Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Ministry of St. Vincent de Paul Helps Those in Need

These compassionate folks address the physical needs of our community in a very personal way. The help they offer is not just for Catholics. Anyone in the community can receive help once a year. The Vincentians raise the money, and then provide payments for things like power bills or rent. They ARE the miracle for so many in our community. They "give away the merchandise," as their president says, to those in need. They give vouchers for clothing and furniture from their own stores. Thank you, to these 4 men who represent the Vincentians from all over the Treasure Valley. Thank you, to Mike Gallagher, Jack Dahl, Ralph May, and Mark Renick.

Here We Are Behind the Scenes

The phone bank this morning.

And there are still some of the same people here this evening:

We are thankful for new people joining us
 Calling the raffle winners:

Taking a break for dinner
 Working through dinner

Prizes This Hour From St Vincent de Paul

Prizes you are eligible to win this hour are donated by those in support of the ministry of St. Vincent de Paul

This Roaster coffee basket has coffee, chocolate, hot chocolate, and hot cider wrapped up inside.
Coffee Roaster Gift Basket
 There two angels like this and they are painted in BSU colors: blue and orange
Garden BSU Angels
Please call in your pledge and support Catholic Radio 208-344-4774

Fr Ben interviews Amy-Wong Little and Katie Stroschein

From Fr. Ben, "We have to ask ourselves, do I have faith that God is bigger than I can imagine?"
Amy tells her story of a background in banking that led her to fundraising. From her husband a quote that touched her was, "The process of saving souls is messy."

Deacon Mike Lowe is on the Air

Deacon Mike works in bereavement. He helps those families with loved ones who are at the end of their lives. It is called the Lazarus Ministry.  The diaconate has given him so many opportunities to serve. His journey is a miracle. The first years of his marriage were spent not on the path where he belonged. Listening to sports were more important than his faith. Going on an Evangelization Retreat was the beginning of becoming the man God intended him to be.

Deacon Mike laughs as Fr. Ben asks if the Lazarus Ministry raises anyone from the dead.

Another Prize Available

St. Mark's has another prize available in the donation of a book, "40 Days for Life." Since we don't have the book in studio to take a picture, click this link to go to the 40 Days for Life website and see what the book is about. (And maybe order a copy for yourself.) Please call to be entered into the drawing for it 208-344-4774.

St Mark's School Students Inspire Us

Katie Stroschein wears many hats at St Mark's listens as Middle School teacher Wendy Behrend tells her story

Some St Mark's Prizes for Their Time on the Air

St. Mark's is ready to reward some callers with these interesting books and audio CDs. Call between 3-6pm today and be entered to win one of these items.

If You Really Loved Me, by Jason Evert

Bible Basics for Catholics, by Dr. John Bergsma

Who Am I to Judge? Responding to Relativism with Love and Logic

Win one of many CDs that will boost your understanding of your faith.

Prize Drawing for Our Lady of the Rosary

This book, "The Rosary for the Holy Souls in Purgatory," will help you pray for the souls in Purgatory. This lovely rosary is included in the drawing.
Call and pledge and be entered to win! 208-344-4774.

A Story of Our Lady of Fatima

Pat Babendure shared a story of the miraculous for some visitors going to the site of Our Lady of Fatima.

We are also enjoying stories of her visits to the sites of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Please call in your pledge and support 208-344-4774

Back in the Studio with Deacon Robert Barros-Bailey

Deacon Robert left his secular job when he had what his wife calls his, "Jesus mid-life crisis." He began studying for an advanced theology degree and eventually entered the diaconate program. His story of that journey reaches many parts of the country and all aspects of his life. Please call and give a shout-out to the deacon... Call and support and "rescue," as he says. 208-344-4774

On Location at St. Ignatius

Our host Brian Howell interviews teachers and students at the first Catholic school to open in 50 years. St. Ignatius offers a way of education that fits the students' needs, rather than just sorting them by age. It is refreshing to see Catholic Education yet again, ahead of some of the other available options.

Holy Apostles Prizes This Hour

Holy Apostles is on the Air

Mary Wax is being interviewed now. Our hosts are: Hope Ryan, Rusty Bang, and David Charnock. Mary is in charge of Adult Education at Holy Apostles. She leads the largest RCIA program in the diocese. There is always a WONDERFUL long Easter Vigil at Holy Apostles as they all come into the Church.

Rusty Bang wants to remind the Knights at Holy Apostles to donate and bring the coveted Golden Stein to Holy Apostles.

 Hope Ryan sharing Peace!

David Charnock is happy to be here

Deacon Chef Lou Rewards New Donors

During this pledge drive, Deacon Chef Lou wants to welcome new listeners and new donors. Pledge $20 or more each month and receive a $20 gift certificate to his restaurant, West Side Drive-In.

Diocesan Center is up now

Jackie Hopper wants us all to know that finances need not keep any child from attending Catholic Schools. The diocese works hard to make Catholic Education available to all.

Prizes this hour include 2 registration fees to the upcoming ICYC.

Sarah Quilici is also on the air. Thank you Sarah for plugging the phone number to call!!

And here is our host, Chris Kreslins:

Fr. Rob Cook and the Prizes

Father Rob is pastor at Sacred Heart. How do you fill the legacy? Fill in the gaps. Keep our hearts and minds open. Hear where you are needed in volunteering.

Please call and support 208-344-4774.

The prizes from this hour are wonderful books.

Debbie Chester and Adult Formation at Sacred Heart

Debbie helps with so many aspects of the Adult Formation Ministry at Sacred Heart: Marriage Prep, Bible Studies, RCIA, and so many more. Adults who receive their Catholic education at Sacred Heart have received amazing gifts from Debbie Chester.

Maddie Kreslins is Working with Teens

Sacred Heart is in the House!

Debbie Fischer is in the studio. She is the Religious Education teacher at Sacred Heart. She is being interviewed by fellow Sacred Heart member, Brock Carpenter. Click this link to see Sacred Heart's Cloud 9 First Communion ministry information.

Call us!!

Prayer Shawls up for Drawing

These lovely handmade prayer shawls will be up for drawing during the time Sacred Heart is on the air.