Wednesday, April 10, 2019

St. Mark's is on the air until 6:00 PM

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St. Mark's is here until 6pm!

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Our Lady of the Rosary is on the air

 Drawing this hour created by Fr. Bruno Segatta

 Fr. Bruno Segatta sharing his life story.

Young Adult Hour 1:00 - 2:00 PM

The church of NOW.
Drawing for "Made This Way" this hour
FOCUS ministries
Katt Janelle
Katherine Plucinsky

Firepit Ministries
Fr. Radmar Jao
Sandra Loera
Katie Zerr

Our Lady of the Rosary Hour


2:00 PM Fr. Bruno- Home Blessing Ministry
2:20 PM Sarah Connolly - Holy Land Pilgrimage Experiences 2:40 PM Diana and Ken Jensen - Conversion/ reversion stories

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Young Adult Hour

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1:00 PM Katt Janelle
1:15 PM Katherine Plucinsky
1:30 PM Fr. Radmar Jao, SJ

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Deacon Jerry and His Lovely Bride, Eva

Deacon Jerry and Eva honor their friend Ruth.

While Eva spoke of her she glowed with admiration. Her beloved husband looks on with such love and affection.

Julie Jacobson and Kathy Hunt Honor Betty Stadler

Their friend, Betty Stadler, was in their small faith community. She could get her back up over the idea that "there is not enough time in the day to pray." She encouraged those around her to add prayer supports like the Magnificat. "Ma Betty" understood the loss of a child or other loved one, especially from the actions of a drunk driver. She was an amazing woman and inspired all who knew her. She died, Sept 23, 2017.
Here is "Betty's Prayer" as was shared on the radio.

Tim Menhart- Musician, in RCIA

Tim is sharing his ongoing conversion story. He is receiving instruction from Mary Wax at Holy Apostles. He will come into the Church at the Easter Vigil along with about 100 others.

Ray Schultz and Evie Thibault are with the Legion of Mary

Legion of Mary representatives Ray and Evie
Choose Life Idaho

Rachel's Vineyard is on the Air

April Agenbroad and Mary McCool are sharing how helpful that healing retreats after abortion can be. Even decades after the fact, these women and families are finding such peace.

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Holy Apostles Prizes

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It is Busy/Bizzy in the Studio!

While Bizzy Schorr tells her story on the radio, there is much more going on than just what you hear!
Bizzy is sharing what wonderful things our CCW does at Holy Apostles. Her conversion is a highlight of her life.

Host Deacon Bob and his board assistant, Davis Greenwood

Yours truly, sneaking in to take a picture gets caught too!

Holy Apostles is on the Air

Deacon Bob is our host for the next 3 hours. Let's light up those phone lines!!

Father Rob Cook

Father has been a priest for 16 years. He was ordained with Fr. Brad Neely. Their class still has a close fraternal bond. Father helps serve lunch at Sacred Heart every Thursday.

Debbie Chester is on the Air

At Sacred Heart, Debbie is in charge of so many areas. Her RCIA class this year has 10 people.
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Melissa Hartman saying Yes, Lord!

Convert Melissa is on the journey. Her family is so aware of the blessings they have received since coming into full union with the Church.

Our Phone Bank Operators

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Sacred Heart Prizes 9-10am

Prayer Shawls

Sacred Heart Prizes

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These 2 goodie buckets are filled with fun items for a night at home.

Sacred Heart is up with Deacon Jude Gary

Deacon Jude Gary is speaking of his own mother's "YES," to his life. And Our Blessed Mother's visits.

 The deacon is offering a weekend stay at his cabin at Warm Lake. Call and pledge to be entered in the drawing. 208-344-4774

Sacred Heart is on the air now!

  • 8:00 AM Deacon Jude Gary
  • 8:30 AM Linda, Carol, Debbie
  • 9:00 AM Maria Joyce
  • 9:15 AM Melissa Hartman
  • 9:30 AM Debbie Chester
  • 9:45 AM Fr. Rob Cook
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Mary Jo and Eucharistic Miracles

For more information about bringing the exhibits to your parish:

Thank you, Mary Jo for sharing this fascinating display!

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First ever "Morning Light" pledge hour

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7:00 AM Keith Pettyjohn, President of Salt & Light Radio
7:15 AM John Sacco, Magnificat
7:30 AM Mary Jo Dickson, Eucharistic Miracle Exhibit
7:45 AM George Lewis and Jim Warburton, Vocations Golf Tournament

"Yes, Lord!" Day 1

Day 1 Schedule: 
  • 7-8 AM Morning Light
  • 8-10 AM Sacred Heart 
  • 10-1 PM  Holy Apostles
  • 1-2 PM Young Adults
  • 2-3 PM OLR
  • 3-6 PM St. Mark's 

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