certificates!

Thank you and congrats Bill Britton, Fritz Kippes, and Claudine Baisch!

Matching Funds this hour is $550

A wonderful gift basket from St. Terese's will be given to athr lucky donor during Fr. Julio's hour!

 Gift basket includes:
*a family portrait sitting and a 8X10 photo
*Lighthouse Catholic Media CD's
*2- $25 gift certificates to the Chadwick Sports Grill
*3 beautiful rosaries
*a gift certificate for a handmade custom rosary

Be the first person to answer this question correctly on Facebook and win a Lighthouse Catholic Media CD!

In what city and in what year was the first World Youth Day held, which was inspired by Pope JP II's meeting with 50,000 French teenagers early in his pontificate?

Post your answer now!
We are having a slight problem with the radio. 
Please stand by and keep the donations coming in!
We are still here taking your calls!

Fr. Kenneth Hein and Fr. Norbert Novak from the Monastery are on the radio!

They've brought with them 3 $20 gift certificates from the gift shop at the Ascension Monastery!
The first 3 callers who donate $100 or more will get one!

Call in now! Our phone lines are open and our phonebank volunteers are waiting for your call!

Congratulations to Laura Simon for winning the Facebook question challenge!

Matching Funds this half hour!

A $500 matching pledge was made for this half hour! Let's meet that goal! 
Call in Now!

Call in now Knights from St. Jerome's!

Bill Britton, Idaho Knight of the Year, is on talking about the Knights.

Be the first person to answer this question correctly on Facebook now and win a Lighthouse Catholic Media CD!
How old was Pope John Paul II when he finally had to hang up his skis due to hip surgery?

Post your answers now!
Congratulations to Bill and Barbara Brockman who won the Capstone Missions sweatshirt!

Men out there listening now - the gift certificate for the Beauty Salon is still on until noon to win!  Great Mother's Day gift.
Here's a new pic of Pete...hope he likes this one

Jaime Gil from St. Jerome's is on!

Jaime the Pastoral Associate at St. Jerome's is on now talking about his job(s). If you know Jaime, give him a shout out and make a donation during his time on the radio.

Win this beautiful stone Project Moses 10 Commandments plaque!

A donor that gives a pledge between 10-noon can get this plaque

Learn about Capstone Missions!

Colleen Crozier, Debby Miciak, and Preston Elliott are on the radio now talking about Capstone Mission trips.
They are giving away a Capstone Mission sweatshirt (any size) during this half hour!

This half hour Katie Stroschein is on

Katie is on talking about St. Jerome's Youth group

Come and visit us here at the station

Our breakfast spread!
Come join us for some food and check out the pledge drive going on now in Twin Falls.

Call in this hour St. Jerome and support your parish!

KC's from St. Jerome's are asked to show their love for their parish now and call in your donation!

Winners for the Rosary CDs

Congratulations to Belia Stastny, Jackie Turner and Julie DeWit!!!

9 to noon Drawing!

A $15 gift certificate to Nivea's Beauty Salon will be given to someone who donates during the next 3 hours!

St. Jerome is on now!!

Jeff Schroeder is talking about St. Jerome's Food Ministries

Don't forget these prizes for today!!

*An outdoor concrete Mary garden statue- drawing from all donors today

*1-yr complimentary subscription to Magnificat- gift to callers who pledge $20/month or more; or a one time $240 or more donation

*Coffee club mugs - gift to callers who pledge $30/month or more; or a one time $360 or more donation

Paul Johnson is on now

Paul Johnson is talking to our 2 Pete's about RCIA in Twin Falls

Matching Funds!!!

Match a total amount of $1200 for the next hour and an anonymous donor will match the total!
Call in now!!!

To all local parishoners from St. Ed's

Show your support and love and pledge now during your time on the radio!
208-344-4774(Treasure Valley) | 208-490-7754 (Magic Valley)

Prize for this hour

3 St. Edward's School Prays the Holy Rosary CD's will be given away to 3 lucky donors

St. Edward's is on for the next hour

Pete Espil is guest hosting with Pete Hillman and talking with Seminarian Mark Uhlenkott about his journey to the priesthood.

Fr. Medina is on now!

Fr. Medina is on talking about his golden anniversary

Prizes for all day today and the whole Pledge Drive

Pledge Drive's prizes are:
20 CD's "What's So Great About Being Catholic" talk by Jason Evert
*Given on our Facebook page who answers the Trivia questions correctly

Golden Spatula
*Given to the KC Council with the most amount of money pledges

Premier Seating at the Fr. Mitch Pacwa seminar on Sat. June 21st at St. Mark's
*Given to the parish with the most NEW donors

$50.00 cash
*Given in a drawing to someone who donates $50 or more and mentions the Magic Valley RCIA
*From today at 8:30am-tomorrow at 7pm

Thursday Guests- KTFI Day!

07:00 AM Salt & Light KTFI Team
07:15 AM Rosary
07:30 AM Fr. Mauricio Medina
08:00 AM Mark Uhlenkott
08:30 AM Paul Johnson, RCIA

St. Jerome's
09:00 AM Jeff Schroeder
09:30 AM Katie Stroschein
10:00 AM Colleen Crozier, Debby Miciak
10:30 AM Jaime Gil, Pastoral Associate
11:00 AM Bill Britton

Ascension Monastery
11:30 AM Fr. Kenneth Hein

St. Therese
12:00 PM Margaret Archibald
12:30 PM Loreen Gorringe

St. Nicholas
01:00 PM Jasmyn Rogge
01:30 PM Brian Duncan

Immaculate Conception
02:00 PM Mal & Sandy Machado
02:30 PM Philip Zamora, Freddie Ourique
03:00 PM Jim & Linda McCaughey, John Plank
03:30 PM O' Malley Stuart, Kim, RCIA

St. Edward's
04:00 PM Joey Payne
04:30 PM Teresa Zepeda
05:30 PM Raquel Arenz
06:00 PM Carrie Hall
06:30 PM Fr. Mike and Mom

Good Morning!!! It's Thursday and we are at the beautiful Magic Valley!

Our local KTFI executive team will be on at 7am followed by the St. Edward's School Student Rosary.