Friday, October 28, 2016

Men's Conference support

If your life was changed by the men's conference, please call and support. 208-344-4774. That event changes lives. Pledge to support the next conference. We give special thanks to Lorissa Horn for all of her hard work in planning and carrying it to fruition.

Jesus in the Food Line

Thank you to Jason Schauer for sharing the insight of helping the poor.

Behind the scenes

Busy worker bees. We are working as hard as we can, but still having such a great time! The pledge drive blesses each of us. It is something we really look forward to each time.

Jayne Teske

Jim Barclay

Curtis Fackler

Sister Sheila

Jim Warburton
Janis and Carol

Adelaide and Bill
Brian Howell
Pat Larson

Jim Backo

Keith Pettyjohn and Carol Brown

Father Jerry Funk

Pastor at St. John's Cathedral. He has experiences that are fascinating to hear. He tells stories of those who have gone before us. Keeping their memories alive, is compared to Our Lord "Do this in memory of me." He asks that we remember during this season of the year. Please, call and support 344-4774.

Architect Russ Phillips

The beautiful parking lot at St. John's is such a blessing to downtown. We have this great man to thank for using his skills For HIS Glory.

Please call in your support! 208-344-4774

Deacons and Music

Deacon Bill Burns is sharing about the beauty of being able to bring his musical gift to his life as part of the permanent diaconate. Did you know that certain parts of the Liturgy are specifically designed to be sung by the deacon? We are able to enjoy such a beautiful Mass when they use their gifts for His glory! Please call: 208-344-4774!

Mirella Silva-Gill

She cantors for the Spanish language Mass, and now just starting working in the office. She is truly using her gifts, For His Glory! Please call and support 208-344-4774

More items from St. John's

Now, at the 4 o'clock hour, the posters are up. At 5, there will be a big book drawing. Three separate drawings will give away these books.

Please Call! 208-344-4774 Get in on these drawings. These are items donated by parishioners of St. John's

Sisters on the Air

This was their sweet moment right before they went on the air. This is behind the scenes in the Greenroom.

Sister Sheila Cigich and Sister Suzie Johnston

Prizes Coming Up

Call during this hour and be entered to win this spectacular item!
Please Call! 208-344-4774

St. John's is Up for the Next Three Hours

Teresa Wittry and Alberto Jaramillo

Darrin Pufall is our host for this energetic time.
We are so excited to have these wonderful folks in the studio with us today.

St. John's parishioners, and those who want to support their goal this hour: 

Please Call! 208-344-4774

No One Dies Alone

Ian O'Connell speaking on the gift of being with others in their final moments. No One Dies Alone.
Mother Angelica, please intercede for this amazing ministry!

Please Call! From Boise 208-344-4774

Capital Campaign for St. Paul's School

Sheri Boicourt and Mari DeLeon are talking with Father about what it takes to get the funding together for major parish builds.

Please Call! From Boise 208-344-4774

Up at 2 o'clock

Get to read Jesus of Nazareth if you win the drawing coming up this hour!
There are a few available to win this hour as gifts from St. Paul's, Nampa
Please Call! From Boise 208-344-4774

Items Up for Drawing this hour

These amazing items are up for drawing this hour. "The Chocolate Lady" (but don't call her that too much) brought in her signature items to share with one blessed caller.

The Pope Francis Advent booklet is also available during this hour.

Please Call! From Boise 208-344-4774

Kevin Stadther- Respect Life/ Diaconate

Kevin, Lori, and Fr. Vogel are speaking on the healing that comes about through the Mass.

Please Call! From Boise 208-344-4774

Billboards to Support Life

Lori Hadaceck Chaplin vist to read story or to donate to the billboards. Like Treasure Valley Pro-life Billboards on  Facebook

Servers on the Air from OLR

Call at 344-4774 show your support for these awesome servers from OLV!

John Paul, Damian,  and Abby; thank you for your hard work!

Welcome Deacon Pat and Liz

Support OLV and help us reach our goal for the 11:00 hour!

OLV priest Fr. Mark Uhlenkott is on the air

OLV hourly goal is $2,500

Call now at 208-344-3774

Thania and Patricia join us from OLV to talk about family ministry

Tune in and call 344-4774 to support catholic radio

Welcome to Daniel Miller and Father Flores from Our Lady of the Valley

Daniel Miller is hosting OLV priests Fr. Flores and Fr. Uhlenkott at 11 AM. Call and support 344 - 4774

Enter to win one of Father Bruno's wonderful paintings

Make a pledge and be entered to win a beautiful painting by Father Bruno at 208 - 344 - 4774.

More from St. Mary's with Father Jesus Camacho and Monica Pittman

Call and support St. Mary's at (208) 344 - 4774

Patrick Tavelli and Jimm Harrison talking about FOCUS ministry

On the air Patrick Tavelli in studio with Jimmy Harrison on the phone talking about FOCUS ministry.

Call with your pledge of support- 208-344-4774.

St. Mary's School Principal Tammy Emerich is on the air.

St. Mary's Principal Tammy Emerich is on the air. Call 344-4774 now and be entered for many drawings to include a Catholic Threads basket.

St. Mary's is on the air!

Deacon Gene Fadness is hosting for the next two hours!

St. Mary's goal this hour is $3,000.
Call now 208-344-4774!

Legacy Giving: New Outreach effort by Salt and Light Radio to help supporters with their estate planning needs.

Sal y Luz is on the air! Tune in!