Wednesday, April 6, 2016

10 Minutes Left!

10 minutes left in the first day of the pledge drive! Call now!

Laurie LaFollette on now talking about the Special Olympics, as well as the Knights sponsorship with the games.


Treasure Valley: 344-4774   Magic Valley: 490-7754

Current guest: Kevin Tuuri!

And your host for the rest of the night: Mike Townsend

New Hour!

Knight of Columbus, this is your hour! Call now! Every caller who donates $100+ will receive one of these pins:

New hour!

We have a bigger goal of $4,500 this hour! Call and pledge!

Fr. Jerry Funke.....

And Dr. Tim Johans are on now! 

John O'Hagan on the air now! He talking about the new book coming out this summer about the history behind our Cathedral!

St. John's!

Mary Lou and Bill Molitor were on the past half hour.....

Now, Daniel and Monica Gamboa on now talking about Gate of Grace! Call in your pledge now! :-)

More, Behind the Scenes

Here are more of the background workers. These are the gears who keep the pledge drive moving. 
Firstly: Your host, Brian Howell
Bill Teske
Keith Pettyjohn. (He hosts and fills in on the air, wherever needed.)
Judy Walker is calling prize winners. It takes a whole team. 

Franciscan Spirituality

This half hour, Dr. Ally is speaking with Father Antonio Egiguren about Franciscan Spirituality, especially in helping under-developed countries. Visit the Sick. That is Father's most practiced Spiritual Work of Mercy.

At St. Joseph's School

Here are the images of those wonderful kids at St. Joseph's They need to raise $1000 in order earn a Free Dress Day. Thank you, kids, for sharing yourself with us!

Free Dress Day at St. Joseph's but...

They must reach $1000 in pledges this hour, in order to have a free dress day. Come on, St John's! Your kids want to dress just a little more casually for one day.

Available to Win in the Next Few Hours

This is a beautiful image of St. Clare done in what I was told is called batik. we believe it is a print of a batik. (per Dr. Ally)

There are 25 of the Men in Black IV calendars, to give away. 

Behind the scenes

A Concelebrating Priest

While visiting the Vatican, Fr. Camilo was able to concelebrate the Mass with Pope Francis. 

Spiritual Works of Mercy

Jeff Traw on going caroling and making Thanksgiving meals for those in need. A diaper drive was also done by the kids of St. Mark's. 

Another Prize

In addition to the two vacation stays, we do have a Divine Mercy basket that can be won, during this time. 

Fr. Ben is in the house.

Fr. Ben is here. 

Mother Angelica

Behind the scenes, we have informally dedicated this pledge drive to Mother Angelica.

Eternal rest, grant unto her O Lord
and let perpetual light shine upon her.

May she rest in peace. Amen.

May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Prison Ministry

To continue the Works of Mercy, Deacon Joe Rodriguez is talking about the Kairos Retreat in prison.
We are doing a fund matching this hour. Please call 344-4774!

Lazarus Ministry

Deacon Mike Lowe Lazarus Ministry -Visit the Sick, Bury the dead in the Corporal works of Mercy. The deacon is speaking on the process of visiting families at the end of lives. Call Deacon Mike to volunteer. 

Kids in the House

Karen Bowles and her students speaking on works of mercy. 
Logan, Lisa, and Jeff

Our Lord is Here!!

Phone Bank

Our phone bank has been staffed by some amazing people:

St. Mark's Foodbank

Gary Turner
The Food Bank is open 10-2 M-F. Except holidays. Please tell anyone you know who needs food. 

Up For Grabs From 11-2

Two 1-week Terrace Lakes Cabin Last of Aug. Sleeps 8 or 9 golf cart available 2 bathroom.

Amy Wong-Little- Strategic Plan

Host Katie Strochein

St. Mark's parishioners to get more involved, visit the parish website. Development director is Amy Wong-Little

Fr. Radmar Jao Firepit

Father needs to meet his goal this half hour. He can take this bag of chocolates back to the center. To feed our "hungry college students."