Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The picture explains everything

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Here is another picture of Fr. Ben pastor of St. Marks being himself  please call and donate. Treasure Valley: 344-4774 Magic Valley: 490-7754

A little bored

Our volunteers are bored they need your calls Treasure Valley: 344-4774 Magic Valley: 490-7754

Fr. Ben

Fr. Ben Uhlenkott pastor of St. Mark's Catholic Church is on the air right now
Sean Forrest (who will be the new Youth Minister at St. Marks) was a speaker at ICYC and  is calling in now from Connecticut! Check out his website:
Call now to welcome him to the Diocese! 344 4774
Deacon Clyde Brinegar is on the air! Call now to support him! 344 4774
A parishioner from St. Marks has given us a challenge! If we can raise $1,200 they will give the other $1,200! So call now! Boise: 344-4774 Wendell: 490-7754

 Juliet Jones and Catherine Calovich are on now talking about the Catechists of the Good Shepherd, which will be starting at St. marks soon!

 And our host for the next two hours Dr, Joe Lipetzky

We have some great prizes for St. Mark's upcoming 2 hours!

 So Call! Boise: 344-4774

Book, St. Paul the Great His five Loves by Jason Evert.
(Drawing Prize)
CDs: True Devotion to Mary is a drawing prize. & Discovering the Biblical Significance of Mary is for the first 5 callers

Rosaries made by the St. Marks Rosary Makers!
(Every caller this hour receives one.)

A beautiful painting of Pope john Paul II.
(Drawing Prize for those who give $100+)

Phil and Becca Stich are on now talking about the youth at OLR. Only 20 minutes left! OLR call in now!
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Wendell: 490-7754

Deacon Pierce Murphy is on the air now! OLR this is your time to shine!
We have a full phone bank... With not enough phones ringing!
Call now Boise: 344-4774
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Jill Schauble is on now! If your child has ever gone to VBS at OLR call now to thank Jill!
Treasure Valley 344 - 4774
Our Goal for the hour is $2,500. Call now! Treasure Valley: 344 - 4774 Magic Valley: 4907754
Jake Ineck from Our Lady of the Rosary is on now! OLR This is your time to call!
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Magic Valley: (208) 490 - 7754
Sarah Taylor (new DRE) is now on the air with Cindy Anderson from Our Lady of the Rosary.  If you are a parishioner there, NOW is the time to call!
FINALLY! Two hours after blogging I figured out how to log in as myself. Proud moment :)
These ladies are ready to take your call. Make a PLEDGE NOW!!!
We need over $300 to reach our hourly goal. CALL NOW!
Mark is now interviewing himself about Prison Ministry. AWESOME!
Mark looks happy to be on the air!  Don't let him in now and PLEDGE!
Did you know? Salt and Light has received letters from people in prison who listen to Salt and Light! The radio may be their ONLY link to the Church while incarcerated. This station needs your support!
Paul and Debra Servatius from Risen Christ are on the air talking about the re-entry St. Vincent program, a division of St. Vincent de Paul that work with people who are just getting out of prison.  "Loving people where they are" as Debra says....  Call now :)

My 9 year old daughter was sent in to the room to take pictures. Here is what we got! Jim Scherer is on the air now!
$500 dollar for dollar match this hour! Don't miss this opportunity to double your pledge.
Uh-oh...we didn't meet our last hourly goal. Let's make up for it THIS HOUR!
Do you want premier seating at the Fr. Mitch Pakwa event in June at St. Mark's in Boise? The parish with the most new donors will win premier seating! Call you friends (especially those who may not know about the pledge drive) and ask them to PLEDGE!!
We need a phone blitz now! 490-7754 in Magic Valley 344-4744 in Treasure Valley
A little over halfway to our goal for this hour. Call now!!  (PS I finally figured out how to change the thermometer money tracker on the side bar so watch that move UP!)
Do you go to Risen Christ? This is your time to call! Mark Henry has just called on YOU to call in now and pledge. 344-4774 in Treasure Valley
Linda Van Buren is on the air.  Parish nurse from Risen Christ talking about taking care of ourselves. Also, let's take care of what God gave us...including Salt and Light Radio.  Please call and pledge to keep us on the air.

Don Blythe from Risen Christ. Happy to be on the air!  Risen Christ, support your deacon!
Mark Henry from Risen Christ is now on the air!!  Risen Christ parishioners- CALL NOW!!!
New blogger here!  Colleen Ware coming in to relieve Zackary.  Pardon me, as I learn the ropes!


Mark Henry posing with some prizes

Holy Apostles On Air

Left: Terri Patten, Right: Mike Patten

Holy Apostles on Air

Deacon Gerald, Eva Pera here at the station discussing life at Holy Apostles

Prizes for this Hour

  • 4 Rosaries from Sister in China
  • Lunch for 2 with Deacon Robert Barros-Bailey
  • Complementary Breakfast for 4 at Knights of Columbus Mother's Day Breakfast after 9& 11 am Masses & 1 registration for VBS at Holy Apostles July 14-18

Holy Apostles on Air

Holy Apostles on Air

Collen Gross is on Air speaking about the Community Garden at Holy Apostles

Dinner for 4 Polish Festival for $25 or more pledge drawing

Chef Vern just announced dinner for 4 Polish Festival drawing for $25 pledge(or more)
Janey McGarry from Sacred Heart and Carol Brown
344-4774 Boise
490-7754 Wendell
Golden Spatula Award for Knights pledging ongoing 

Sacred Heart Hour Two Call Now! $2000 Goal

 Mike Benscoter
 Chef Vern and Mike Benscoter
Brock Carpenter, Aiden, and Luke
Call to supprt us 344-4774 Boise
490-7754 Wendell

NEW PRIZE! Maid Brigade $300 gift certificate

The next person who donates a monthly minimum of $35 or a one time minimum donation of $400 will receive a $300 gift certificate to Maid Brigade!
Call Now! 344-4774 Boise
490-7754 Wendell

Sacred Heart on air NOW!

Sacred Heart helping with our pledge drive! Many prizes(see previous post)
CALL NOW 344-4774 Boise
490-7754 Wendell
Nancy Spratt and Joene Arritola
Thank you for stopping by ladies!

Sacred Heart on Next Two Hours! Prizes...

Prizes for callers in the 9 to 11am Sacred Heart on-air time
Call 344-4774 Boise
490-7754 Wendell
Two prayer shawls, Mai Thai Gift Card, handmade art could be yours!


Call in NOW to help us raise $500 and the Nampa Knights will match your pledge!
344-4774 Boise
490-7754 Wendell

Prize Drawing for Early Mail-In Pledges

Thank You to all who mailed in pledge envelopes prior to the pledge drive! Our first drawing just happened, and the winner received....

a 13X15 framed water colored print of St John Paul II!

On the Air NOW: Knights of Columbus

Please Call NOW 344-4774 Boise and 490-7754 Wendell
Left to right: Tom Allen(host and KOC insurance agent), John Pettinger(State Deputy), Jeff Allen(Pro-Life Chair Couple)

Our phone bankers are waiting for a call from YOU!

Thank you to our phone bankers! They are waiting to enter you into today's prize of an angel statue!

Training from one generation to the next(can you tell who's training who?)
CALL NOW! 208-344-4774 Boise and 208-490-7754 Wendell

Hope Ryan with LIFTID

On Air Now: Hope Ryan with LIFTID

344-4774 Boise 490-7754 Wendell CALL NOW!

Salt and Light Pledge Drive Day One Wednesday April 30 2014

Welcome to our Pledge Drive Day One!

Please Call In 344-4774 Boise and 490-7754 Wendell
Listen Online

On Air Now: John Sacco with Magnificat via phone
TODAY'S PRIZE DRAWING is an ANGEL STATUE FROM TIJUANA (thank you Capstone Missions!)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Wednesday Guests

Wednesday Guests

07:00 AM Keith Pettyjohn
07:15 AM John Sacco
07:45 AM Fr. Mitch Pacwa

8am-9am: Knights of Columbus
09:00 AM John Murphy and Skip Girard
09:15 AM Nancy Spratt & Joene Arritoa
09:30 AM Mike Benscoter
10:00 AM Brock Carpenter & students
10:15 AM Roger Graefe
10:30 AM Fr. Rob Cook

11am-1pm: Holy Apostles
11:00 AM Janee Hornsby
11:15 AM Deacon Gerald and Eva Pera
11:30 AM Beth Walz
12:00 PM Theresa Malouf/Blanca Hutson
12:15 PM Colleen Grossr
12:30 PM RCIA couple

1pm-3pm: Risen Christ
01:00 PM Sam Larsen (Youth Ministry)
01:15 PM Deacon Don Blythe
01:30 PM Linda Van Buren
02:00 PM Jim Scherer
02:15 PM Debra Servatius
02:30 PM Mark Henry

3pm-5pm: Our Lady of the Rosary
03:00 PM Sarah Taylor
03:15 PM Jake Ineck
03:30 PM Jill Schauble
04:00 PM Deacon Pierce Murphy
04:15 PM Deacon Pierce Murphy
04:30 PM Phil & Becca Stich with youth

5pm-7pm: St. Mark's
05:00 PM Fr. Ben
06:00 PM Chris Privon
06:15 PM Catherine Calovich
06:30 PM Savannah Amex