Friday, October 25, 2013

Final Moments

These are the final moments of our fall "Be the Light" pledge drive. Keith Pettyjohn, Carol Brown, and Brian Howell are running the show and thanking you for your awesome support!

Sal y Luz is ROCKING!

Did you hear all that music in the background? The spanish version of Salt & Light, Sal y Luz, headed up by Fr Henry Camacho, had a great band in their studio, which is right next door to our studio (in the same building). GREAT MUSIC!

There's Wine on the Line!

Call this hour, and your name goes into a drawing for a great bottle of local Idaho wine! Thank you, Dick and Pam Pavelek, from St John's in Boise, who own Terra Nativa vineyard.


We need a call EVERY TWO MINUTES starting right now!
As long as the phone rings every two minutes, your pledge will be TRIPLED up to $2600.

Deacon Candidate on the Air

Deacon Candidate Bill Burns and his bride, Gina, are on the air right now. They're sharing about their journey through Servant School the last four years and their expectations of the future.

Bill's Deacon Ordination tomorrow will be broadcast LIVE from St John's Cathedral on Salt & Light Radio. Call in your support for the Burns', St John's, and/or this wonderful station NOW!

Which Parish is Giving the Most?

We're all wondering which parish has donated the most so far, right?

1st place- St Edward's in Twin
2nd place- Holy Apostles in Meridian
3rd place- St Mark's in Boise
4th place- Immaculate Conception in Buhl

You guys are ALL winners!! Thanks for your support!!

Fr Henry Carmona on Air NOW!

Call in NOW to show your support for Fr Henry Carmona from St John's Cathedral in Boise!

Around the Station

Let's see what's going on around the station this hour:

Women;s Retreat in April

Rita Davis is on air sharing about the upcoming women's retreat
"Women:  God's Beautiful Beloved."

This will be a thoroughly Catholic event where local female speakers will discuss "the genious of women," the Blessed Virgin, the Eucharist, examination of conscience, etc. Watch for further information in your bulletin and, of course, on SALT & LIGHT Catholic radio.

Want to Win House Cleaning??

Yeah, baby!! NOW is definitely the time to donate to keep Salt & Light on the air! If you call this hour, your name will go into a drawing for <drum roll, please...>

A $300 gift certificate for Maid Brigade house cleaning!!

Thank you, Russ and Marie Biaggne from St John's, for donating this exciting prize!

St John's is in the House!!

Johnny and Lorissa Horn have the mic for the next two hours. They're interviewing Deacon Candidate Mac Chester and his bride Debbie, who is the RCIA Coordinator at St John's in Boise.

CALLING ALL ST JOHN'S PARISHIONERS! Now's your time to call in and pledge.

Of COURSE we have prizes!

Call in TODAY! It's the last day of the pledge drive! These are the prizes you could win:

* One-week stay at a chalet (cabin) in Tamarack
* Framed wood carving by Deacon Mike Collins
* Drawing of your choice by Fr Marcos

For $20/month, you'll receive a subscription to the National Catholic Register
For $30/month, you'll receive an awesome Salt & Light travel coffee mug

We need YOU!

Matching Funds!

We have $2000 matching funds till 4pm! Call now, and your donation will be matched dollar for dollar! It doesn't get better than that, right?

We're Talking About St Paul's New Chuch Building

These are the designers and architects of the great new building that houses St Paul's parish in Nampa.

Fr Jerry Funke Joins Us

Fr Funke flew in today to get here to the pledge drive! He believes in the power of having Catholic radio on the air waves.

Greetings from the Phone Bank!

Who's hanging out in the phone bank this hour? Just look at all these smiling faces waiting for YOU to call!

Which Knights Council is Winning?

The Knights Council in St Edward's in Twin Falls is in 1st place for the coveted pancake spatula trophy!
Immaculate Conception in Buhl is in 2nd place.
St Jerome's is in 3rd place.
St Mark's in Boise is trailing behind in 4th place.

$1000 Matching Challenge RIGHT NOW!

A generous donor has offered to match donations dollar for dollar up to $1000. Call in NOW to take advantage of it!

Deacon Mike Collins is Here!

Deacon Mike from St Paul's in Nampa has brought a gorgeous prize that HE MADE HIMSELF! Call in to support Fr Marcos and Deacon Mike, and you might win!

Chow Time!

These hard-working priests need some of that great chow donated by Costa Vida in downtown Boise!!

St Paul's is Up to Bat!

Welcome to St Paul's time on the air during Day 3 of our fall pledge drive! Fr Marcos and Youth Minister Mari Deleon are in the studio.

Who's on the Phone?

Fr Brad Neely WAS on the phone, but now we're listening to Deacon Candidate Kerry Harris and Fr Flores talk about Kerry's journey to the deaconate. He'll be ordained a deacon TOMORROW at St John's Cathedral in Boise along with five other men.

The Deacon Ordination will be broadcast LIVE on Salt & Light radio. Please donate to keep these treasures on the air.

We Need $1000

We need about $1000 THIS half hour. Are you there? Do you have a cell phone? CALL US!!! One of the lovely ladies in the phone bank will  be happy to chat with you.

Working at the Station

Who's around the station? Well, let's see...

You Can Win!

If you call this hour, you can win one of these pro-life bumper stickers that are HOT OFF THE PRESSES!

Let's Talk Pro-Life...

Fr Flores is interviewing three ladies who have laid down their lives to respect LIFE at all stages, from conception to natural death. Thanks for ALL you're doing to protect life, Karen Simkins, Lori Chaplin, and Irene Deely.

We Need YOUR Money!

We have THREE priests asking you to support the cause! We're JUST shy of the goal this hour.

You have the money.
We want the money.
Give us the money. :)

You can WIN!

Call this hour, and your name will go in for a drawing for this beautiful stone plaque:

Thank You for our Blogger

Thank you, All Star Plumbing & Restoration, for donating Lori to the station today. Lori is blogging for us all day, courtesy of her boss. All Star's owner, Brian Flowers, will be ordained a Permanent Deacon TOMORROW. And of course it will be broadcast live right here on Salt & Light!

Fr Arnie is Here from OLV

Our Lady of the Valley, this is YOUR time! Call in NOW to show your support for Fr Arnie.

The Fathers are Hanging Out

Salt & Light has made the priests more available to the lay people AND to each other. Fr Flores and Fr Arnie are in the studio, and Fr Brad Neely is on the phone!

Fr Flores is in the House!

Fr Flores from Our Lady of the Valley is here. He's a huge supporter of Salt & Light and even uses the air waves to spread the LIGHT each week. Have you heard his show "Faith With Fathers" on Thursdays at 3:30pm? Something interesting about that show... Deacon Candidate Kerry Harris who assists Fr Flores with his show will be ordained a Permanent Deacon TOMORROW. Of course, the Deacon Ordination will be broadcast live on Salt & Light.

Donate in honor of Fr Flores!
Donate in honor of Our Lady of the Valley!
Donate in honor of Deacon Candidate Kerry Harris!
Donate in honor of local programming and live broadcasts!

Amazing Lunch...

Costa Vida at 8th & Main in downtown Boise has DONATED lunch for the volunteers! Thank you, Hector Barrasa, for this special gift. This is an amazing spread and smells wonderful. What a beautiful catering job!

What's Going on at the Station?

Let's see what's going on around the station! If you're not volunteering, you're missing out!!

 Fr Camacho, Pope Francis, and the gang!
 Go, Bishop Kelly! Did you know BK football games are broadcast live on Salt & Light every Friday night?
 The prize closet!
 Is that tequilla?? Girls, behave!!
 Year-round station volunteers Bill Teske and Jim Backo working hard, as usual!
Fr Camacho shaking hands and kissing babies! (That's little Gabe Ryan, Kevin and Hope's third baby.)