Friday, October 30, 2015

St. John's is on the air!

Call in and pledge: 344-4774

Dr. Ally Van Steenbergen is hosting for St. John's

Louis, JaMarcus, Jaime, and Brooklyn Sheppard

Waiting in the green room

Cool jacket, Gina!

Deacon Bill and Gina Burns on the air talking about their World Meeting of Family trip
Bill and Jayne Teske talking about the El Camino

Erika and Jeff Cowman talking about the World Meeting of Families

Julie and Brad Jahn

Call in support of St. Paul's!

Father Caleb Vogel and Mari DeLeon are on the air for St. Paul's! Please call and show your support for these wonderful people!


Lots of prizes for the 2:00-4:00 hours!

Help us kick off the St. Paul's hour!

For the 2:00 hour, we are joined by Roger and Debbie Timmons, who won the World Meeting of Families giveaway from the last pledge drive! Deacon Mike Collins is hosting for St. Paul's of Nampa. Let's get this hour off to a great start!

Call to support the priests from OLV!

Both Father Flores and Father Arnie are on the air! Please call!

Welcome to Father Flores!

Father Flores is on the air right now to kick of the 11:00 hour. Daniel Miller is hosting for Our Lady of the Valley. We need your support, folks. Please pick up the phone and pledge your support!

New Prizes

This hour, we will be giving away a $100 St. Vincent de Paul gift card to a donor who calls anytime from 10:30 - 11:00, and we will be giving away some goodies from the World Meeting of Families to someone who has called anytime from 10:00 - 11:00.

Father Bruno is on the air

Father Bruno Segatta is on the air now! If you call this hour, you will be entered into a drawing for one of Father's beautiful paintings. Please call and pledge your support for this station!

Call now!

We have a full phone bank of people waiting to take your call! Please pick up the phone and give these people something to do! :)

Prize from Father Bruno Segatta

For all of those who call this hour, from 9:00 - 10:00, you will be entered into a drawing for this beautiful painting by the wonderful Father Bruno Segatta! Don't wait! This gorgeous work of art could be yours!

Welcome Father Faucher!

Thank you to all who called and donated last hour - we surpassed our hourly goal! If you haven't called already, or just want to make another pledge in honor of St. Mary's and Father Faucher, please pick up the phone now! We have a full phone bank of volunteers waiting to take your call. Merikay Jost is on the air with Father Faucher from St. Mary's now.

15 minutes for St. Mary's School!

The St. Mary's School hour is winding up! Please call in to show your support for Blaise Bernal and Pat Larson, who are on the air now with Mike Pape!

Call to Support St. Mary's!

Mike Pape is doing a great job hosting this 8:00 our, along with the other wonderful guests representing St. Mary's school and parish! Please call to show them your support!

Prize for the 8:00 hour!

The day is off to a good start, but we need you to call in your pledge of support so that Salt and Light Radio can stay on the air! This hour, everyone who calls will be entered into a drawing for this beautiful picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thank you to everyone who donated today, we exceeded our goal with a final of $38,006! God bless!

Our Executitve team is on the air! Thank you to everyone who helped make this pledge drive so successful!

Final hour prizes!

$200 Sun Valley Resort gift card
Family Faith Pack

Toy Town Game Bag

Day by Day for the Holy Souls in Purgatory

Pete is on the air with Lindsey Rees, a nurse manager at Stanton Health

Brian Duncan with St. Nicholas Parish is now on the air with Winston & Chris Inouye discussing family conversion.

Brian Duncan is on the air with Sara & Luke Adams talking about adoption.

The prizes for the 5-6pm hour!

-Family Pass to thousand springs resort.

- A travel mug and a St. Nicholas School t-shirt

-Book: Through the Year with Pope Francis signed by Fr. Pako

Felipe now has Jose & Silvia Marez and Kids on the air!

Here are the past four families that were on the air with Felipe.

Kim and Luke Watt on Family and Adoption (TOP)
Adam and Jessica Machado on Family and Marriage (BOTTOM)

Mal & Sandy Machado on Blessings of a Big family.

Felipe Zamora is on the air for Immaculate Conception until 5pm. Patrick Coffin is the guest now with Diana Grandy.

Father Rob Irwin is on the air now with Lilly Maciel Serrano discussing family life.

Prizes for the upcoming 3-5pm, Immacuulate Conception time block.

 Frosted Glass Foot Print Story
 Chili's Gift card

do TERRA Essential Oils Kit

$50 Everton Mattress Factory Gift Certificate

On the radio now, Leon & Mary Vogel speaking with Father Irwin about being Parents of a Priest!

Father Rob Irwin is now speaking with Natalie Cortez, Maria Ortega & Lorena about family life