Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thank you to everyone who donated today, we exceeded our goal with a final of $38,006! God bless!

Our Executitve team is on the air! Thank you to everyone who helped make this pledge drive so successful!

Final hour prizes!

$200 Sun Valley Resort gift card
Family Faith Pack

Toy Town Game Bag

Day by Day for the Holy Souls in Purgatory

Pete is on the air with Lindsey Rees, a nurse manager at Stanton Health

Brian Duncan with St. Nicholas Parish is now on the air with Winston & Chris Inouye discussing family conversion.

Brian Duncan is on the air with Sara & Luke Adams talking about adoption.

The prizes for the 5-6pm hour!

-Family Pass to thousand springs resort.

- A travel mug and a St. Nicholas School t-shirt

-Book: Through the Year with Pope Francis signed by Fr. Pako

Felipe now has Jose & Silvia Marez and Kids on the air!

Here are the past four families that were on the air with Felipe.

Kim and Luke Watt on Family and Adoption (TOP)
Adam and Jessica Machado on Family and Marriage (BOTTOM)

Mal & Sandy Machado on Blessings of a Big family.

Felipe Zamora is on the air for Immaculate Conception until 5pm. Patrick Coffin is the guest now with Diana Grandy.

Father Rob Irwin is on the air now with Lilly Maciel Serrano discussing family life.

Prizes for the upcoming 3-5pm, Immacuulate Conception time block.

 Frosted Glass Foot Print Story
 Chili's Gift card

do TERRA Essential Oils Kit

$50 Everton Mattress Factory Gift Certificate

On the radio now, Leon & Mary Vogel speaking with Father Irwin about being Parents of a Priest!

Father Rob Irwin is now speaking with Natalie Cortez, Maria Ortega & Lorena about family life

Prizes from 1-3pm!

Family Faith Pack
Mountain View Barn gift card

El Tigre- The Tiger Stop- 2 $25 gift cards

Prize Winners for this hour!

Family Faith Pack-Ricardo Yanci
Toy Town Game Bag- Angie Allen from Twin Falls
Culvers Gift Certificates- Landon Mulberry
$50 Everton Mattress Gift Certificate- John & Louis Marshall

Father Rob Irwin is our host form 1-3 for St. Jerome. His first guest is Michael Smith discussing young adults and power of strong.

Genuine black hermatite rosary was won by John Evans! Congrats!

This hours prize winners are Mary Jo & Scott Dickson- Red Rosary, Kim Henry - Ryan Thomas Photography Certificate, & Linda Croft- St Therese, the Story of a Soul

(see pictures from previous post)

Fr. Justin Brady is on the radio now with Sabrina Gilbert talking about vocations.

Thank you Bill Ystueta owner of Chick-Fil-A for lunch!

Our Volunteers are waiting for your call!

Winners from the last hour

The Crucifix- Fr. Ben Uhlenkott
Toy Town Game Bag- Ted and Pat Hopkins
Everton Mattress Certificate- James Bowen

Prizes for this hour!

     These two beautiful rosaries (sorry they're upside down, couldn't change them back)
     The black Hermatite Rosary with medals is for a KofC member who calls in this hour
                      The Warrior's Rosary is a red Bohemian glass bead rosary with medals

                                                            Pack of Puzzles by Jesse Box

                                            This book about St. Therese, the Story of a Soul

Kelly and John Evans are talking about the family with Fr. Julio

St. Therese parish is on now

                                                      Fr. Julio Vicente is hosting the hour

Winners from the 7-10AM hours!

Family Faith Pack- Candice McHugh
Culver's Gift Certificate- Mary Barron
$50 Everton Gift Certificate- Jim Teske
Family Pass to Thousand Springs Resort- Justin Stanger
Day by Day book for the Holy Souls in Purgatory- Mary Smith

Another daily prize is this Deluxe Jesse Box

                                  Interactive tool to build family memories and spiritual life.

A RCIA sponsor just made a $500 challenge! Call in now!

Show some love for the Monastery of the Ascension and call in now!

                            Fr. Bonafice Lautz is on talking to Pete about the 50th Anniversary

Prizes for the next hour with the Monastery of the Ascension

                                     A beautiful blessed Crucifix with St. Benedict medal

                                              Toy Town Game Bag full of games

                               And another $50 Everton Mattress and Furniture Gift Certificate

Here's a pic of one of the prizes for the day!

                                                     Sun Valley Family Getaway
Create amazing family memories by spending 4 days and 3 nights together in stunning Sun Valley. This package includes accommodations at the Bonne Vie condo in Elkhorn. There's room enough for a family of 8. We've included a $40 Chevron gas card to help you get there and a $75 Smoky Mountain Pizza gift card for dinner and a Jaime Thietten CD to listen to on your way. Dates to be agreed upon.

We're at the last half hour with St. Ed's

Call in now and make a pledge! We need your call!

                             Jaren Peay is on now talking about the St. Ed's Soup Kitchen

$500 challenge is going on now!

Let's meet the challenge!

On now - Jake and Lindsay Dyson

The Dyson's are talking about listening to Catholic radio and the Catholic Groups their involved in

Here's a pic of the beautiful solid wood chest to be given away today

$500 matching fund this hour too! Let's match it now!

Listen in and call to support our Seminarians!

Nathan's talking now on the radio with Jerry about his life and being a seminarian at Mount Angel.

Thank you St. Edward's School for breakfast!

                                            Nathan Dail enjoying breakfast at the pledge drive

The Wathen Family is on now! Call in and support them!

                                  Jim and Heather Wathen and family are talking about family life

Prizes until 10

Family Faith Pack - a backpack of items to help your family's spiritual and emotional life flourish.
             Includes Catholic book of Blessings, DVD, Catholic playing cards, rosary, coloring books,
             candy and a bottle of wine!

Culver's Family Farm Fresh Sandwiches and Hometown Hospitality - coupons for 2 double deluxe value baskets and 2 kid's meals

$50 Everton Mattress Factory Gift Certificates

Family Pass to Thousand Springs Resort

Day by Day for the Holy Souls in Purgatory book