Thursday, March 18, 2010


We are extremely touched and humbled by your support of Salt & Light Radio.

All the glory be to God!!!

Please join us for the Mass of Gratitude

7:00p at St. John's Cathedral

On Air Now: Bill & Jim from the Salt & Light Executive Team!

Congratulations to Steve from Boise

For winning the beautiful bronze icon donated by Fr. Henry!

On Air Now: Keith Pettyjohn & Steve DiLucca!

With an update on the progress of the Salt & Light Magic Valley outreach.

Speechless... I give Fr. Henry the greatest compliment I know how...

You, sir, are my Yoda!

As a member of Our Lady of the Valley it pains me to say...

But as a Salt & Light supporter it thrills me to say!

We have a new champion! Fr. Henry has topped the single hour record!! Thank you everyone!!

The station is still a below our goal however, so please keep calling! :)

Wow! Is this the hour that Fr. Flores' record is beat?

The phones are melting down for Fr. Henry! Still a ways to go to beat Fr. Flores' one hour record... but at this rate it could happen! If you do happen to get a busy signal, please try again!

On Air Now: Fr. Henry Carmona!

Not that he needs any introduction... Fr. Henry the Rector of St. John's Cathedral!

WOW! Fr. Henry has donated a BEAUTIFUL framed, bronze icon of the Blessed Virgin as a prize for this hour. Anyone who pledges any amount this hour is automatically entered in the drawing!

The Salt & Light Experience...

A little taste of what it is like at the station during a pledge drive... :)

On Air Now: Frances Harris & Barbara Squires

From Risen Christ Parish in Boise! Discussing their beautiful prayer shawl ministry!

Phone Bank Volunteers Rock!

Nothing is more motivational here at the station than seeing these guys hopping! Keep them busy! They can take it!!

On Air Now: Deacon Steve Germaine!

With St. John's Cathedral!

YAY! West-Side Drive In Gift Certificates!

Every pledger this hour is entered to win one of three $25 gift certificates to West Side Drive In! You want to win that! I want to win that! But I'm not eligible... so I have to live vicariously through you! Thank you Chef Lou!

Great time to call!

On Air Now: Chef Lou Aaron!

Confirmation instructor at Our Lady of the Rosary- and Master of the Monte Cristo at West Side Drive In in Boise!

Deacon Mike Linnie Collins!

From St. Paul's Parish in Nampa!


Shingles look good...

Short blogging break whilst I go talk to the guy fixing our roof!

Ok... Maybe I didn't need the exclamation point on that one...

On Air Now: John & Heather McGiff!

Regional Directors for Idaho Marriage Encounter!

On Air Now: Legion of Mary!

For more information, check out the awesome Legion of Mary website!

Phone Bank Super Stars!

Help us keep these folks busy! Please call!

Plus you get a great shot at the beautiful Little Flower icon!


Beautiful framed image of The Little Flower! Thank you Bill Lunstrum and Fr. Brady for donating this fantastic icon!!

Every donation of any amount this hour is entered in the drawing!

On Air Now: Bill Lunstrum

With St. Paul's Parish in Nampa!

On The Air: Louanna Maheras!

With the Idaho Council of Catholic Women


I think! I'm wearing out! My exclamation point key!!!!

Can't help it! Salt & Light is just that awesome!!!!

On Air Now: Bryan Smith!

President of the St. Mary's School Governing Board!

Great Prize This Hour

Victor M Sanchez from Eagle Family Chiropractic has donated a $250 in chiropractic services to a lucky winner this hour!

Thank you Victor!

On Air Now: Deacon Ralph Pierce!

With St. Mark's Prison Ministry!

The 13th Day

Remember everyone who pledges during the drive is not only entered for the grand prize drawing, but also receives two complimentary tickets to The 13th Day at Overland Park Cinemas!

Thank you to Overland Park for donating their cinemas for this fantastic movie!

On Air Now: Tony Ryan!

With Ignatius Press! Discussing the movie The 13th Day!

The Phone Volunteers Challenge!

The next thirteen people who walk into the station to pledge will receive a fantastic prize! Books, cookies, baskets all all sorts of good stuff!

5601 Cassia St!

Just look for the three big towers! :)

On Air Now: Jaime Gil!

Parish Life and Faith Formation for the Diocese of Boise!

SWEEEETT! Prize This Hour!

Everyone who pledges any amount this half hour is automatically entered in a drawing to win a 30 minute airplane tour of the Treasure Valley!! AWESOME!

Thank you Mike D'Amico for donating this fantastic prize!

On Air Now : Mike D'Amico!

Catholic Answers Convert & Airplane Pilot!

FANTASTIC Prize Opportunity This Hour!

Oh my goodness! Pattie Frandson from St. Mark's has donated an AWESOME drawing of our Crucified Lord as the prize for this hour! Everyone who pledges any amount this hour is automatically entered in the drawing. Thank you Pattie!!

On Air Now: Fr. Bruno Mgaya

From St. Mark's Parish in Boise!

Blogging Break Over

Thank you for your patience! :)

On Air Now: Fr. Jesus Camacho!

With St. Mary's Prison Ministry

Short blogging break while the blogging crew heads into the station

Be back soon!


We are just amazed and humbled by the support that you have shown for Salt & Light...

Thank you so much to Fr. Brady, Fr. Flores and Fr. Mariusz for three great hours of inspiring us with their witness! And thank you for your prayers and your pledges!

These three men have helped us raise more than $10,000 in pledges for your station!

We still have a long ways to go today, but the support you have shown is so very much appreciated.

SO CLOSE St. John's!!

With 20 minutes to go, Fr. Mariusz is coming up on Fr. Flores challenge!

Plus, everyone who pledges this hour is entered in a drawing to win a motorcycle ride with Fr. Mariusz!!

Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged!

It's so close! I know that the Cathedral is going to win in the end!

WOW! Matching Pledge Challenge!

Stan's Char-Broiled Hot Dogs will match the next $500 in challenges! Thank you Stan's!

Now is the time to call!

On Air Now : Fr. Mariusz!

From St. John's Cathedral in Boise!

Will St. John's Rise To The Challege?

Last night Fr. Flores threw down on St. John's! In a very friendly way of course... :)

Fr. Flores thought that Our Lady of the Valley could raise more in total pledges than St. John's... despite the fact that St. John's would be on for two hours today!

And Fr. Flores was packin'! Bringing in $3,865 in total pledges!

It's a high bar, but I know that St. John's can rise to the challenge! Let's show Fr. Flores what the Cathedral can do!

Coming Up Soon : Fr. Mariusz at 8:00a!

Fr. Mariusz is a super star priest from St. John's in Boise!

On Air Now: Joe Campo

Joe Campo is the Executive Producer of The Human Experience Film!

Synopsis of The Human Experience

This is a true story of a band of brothers who travel the world in search of the answers to the questions: Who am I? What is the reason for living? Have we forgotten what it means to be human? Their journey begins in the "concrete jungle," where the brothers spend the coldest days of the year living among the homeless on the streets of New York City. As their story unfolds, they find themselves among people from the far corners of the world: from the orphans and disabled children of Peru, to the abandoned lepers in the forests of Ghana, Africa. What they discover impacts them forever. The brothers are awakened to the beauty of the human person and the resilience of the human spirit.

Day 3 Has Begun!

Let's make it a great one for Catholic radio!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Fr. Flores has sent a mighty high bar!!

One thing is definitely clear... all of our priests are rock-stars!! We are richly blessed!

Thank you so much to everyone for supporting Catholic radio!

See you in the morning for Day 3! :)


Fr. Flores needs $2,860 pledged to beat out Fr. Brady! Our goal for the hour is $3,000. I know we can do it!

If we top $3,000 Fr. Flores will choose a FaceBook profile image! All of Father's FaceBook fans will be so grateful!!

Fr. Flores' record is at stake!

Last pledge drive Fr. Flores was our hour with the most pledges! He's at risk of losing his title to Fr. Brady! Come on OLV, let's keep him on top! :)

Plus every pledge this hour is automatically entered in the drawing for a picture of Fr. Flores and his beloved dog Tina!

On Air Now : Fr. Francisco Flores!

From Our Lady of the Valley Parish in Caldwelll, Homedale, Marsing & Parma!

WOW! Down to the wire

But we made it!! Thank you everyone!!!

And thank you so much to Brady Law Chartered!!

If you've been waiting to pledge...

Now's the time!

The Brady Law Chartered match is super important to making our daily goal!

One pledger this hour also wins a fly fishing trip with Fr. Brady!

On Air Now : Fr. Justin Brady!

From St. Nicolas Parish in Rupert!

WOW! Match donation challenge! If we raise $2,500 this hour, it will be matched by a Brady Law Chartered! And Fr. Brady will match the first $100 pledge! Please call!

Fr. Arnie Blew The Top Off The Hourly Goal!

We're getting the impression that Fr. Arnie is well loved! Thank you everyone!

Don't Forget About Our Grand Prize

Our grand prize this year is truly GRAND! A beautiful Mary Garden donated by Rockitecture Stoneworks!!

Everyone who makes a pledge of any amount is automatically entered in the drawing!

On Air Now: Fr. Arnie Miller!

From St. Mary's Parish in Boise! Pledge this hour for a chance to win an 18 hole golfing trip with Fr. Arnie!! Awesome!!

Connie Mortensen Holy Apostles Parish Nursing

Deacon Mike Eisenbeiss!

Parish Life Director Sacred Heart Parish in Boise & Celebrate Recovery

Breaking News!

The children have found ants in the field behind the station!!!

More updates as they become available...

On Air Now: Dr. John Burns!

With Renaissance Classical Chancel at St. John's Cathedral!

On Air Now : Juliet and Chris Jones with Family Camp

Family Camp is awesome! You gotta check out their website!

On Air Now: St. Joseph's Catholic School!

Izabella & Matt! Students at St. Joseph’s School in Boise.

So many prizes!

Ok... We have so many fantastic prizes that I can't even keep track!

Free movies tickets, medals, books, all sorts of stuff. Our guests have been so generous with their donations! It's fantastic to be around so many people who love Catholic radio.

Great time to call!

Thank you to Bridge Tower Photographty

For providing our fantastic prize last hour. Please thank Bridge Tower for their generosity by checking them out when picture time comes around!

On Air Now: Boise Catholic Engaged Encounter!

For more information about Boise Catholic Engaged Encounter check out their website or call 344-2426!

Christine Field and Allen & Judy Renshaw!

Pro-Life Station

Evidence of Pro-Life found here!

One of the great things about being Pro-Life is that you have tons of kids around! Salt & Light is no different! The station is a very welcoming environment to children. If you feel a calling to volunteer, don't let the little ones slow you down. Bring 'em along and they can join the gang! :)

On Air Now: Kate Aravich

With St. Mark's Catholic School in Boise!

On Air Now: Mary Wax

With Holy Apostles Parish - Adapted Catholic Education (ACE)! ACE is for students with special educational needs. This religious program is designed for children of all ages but is being
piloted for students age 12-17.

On Air Now: Fr. Oscar Jaramillo

With Sacred Heart Parish in Emmett!

On Air Now: Kathleen Miraz!

World Champion Irish Dancer with Tiernan Irish Dancers. Kathleen came in with her mother Patti and baby brother.

On Air Now: Karen Simkins

With Respect Life - Day of the Unborn! Awesome website! Be sure to check it out!

On Air Now: Mr. Mark Raper

Director of the Office of Canonical Affairs for the Diocese of Boise.

Great Prize This Hour

Theresa Geno has donated a one hour massage as a prize for one lucky pledger this hour!

We also have an anonymous challenge who will match the pledges we receive up to $500!

If that isn't enough, Mark Raper has donated three beautiful silver coins with the seal of the Diocese for the next three pledges of $50 or more!

Now is a great time to call!

On Air Now: Ellen Piper!

With Dorothy Day Place

On Air Now: Carol McGee!

With Sacred Heart Evangelization Retreat

Fr. Steve's Challenge!

St. Steve is generously matching all pledges by St. Mark's staff up to $100! Thank you Fr. Steve and the fantastic folks of St. Mark's!

We Made It In!

Thank you for your patience!

On Air Now: Fr. Steve Rukavina

From St. Mark's Parish in Boise

Short blogging delay while we head into the station

Be back soon!

Matching Challenge!

A generous anonymous benefactor is matching the next $500 in pledges! Now is a great time to call and have your pledge doubled! Thank you anonymous!!

Mission Accomplished....