Friday, April 19, 2013

All the Gang on the Air

During the final hour of the drive, the guys (and gal!) who hold down the Salt&Light fort year round were on the air.

Kerry Harris

Kerry joined us from Our Lady of the Valley in Caldwell. He's in his 4th year of Servant School and is due to be ordained a Deacon this October. While Kerry was on the air, his lovely bride Tammy was answering phones in the phone bank.

Life Runners

Lisa Penzkover told us about a national group called "Life Runners," who run and pray for life issues (to end abortion and respect life from conception to natural death). Go to for more information.

Fr Arnie

Fr Arnie Miller joined us this afternoon and inspired us with his love of the Lord, Catholic radio, and the Church.

Technology Issues Again

We were down, but we're back up now! (Isn't that a summary of the Christian walk?)

We don't tell God how big our storm is; we tell the storm how BIG our God is!!

You Can Win Wine!!

Call in to win a bottle of wine from the vineyards in Caldwell!

Fr Flores & Pete Espil

Fr Francisco Flores and Pete Espil are here from Our Lady of the Valley parish in Caldwell. Call in to win an 8x10 photo of Pope Francis I blessed by Fr Flores!

Around the Station

Look what's going on around the station this afternoon!


Free-Dress Day Challenge

Marianne White is joining us from St Mary's Catholic Elementary School in Boise. She's the Principal of the school and brings this challenge:

If donations reach $2400 this hour, the entire school will have a free dress day at school!

Natural Family Planning

Thanks for joining us, Kevin & Kim Van Den Wymelenberg. They're here from St Mary's to share their experience with Natural Family Planning (NFP) and how it can enhance your marriage. They teach NFP and have a course going on right now, if you want to sign up, OR go to for more information.

Free Ice Cream Potatoes!

The next 20 callers will receive a famous ice cream potato from Chef Lou's Westside Drive-in.
Call now!
Call now!
Call now!

RCIA at St Mary's

Gene Fadness and Steve Pontello are sharing about the RCIA program on Salt&Light radio. (Steve's wife joined us, too!) Salt&Light is a safe place for us to broadcast the very Truth of God to Catholics and non-Catholics alike! Many folks find their way home to the Catholic Church through radio.

St Mary's is On The Air!!

Thanks for guest hosting, Oscar Klass and James Teply, from St Mary's in Boise!

We're enjoying listening to Fr Jesus Camacho from St Mary's parish near downtown Boise.
Calling all parishioners and Knights of Columbus from ST MARY'S!!

There's a dollar for dollar challenger right now!

Our Friendly Volunteers

What's going on around the station?? Let's take a look!




St Paul's is Having Fun!

Thank you for joining us today from St Paul's in Nampa, Mari DeLeon and Marisela Linan!

Amazing Wood Carving

Deacon Mike Collins is on the air with us now. YOU could win his beautiful wood carving if YOU call in this hour!


Who's That??

Brian is Proclaiming the JOY!

Brian Howell is that familiar voice you hear on Salt&Light throughout the year. Thanks for all you do, Brian!!

The Phone Bank

Call one of our friendly volunteers in the phone bank!

The Principal is in the House

Thank you, Randy McCormick, for joining us today. Randy is the Principal of St Paul's Catholic Elementary School.

 Oh, wait! Let's try that photo again.

Much better, Randy!  :)

It's the Pete Espil Show!

Pete Espil is hosting the hour of power for St Paul's, Nampa. Much laughter can be heard from the studio! Pete is a regular host on Salt&Light for the teen show, "Made For More."

Jamie Thietten CD's

Several lucky winners will receive a Jamie Thietten music CD. She is the wife of Pete Espil who is on the air right now. If you haven't heard her angelic voice, NOW's the time to call and win!!

Fr Funke & Deacon Mike

If you call in during St Paul's hour, you can win this gorgeous wood carving that Deacon Mike Collins made!
Fr Jerry Funke has been at St Paul's in Nampa for 15 years. He's so pleased to be christening their new church building THIS Sunday!!

Jerel is Everywhere!

Jerel Nelson is telling us about the men's group "Quest for Authentic Manhood" at Corpus Christi in Fruitland. He enjoys hearing the truth that Salt&Light broadcasts.
Working in the phone bank before he goes on the air!

Total so Far

The grand total for the drive so far is $51, 440. We're hoping to double that during the rest of this day. We'll need lots of you to call in today.

Call now!
Call now!
Call now!

See the phone numbers at the top of this page? Call 'em!

Don't Forget the Golden Spatula Challenge

Jim Griffith is a Knight of Columbus at the Corpus Christi parish in Fruitland. He wants all his Knights to call in, so they can win the golden spatula prize!

Like every pledge drive, the Knights council with the most donors wins the coveted GOLDEN SPATULA!

Jim's son, JayDee, was also with us. He's a 17 year old manager of the food panty. Yes, 17 years old. Thanks for all you men do at Corpus Christi!

New Deacon in Fruitland

Deacon Tom & Tina Turpin are Salt&Light radio supporters. They were catching us up on the good work being done at Corpus Christi parish in Fruitland, Idaho. If you live in the area of Ontario, Oregon, this is YOUR time, too!

Teresa Tomeo Tickets

The parish with the most NEW donors this drive will receive tickets for premier seating to see Teresa Tomeo on June 29th! She's an awesome Catholic author, speaker, and national radio show host.

Fr Jose From Risen Christ

Thank you, Fr Jose Ramirez, for joining us today from Risen Christ in Boise. He loves Salt&Light! Call in to support him AND to support the new evangelization via radio waves!

Be a REAL part of broadcasting the joy!

Look Out-- It's the Mark Henry Show!

Mark Henry, Director of Religious Ed at Risen Christ in Boise, is holding his own as he interviews guests from his parish today. He's making Pope Francis' quote famous:

"The shepherd must smell like the sheep."

A common voice on Salt & Light is our very own Brian Howell! He's helping Mark out.

The Plague of Technological Issues

Sorry we can't post photos of all the happy faces at the station right now. You'll have to call in to HEAR them!

Risen Christ's Garden

Thank you, Weeb Martin, for sharing how your green thumb is blessing our community.

Risen Christ's Prayer Labrynth

Dave Chiaramonte is telling us about the Prayer Labrynth in the Healing Garden at Risen Christ Catholic Church in southwest Boise.

Risen Christ's Parish Nursing

Pat Tayor is representing Parish Nursing at Risen Christ this morning.

Prayer Warriors, we're in need you to pray away the technological gremlins. Thank you!!

Barry Says CALL US!

Barry Cahill from Our Lady of Good Counsel is joining us.

All-Day Prizes

Every caller today will be entered to win 4 day passes to Roaring Springs Water Park in the Boise area!

Every caller who donates $1 a day ($30/month) receives a Salt & Light coffe mug. Join the coffee club of Salt&Light supporters!

St Vincent d'Paul in Mtn Home

Lisa Stover-Russell is telling us about her work in the Society of St Vincent d'Paul at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Mountain Home.


Mystic Monk Coffee Gift Cards!

You will WIN if you call!! Every caller this hour receives a $15 giftcard from Mystic Monk Coffee!

Don't you want to talk to one of these fun ladies? Anita and Karen want to hear from you!

Wake Up, Treasure Valley!!

The phone's not ringing... Is anyone awake?? Call one of our phone numbers at the top of this page.

Scroll up...
Scroll up...
Scroll up...  :)

Fr Ben & Fr Flores are Rocking the House!

Fr Flores & Fr Ben are joining us this morning. Call in to support them!
Fr Francisco Flores (left), Our Lady of the Valley in Caldwell, has been a priest for 12 years.
Fr Ben Uhlenkott (right), Our Lady of Good Counsel in Mtn Hom, has been a priest for 7 years.
We LOVE our priests!

Good Morning, Day 3!!

Thanks for your prayers! We got the technology working. Whew!