Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our final tally for our daily goal was $34,085! Thank you to all our donors and bless you all.

KTFI ET was on the air! Thanks to all our donors and our great team! Keep posted for more updates on winners!

Congrats to Father Julio ! He won the Chadwicks Sports Grille $40.00!

Seminarian John along with his guests Jessica West & Alex Rodriguez are just finishing up a very inspirational talk on Engagement and Re-Discovering your Faith. We will post a a live video later on of this great discussion!

Congrats to Linda Craft for winning "The Intimate Life of St. Therese"!

Our lucky winner for the beautiful rosary is Juan & Rachel Silvaz from Heyburn!

Congrats to Emmanuel Benhaim who won our Glass urn for St. Edward's School!

Seminarian John Kucera with our current guests until 6:30pm the Flores Family!

Hooray! We have made our daily goal of $30,000! Bless all who have donated! Please keep the donations coming!

Prizes for this hour include 2 tickets to the Festa'ra part of the Jaialdi International Basque festival in Boise!

Our final Host is Seminarian John Kucera for St. Nicholas's hour! His guests are Nicole and Peter Flores on Family Conversion through RCIA

Steve Holley, you are the winner of the Toxic Call Duck Call and Decoy!! Congrats!

Tom and Karen Chivers from Buhl/Filer congrats! You have won our second lovely pansy planter!

Also a shout out to Susan Barry from Twin Falls for winning one of our lovely planters! Congrats!!!

Congrats to Alfonse Ingalls from Twin Falls for winning our beautiful wood coat rack!

Prizes during this hour for St. Therese are beautiful!!! We have a gorgeous crystal arum rosary, the Intimate Life of St. Therese book, a gift certificate to Ryan Photography, and two $20.00 gift cards Chadwicks Sports Grille!

Speaking now from St. Therese is Lindsay Young on Conversion

Tune in to hear her story!

Congrats to John Doerr for winning our beautiful wood coat rack!

St. Therese is on for this hour from 5-6pm!

Please call in and Donate.

Linda Croft speaking on the Choir Director/Living with a a disability is on the air for St. Therese!

For a prize this half hour we have the 10 commandment stone blessed by Father Mariusz

John Doerr is on the air with Father Mike talking about St. Edward's School Foundation & St. Vincent

Congrats to Tom and Teresa Zepeda for winning this hours Booster Pack!

Prize for this half hour is a glass urn filled with St. Edward's School Spirit Items.

Yay for Goodies! Call now to donate and be entered to win!!

Up next with Father Mike is Teresa Zepeda speaking on behalf of the Catechesis at St. Edward's

On now until four is Father Mike with Seminarian Mark Uhlenkott via telephone.

No picture, but he is calling in from Mt. Angel! Sending prayers his way.

Congrats Emmanuel Berham 3 o'clock winner of the booster pack!

Up for grabs over this hour block is a Duck Call by the popular Toxic Call brand!

Call in to Donate and be entered in for this great prize! Thanks Toxic Calls!

Now on for this half hour are Laura Plein & John Paul DiLucca on Homeschooling!

LiBrado & Krista Chavez from Trees & Stumps LLC just won our Booster Pack! Congrats guys!

Sal Carranza is speaking now on Youth Ministry with host, Father Mike!

Jake Dyson Congrats! You have won the Jamie Thietten CDs!

Congrats to Adam Machado for winning the La Plaza gift certificate for two!

Prizes up for grabs now are the beautiful all wood coat rack and the ceramic planters!

Donate for a chance to be entered in the Drawing!

Congrats to Sandy & Mal Machado for winning the Straight talk to Teens CD!

Father Mike as our host for the next 3 hours!

For the first half hour, Lori Davis speaks on a conversion story and RCIA.

Being discussed now by the guys is the topic of Faith in the Work place! Tune In!

Jason Nunes, Scott Tverdy, & Felipe Zamora on the air talking about the book Consoling the Heart of Jesus, for personal retreats!

Congrats to Patty Dyson for winning the 12 Views of Calvary painting!

Feliepe Zamora, Jacqueline Machado, & Francis Karel are on the air talking about Vocations!

Call in now and be the first person to ask for the book Straight Talk to Teens with your pledge and get it!

Win this Gift certificate between 12-2pm!!!

Dinner for two at La Plaza in Buhl! YUM!

Immaculate Conception is on for the next two hours, co-hosted by Jason Nunes

He will be talking with Landon Mulberry & John Dyson about discernment and ICYC.

Jessica Machado will be taking over the blogging and fbing for the rest of the day

                                                    Thanks Jessica for helping out :)

Pete Hilman and Jerry Marcantonio are on now talking about Catholic Radio

The next person who calls in a donation will get all of Jaime's CDs!

Call in now!!
Congratulations to Greg and Rosie Bedwell! You won the vegetable and fruit basket!

Our surprise guest Jaime Thietten is visiting with her husband Pete this hour

During this hour with Our Lady of the Snows:

      This beautiful 20X26 picture of Christ on the Cross and book will be given away this hour!

Our new guest America Ortiz is talking about the Youth Group with the gang

Congratulations to the St. Jerome's 4th day group! They won the Booster Pack for the last hour.

Also, you have a half hour left to put your name into the hat for the fresh garden vegetable and fruit basket once a week for the month of August, plus a bushel of apples!

Call in now!

Matching Fund of $2000 for this hour!

Call in now and help us reach our goal!

On now Mary & Leon Vogel from St. Jerome's!

                     Talking about the Priesthood with a call in from their son Fr. Caleb Vogel!

Our lovely phone bank volunteers are waiting for your calls

The winner for the Booster Pack for this last hour was Molly Arossa!

Call in now St. Jerome while Diane Holley is on the air!

                     Diane is talking about her upcoming Haiti Trip with Cross Catholic Outreach

We have a relic of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton with us today!

Watching over and praying for us!

pic of the Barry's Rental gift certificate being given away to someone today!

Prize for this next two hours

Fresh garden vegetable and fruit basket once a week for the month of August, plus a bushel of apples, for a family of 8!

This hour we're with St. Jerome's parish

                                                    Co-hosted by Eric & Katie Strochein
                   This first half hour they are talking to Kathy Burgess about the RCIA program.

We met our matching fund for the hour of $1500!!!! Thank you all who donated!

Chet and Shellie McFarland won the Booster Pack for the 8 o'clock hour and Marvin and Corda Dunstan won for the 7 o'clock hour.


Fr. Kenneth Hein from Ascension Monastery is talking to Pete now

                             Show the Monastery some love and call in your pledge now!