Thursday, October 18, 2018

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Enjoy listening to The Chapman's inspiring story to end our day :)

Carey Crist from St. Catherine is on!

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Kathleen Madalena is talking about her dad and others who have had an impact on her faith life.

Deacon John Plank is on talking about the man that changed his life.

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Crystal Tverdy is on talking about her conversion and the important priests in her life.

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Sandy Machado is talking about a priest in her life that was very instrumental to her faith walk

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Immaculate Conception is going to round us out today!

Luke is starting us off this hour talking about his dad and his favorite priest.

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Fr Adrian Vazquez is giving his vocation story right now!

Becky Mink is talking about her dad with her mom helping with the memories.

Enjoy Norm and Regina Rock giving their witness about the monastery.

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Ted Klaas is talking with Brian this minute!

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On now is Bob Whitchurch

Bob's talking about his good friend Stan and his influence on his life.

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Deacon Jim McCaughey is talking about his dad to start us off. 

Calling in this half hour is Fr. Justin Brady

Fr. Justin is talking about pilgrimage to Poland with Fr. Caleb.

On now is Christy Kantack from Ashton talking about her pilgrimage with Fr Brady and Fr. Caleb to Poland.

This hour we are with Our Lady of the Snows/ St Charles Borromeo

On now is Heather Dawson talking about her parents and their influence on her.
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Dino Galindo from St. Nicolas is on now speaking about his mother.

Retired Idaho priest, Fr Leslie Kish, is calling in from Florida

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St Nicholas is hosting this hour.

Fr. Pako Godinez is on now speaking about the people who have influenced him in his faith life.

Dana Dexter is on now from Little Flower

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Alex Walter is on now!

Alex is continuing this hour talking about his recent conversion story.

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The Battle Within, Humanae Vitae-50 Years Later, and Men and Women are from Eden

We are with St. Terese, Little Flower parish for this hour.

Fr. Mark Uhlenkott is starting us off.

Closing out this hour is LuAnn, the chef at the Monastery of the Ascension

Fr. Meinrad is calling in from St. Gurtrude's Monastery

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Fr. Hugh, from the monastery, is on talking about monastic life and the male influences on him.

This hour we will be with the Monastery of the Ascension Monks in Jerome!

 Pete is continuing on the radio this hour talking about his experience with the monastery.

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Pete Espil is on for the end of our time with St. Edward's. 
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In the last half hour with St. Eds

Listening to Katy Touchette on the phone

Fr. Joseph Lustig is on!

Fr. Lustig is talking about his life leading up to his priesthood and who influenced him.

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Our phone bank- Rondi and Norm, Blogger-Jacqueline, and two of our tireless leaders from Boise Keith and Carol 

Rounding out this hour is Pat Szot

Pat is talking about her work with St. Vincent De Paul's thrift store in Twin.

Our two hosts!

Brian and Whitni

Brooke Fuchs is being interviewed right now!

Brooke is talking to Brian about the influences in her life so far. 

New hour with St. Ed's in Twin Falls

Fr. Julio Vicente is starting off the two hours of St. Ed's talking about the people who were the faith influences in his life.

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Listen now to hear Deacon Sal Carranza

Newly ordained Deacon Sal Carranza is talking about how God (and his wife) was the influence in his faith.

Fr. Donald Calloway is on now!

Fr. Calloway is talking about the need for dad's to step up and lead their families in their faith.
He'll be one of the speakers at the Men's Conference in January!

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Starting us off

Keith is visiting with Brian and Whitni about our Salt and Light Radio Station
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Good Morning!

New Morning...New Place!
We're here in the Magic Valley today with a wonderful list of people to listen to throughout the day. We're starting with St. Ed's, Monastery of the Ascension, Little Flower, St. Nicholas, OLS, St. Jerome's, and then rounding out the day with Immaculate Conception!