Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Pledge Drive Starts Tomorrow!

Things are really humming along at the station! We are determined to make this the best pledge drive in Salt & Light history!

Which, admittedly, isn't saying all that much since this is only the second pledge drive ever!

However so many wonderful people have donated so much of their time, talent and treasure to put on a fantastic pledge drive that we know this is going to be a fantastic event for the Church in Western Idaho and Eastern Oregon!

Check out our all star guest schedule to see all of the local area Catholics who will be on the air over the next three days. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the many gifts that God has blessed us with in these holy men and women of God and their ministries.

Please join us by listening. Also please keep an eye on this website over the course of the pledge drive. We will be posting very regularly and will be providing some behind-the-scenes fun over the course of the pledge drive.

Thank you so much for supporting Idaho Catholic Radio! We can't do it without you.