Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Boy Scouts this is your time to shine!

Carl Sarazola Scoutmaster from troop 94 is on now!.
Call and Pledge!
Boise: 344-4774
Wendell: 490-7754

New Challenge

New challenge for this hour! We need to raise $4,000 then we will get$1500!!!

Mark Hopkins!

Mark Hopkins principal of St. Marks school is in the studio! He thanks Dan Maloney for the huge opportunity!

In honor of Mr. Hopkins....



Boise: 344-4774
Wendell: 490-7754
or Online!:

New Challenge!

We made our goal last hour with OLR! But now a very generous parishioner has put $1,200 in a dollar for dollar match! We have 35 minutes! We can do it! but only if you call and pledge!

Treasure Valley: 344-4774
Magic Valey: 490-7754

St. Marks

Joe Lipetzky, is our host for the hour.

Along with our guests Fr. Bruno, and Clyde Brinegar.

All the callers this hour will receive a handmade rosary by the rosary makers of St. Marks!

So call! 
Treasure Valley: 344-4774
Magic Valey: 490-7754



Our Lady of the Rosary, it's still your hour! We still have the $2,000 dollar for dollar match!  We only need $410! Call! Our phone bank is waiting!


OLR It's still your hour!

Steve Peterson is here talking now. Call! Don't forget we have our $2,000 dollar for dollar match!
Treasure Valley: 344-4774
Magic Valley: 490-7754



We have a dollar for dollar match for up to $2,000! So Call! Treasure Valley: 344-4774
Magic Valley: 490-7754

They're here to take your pledge!!!

New people in the booth!

We have Cindy & Gary Anderson's smiling faces in the booth right now!
They're talking about Our Lady of the Rosary's Youth Ministry. They are encouraging parents to call in for support of their kids!  They brought this Bible, if you call this hour you will enter a drawing to win it!

Call, Call, Call!
 Treasure Valley: 344-4774
Magic Valley: 490-7754

We made our goal!

We made our goal for the hour! $20,863! Keep the phones ringing! Treasure Valley: 344-4774
 Magic Valley: 490-7754

Our Lady of the Rosary this is your hour!

Mike in the booth right now! Call and pledge to support your local Catholic radio station! Call this hour to enter a drawing for 4 BSU basketball tickets!

The phone booth is waiting for your call! Boise: 344-4774    Magic Valley: 490-7754

Our Lady of the Rosary Time now until

  • V and Peter Cuppage are hosting!
  • $2000 goal this hour
  • Prize during the OLR hour is BSU basketball tickets drawing.
  • Also a drawing for the following books: 

Deacon Richard Kulleck is on the air!

Deacon Richard is talking about Servants School and the upcoming ordination on Saturday. 

How awesome to broadcast anywhere in the world online at!

But we need your help to stay on the air: call 344-4774 in Boise or 490-7754 in Twin Falls. 

All callers entered into a drawing for to win a Damian Cross and for a weekend cabin!

St. Vincent de Paul Re-entry program

Debra Servatius with St. Vincent de Paul re-entry program

Be a Light, Call now- 344-4774 Boise or 490-7754 Twin Falls
every caller gets a 2014 Vocation calendar this hour.

Fr. Rob Cook, Dan & Sharon Vawser on the air!

Call 344-4774 Boise
490-7754 Twin Falls

Hosted by Deacon Don Blythe from Risen Christ

Sarah Dance on the air!

Sarah Dance talking about Financial Peace University at Holy Apostles

Goal of $1000 this hour-at $833. 

Hour 2 for Holy Apostles

  • $1000 Goal this hour.
  • $25 gift certificate to the Holy Apostles gift fair and a certificate for 4 to the KC pancake breakfast. 
  • Rebecca Fortin on the air representing the youth of our church. Thanks, Rebecca!

Jon McKay is on the air

Be Sure to call

Holy Apostles is on the air until 1pm!

344-4774 Boise
490-7754 Wendell

17 minutes for a NEW $1,000 matching funds pledge from Holy Apostles!

Call 344-4774 in TV and 490-7754 in Magic Valley Now! Thank You!


Call 344-4774 for Treasure Valley and 490-7754 Magic Valley now!
On the air now: Claudia Zuniga
Hosts are now Mary Wax and Rusty Bang
-1/2 hour left for $1,000 match dollar for dollar
-$20 monthly pledge gets subscription to Catholic Register
-$25 Gift Card
-free pancake breakfast for four

On the air now: (soon-to-be) Deacon Brian Flowers from Holy Apostles! Also new $1,000 pledge challenge!

Thanks Deacon Brian for stopping by to help with the Pledge Drive!
Breaking NEWS! $1,000 pledge match dollar for dollar until 12 noon!! 
Call 344-4774 Boise and 490-7754 Wendell NOW!

Father Dat Vu from Holy Apostles on the air now...and new prize!

Father Dat Vu explaining his love for ministry and Salt and Light Radio to help with the Be A Light Pledge Drive

Thanks to Holy Apostles for this donation: CALL NOW 344-4774 Treasure Valley and 490-7754 Magic Valley

behind the scenes at Be A Light Pledge Drive

Serenity and Xavier enjoying the snacks.

Be A Light Pledge: On the Air Now Mike and Paquita from St. Vincent De Paul

They are explaining the amazing work they do right now.
Be A Light Pledge Drive
344-4774 Treasure Valley
490-7754 Magic Valley

Thanks to an anonymous donor from St Johns for putting us over our goal for the last hour!
This hour the goal is $2,000
4-pack cinnamon rolls from Raedean's
Honduran Coffee (one pound)
Honduran corn doll
catered dinner from Chef Vern for up to 10 people (yum)
$20 monthly pledge for subscription to Catholic Register
We ALWAYS accept pledge prayers
CALL in now 344-4774 Boise and 490-7754 Wendell


On the Air for the Pledge Drive now: Lisa Murawski with Corpus Christi

Lisa from Corpus Christi explaining the needs including coffee, food, medicine, volunteers, and of course donations. Be a Light and help this ministry! call now 344-4774 Treasure Valley and 490-7754 in the Magic Valley

ATTENTION: $1,000 Donor Match Challenge until 11am dollar for dollar!

A generous anonymous donor from Sacred Heart has challenged YOU to a $1,000 donation pledge match to keep this station going! Call 344-4774 in Boise and 490-7754 in Wendell

Be A Light Pledge Drive: On the Air Now: Rob Turner of DOERS

Rob Turner sharing the amazing work he is able to be a part of. Check out for more info about what they do. Please call to pledge your support 344-4774 in Boise and 490-7754 in Wendell

Be A Light Fall Pledge Drive Day One

Be a Light Pledge Drive: We still have plenty of Raedean's 4-pack cinnamon rolls (yum!), rosary beads, and a drawing for a catered dinner by Chef Vern! Please call 344-4774 in Boise and 490-7754

Deacon Dan Vasser on the Air Now, please listen and pledge!

Janey McGarry of Lazarus House on the air now

Great help for those in need! They always need volunteers.

Be a Light Pledge Drive On the Air Now: Janey McGarry of the Lazarus House

Janey is explaining the wonderful help they provide for the community, including hygiene supplies. They always need donations. Their goal is to increase donations
344-4774 Boise
490-7754 Wendell

Prizes right now, Sacred Heart you're up! All callers welcome

The next 18 callers receive cinnamon rolls from Raedean's and entered into a drawing at 11am for a catered dinner by Chef Vern!! SACRED HEART it's your time to call until 11am! 344-4774 Boise or 490-7754 in Wendell. Goal is $2500 for this hour, please help!

10 minutes left for a Men In Black II Calender!

Call 344-4774 and pledge to get a Men In Black II 2014 calender!


Thanks Abolitionists4Life for joining us today!

Made for More Host- Chris Kreslins on the air!

First 10 callers get a Men in Black II calendars!
Call 344-4774, 490-7754

Vocations Calendars

FIRST 10 CALLERS this hour get a NEW 2014 Vocations Calendar
"Men in Black II"

Knights of Columbus Council Challenge

We are here!

Call: 344-4774 Boise
490-7754 Twin Falls