Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thank you!!

...For a wonderful day! God bless you and keep you. If you didn't get a chance to pledge today, you still have tomorrow. Please help us keep Catholic radio in the Treasure and Magic Valleys!!

More smiling faces...

from the phone bank and the blogging!

14 Minutes Left!

Let's finish strong! 14 minutes left for tonight, and one more day of pledging tomorrow.  $935 is all that is left for tonight to get another $500 matching. Please pledge! Pledge at 208-344-4774 in the Treasure Valley, or 208-490-7754 in the Magic Valley

This hour: Deacon John Hurley

Please pledge $45 per month and you might win a dinner with Deacon John to learn to pray the Liturgy of the Hours! Beautiful hardbound book included!

Call: Pledge at 208-344-4774 in the Treasure Valley or 208-490-7754 in the Magic Valley

Phone Bank Volunteers

Smiling faces!

Fr. Ron Wekerle is on the Air for the First Time!

Fr. Ron Wekerle is first timer on the radio. Show your support for this amazing, holy, priest. Help us reach our $3000 goal this hour!

Please keep calling and pledging.

Last hour we reached $1730.

Currently listening to Catholic Answers Live. These are the types of great Catholic programming that your support can bring. Ever wanted to explain the Catholic Church to our separated brethren? Catholic Answers can help!

$700 is what we need to reach this hour's goal

Call in the next 11 minutes and please help us reach our goal of the hour.

Sister Rosie in the Studio

Pledge at 208-344-4774 in the Treasure Valley, or 208-490-7754 in the Magic Valley

New faces in the Last Hour

Fr. Justin Brady in the Studio

This hour, $3000 goal: If we get $3000 this hour an additional donation of $1000 will be added from Fr. Justin's mom. Please call! $160 so far!!

Rock the Clock is finished

...But keep calling! We still need your donations!

Magic Valley Youth Ministry

In the studio: Katie Stroschien, Sal Carranza, & Sandy Machado. Rock the Clock is almost done. Please call!

Rock the CLOCK!

As long as the phone rings every 2 minutes we will be matched dollar for dollar for each donation! Please call 344-4474 in Boise, and in the Magic Valley 490-7754.

Light up the Phone Bank!

St Edward's School

Clint Evans is telling us about the youth at St. Edward's in Twin Falls.

Capstone Missions

Rusty Gideon and Colleen Crozier are here to tell us about Capstone Missions, a 14-year-old ministry formed to care for Catholic orphanages in Tijuana, Mexico. There's a BIG event coming up Feb 4, 2012... The 7th Annual Crab Feast at St Edward's parish!!

The coolest thing Capstone does is to take working trips to Tijuana to help the poorest of the poor by repairing and re-building the orphanages. Team up with this great organization. It'll change your life!

On-going Prizes for YOU!

Besides the GREAT feeling you get all year long because YOU'RE keeping the Catholic radio message of HOPE on the air, you can win real things!

For $10/month, you'll receive a prayer card and the current issue of the Magnificat.

For $20/month, you will receive one of these beautiful Rosaries handmade by the sisters of Marymount Hermitage. (Thank you, Sister Beverly, for donating Rosaries again this drive.)

For $30/month, you'll become a COFFEE CLUB MEMBER! You'll receive this great travel mug, plus refills at The Fixx CoffeeHouse in Boise!

For $100/month, you'll be a "SALT & LIGHT PILLAR," and you'll receive a Crucifix as our special gift.


Jackie Wakefield and Ellie are LIVE at St Edward's parish hall in Twin Falls speaking of many pro-life activities going on in that area.

Catholics are pro-life! Call in to take a stand for LIFE now:

(208) 244-4774... in the Treasure Valley

(208) 490-7754... in the Magic Valley

Martha & Mary Food Pantry

Lunch time DJ's Carol and Pete visit with Diane Holley about their work at the Martha & Mary Food Pantry.

Don't Let the Air Waves Go SILENT!

We're experiencing technical difficulty right now. Thank you for your patience. The silence you hear on the air waves is a GRAVE REMINDER of what could happen to Catholic radio if we don't ALL DO OUR PART to keep the Truth flowing!

Violin Drawing!

A generous donor has offered this gorgeous violin valued at $350. If you call in this hour, your name will go in a drawing for this precious gift!

At the Station in Boise

At the Boise station today, we're not broadcasting live, but we're receiving phone pledges and having fun. Bill Teske's keeping order 'round here!

And of course, we're praying in our beautiful chapel downstairs. Thank You, Jesus, for this special space.

And thank You, Jesus, through Mary, for the gift of Catholic radio in Idaho.

Have you done YOUR PART to keep this blessing on the air waves?

Visitors From Monastery of the Ascension

Sherry Brownrigg is visiting with 3 monks from the Monastery of the Ascension in Jerome, Fr Kenneth, Fr Andrew, and Fr Ezekial.

We still have lots of prizes and that FANTASTIC FEELING you get when you make a monetary pledge to keep Catholic radio on the air.

$1000 Add-on Challenge!!!

If we reach our $3000 goal this hour, a generous donor will ADD ON $1000!! Call NOW!

(208) 244-4774... in the Treasure Valley

(208) 490-7754... in the Magic Valley

Win an Airplane Tour!!!

Pilot Steve Mulberry has donated an airplane ride for 2 over the Magic Valley. If you call in today, your name will go into a drawing for this really cool prize!!

Fr Marcos Sanchez

Fr Marcos (St Therese Little Flower parish in Burley) has drawn and framed these beautiful pictures: a pinata and Christmas artwork. Thanks for sharing your talents with us, Father! Call in THIS HOUR to show your support for Fr Marcos, and your name will go into a drawing for them!!

Who's Winning the Competition Between the Parishes??

Here's who's winning so far...

1st place - St John's
2nd place- Holy Apostles
3rd place- St Mark's

I have a feeling the Magic Valley is gonna catch up with these Treasure Valley parishes!!

Fr Mauricio Medina

Father is joining us today in Twin Falls in honor of Cursillo retreats and our retired priests. Call in to donate in honor of RETIRED PRIESTS!

Prizes! Prizes!

The highest donor this hour will be awarded this faith 3-pack including the audio Bible on CD!

Also, every donor will receive a MYSTIC MONK COFFEE gift card!! This is great coffee made by monks in Montana.

But WAIT! There's more... Each caller will also receive a copy of the book "Praying for our Priests."

What's Happening at the Twin Falls Station?

We're having fun and wanting to talk to YOU!!

Maid Brigade Challenge!

Russ at Maid Brigade will provide $150 worth of free cleaning services to the next person to call and pledge $150!

Call in NOW!!

(208) 490-7754... in the Magic Valley

Fr Mariusz Majewski

Fr Mariusz is LIVE in Twin Falls at his parish, St Edwards. This is his 3rd time coming on the air during our pledge drive because he believes in the power of Catholic radio.

What's Going on at the Boise Station Today??

We're on the air LIVE from St Edward's parish hall in Twin Falls, but Boise volunteers are ready to answer the phones! The guests are not here, but we're taking pledges and having fun!

Corporal Works of Mercy

Fr Mike encourages us to do an EASY Corporal Work of Mercy by donating to Salt & Light. Catholic radio spreads the gospel widely, from the comfort of your home.

Donate today to keep TRUTH and HOPE on the air waves in these questionable times.

Fr Mike challenges his priest friends to participate by donating at least $10/month!

On-Going Challenges

Throughout our 3-day pledge drive, we have TWO on-going challenges:

Knights of Columbus Challenge:
The Council that donates the highest dollar amount by Friday night will win something really special!! It's the GOLDEN SPATULA and the coveted CHEF'S HAT! When you Knights call in, be sure to tell the phone bank volunteer which parish your Council calls home.

Parish Challenge:
Which parish will have the highest number of donors??

(I'm hoping Holy Apostles in Meridian wins this honor. Just saying... :)

Fr Mike St Marie

Fr Mike, pastor of St Edwards in Twin Falls, chats with DJ Sherry Brownrigg. He's so grateful for Catholic radio, that he's hosting the live broadcast from their parish hall! Father enjoys Catholic Answers in the afternoons while he's cooking dinner at the rectory and asks for YOUR HELP in keeping it on the air.

Twin Falls phone bank volunteers figure out the technology. They're trusting in the Lord at this early hour of the day!

YOU can do your part by calling one the following numbers:

(208) 244-4774... in the Treasure Valley

(208) 490-7754... in the Magic Valley

Day 2 on the Air in Twin Falls!!

We're LIVE from St Edward's parish in Twin Falls this morning, where KTFI (AM1340) recently launched in the Magic Valley!!