Friday, April 20, 2012

Parish Challenge

Competition is hot and heavy

St. John's 85
Holy Apostles 61
St. Mark's 59
St. Edward's 53

Enter to Win a Week in the Chalet

All Callers this hour are entered into a drawing for this chalet

Parish Challenge

In addition to the K of C challenge there is also a parish challenge.  The parish with the most calls (not the highest donations) wins
1st ~ St. John's with 67 calls
2nd ~ St. Edwards with 48 calls
3rd ~ St. Mark's & Holy Apostles are tied with 46 calls

It is soooo close!  Call now and secure your spot in first!

Take this Bike Away From Bill!

Check out the Vatican Flag
Callers this hour will be entered into a drawing for this bike!

Knight's Challenge


Immaculate Conception in Buhl is in 1st with $2,405 in pledges
St. Mary's is 2nd with $2,290
Holy Apostles is 3rd with $2,100
St. John's is 4th with $1,325

Come on Knights!
All Callers this hour will be entered into a drawing for this Wyoming Catholic University sweat shirt and several Salt & Light Radio t-shirts

Don't forget, all callers this day will be entered into a drawing for a week long stay at this Tamarack Chalet

Join Us for Mass

Fr. Arnie will be our Celebrate for our mass of thanksgiving.  Join us at Sacred Heart at 7:30 tonight.

Don't Miss this Chance to be a Part of Saving Souls

People turn their lives around every day because of Catholic Radio.  You can be part of that.  Help us stay on the air.  Call 344-4774 or 490-7754

We're Having a Party! Don't You Wish You Were Here?

Coming up at 4 o'clock

Fr. Arnie is on the air from 4-5pm and look at the great prizes you could win. Fr. Arnie spent a couple of hours on the air of Sal y Luz and then jumped  on Salt & Light for an other hour.  Many other priests have done the same.  Huge thank you to our Priests!  We love you!!

Sal y Luz is Here

It's super busy in here.  We have Sal y Luz AND Salt & Light pledges drives happening at once.  Come join our party.  5601 Cassia in Boise.  And don't forget to join us for the mass of gratitude at 7:30pm at Sacred Heart.

Sacred Heart is Here!!

Great BSU Prize

All callers this hour is entered into a drawing for this Bronco Rock

Fr. Eladio Vieyra

New Prize

The highest donor from 2:30 to 3pm will receive this crucifix.  Call now 344-4774

On Air Deacon Jerry & Eva Pera

Prize this Hour

This first caller to donate $100 between now and 2:30 will receive $100 worth of nursery stock of their choosing.  Everyone wins!  Call now

It's a Party! Come Join Us 5601 Cassia