Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Thank You

Thanks to all of our donors for helping us to reach our goals and keep the station going strong!

Paul Ford joins the Knights

Paul is in charge of insurance for the Knights

The Knights make a donation to the special Olympics

Support your council to bring home the Beer Stein Trophy

The new beer stein trophy is new to replace the golden spatula. Call in to support your council. 


The Knights Of Columbus are on!

Mike Townsend the state deputy is here with host Jeff Allen. Call in and support the Knights at 344 - 4774

Final hour for St Marks

Call in and support Father Ben Uhlenkott in this final St Marks Hour! Be entered to win Lighthouse CDs and a basket with a rosary, books, tea, and a subscription to the Idaho Catholic Register.

Call and donate at 344 - 4774

Tune in to listen as Father Ben Uhlenkott joins Audrey Weiss and Hope Ryan

Audrey Weiss from St Marks shares about her journey home

Tune in to hear Audrey tell her journey back to the catholic faith

Emily Woodham joins us on air

Jenn and Dan Loeschke talk about their faith journey

More items from St. Mark's

This amazing basket is yet another offering for callers during these next 2 hours. Please call and pledge! 344-4774. A rosary, a book, tea, a subscription to the Idaho Catholic Register. This basket has something for everyone!

Items to Win from 3-6pm

Up for grabs to two callers during St. Mark's time. The first is a $20 gift certificate to Cloverdale Nursery.
The second item is a coffee gift basket. There are numerous items inside, but really all we need is the one word COFFEE!

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Sarah Connolly Speaks on Her Holy Visits

Sarah has been to Israel and Jerusalem. It has transformed her and her husband into disciples, instead of merely members. Jeff Cavin has been instrumental in hosting and promoting these trips.

St Mark's Giveaway

The first 10 callers at 3 pm receive 1each audio CD from Lighthouse Talks.

Pete Cuppage on Now

Pete was a Lutheran. His wife had been raised Catholic. As he made the decision to become Catholic he had grown in his faith. Where he was before in his personal theology, was just not enough. He came into the Church in 2012 and is now in formation for the diaconate.

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On the Air: Georgine Chibalonza

Our host this hour, Rebecca Carroll, is interviewing a cradle Catholic from outside of the U.S.. She has 10 children and had to leave The Congo under very difficult circumstances. Georgine's experiences are touching to hear.

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Our Lady of the Rosary Up This Hour

This hour is dedicated in prayer for OLR parishioner, Mike Schauble. Calling this hour puts you in the drawing for this beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima and garden bowl with living greenery.

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Holy Apostles Last Half Hour

Mike & Shelly Fias

What does it take to become a Catholic? What process do you go through as you are coming into the Church? How do you grasp this foreign environment? "It is a culture shock. But there is something there that keeps you coming back. The Real Presence of Our Lord."

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Miriam and Maggie sharing about First Holy Communion

Miriam and Maggie are sharing about their upcoming First Holy Communion.

Please call and pledge: 344-4774.

Holy Apostles is on the air!

Thank you Laura Botmier for sharing your story!

Almost to goal we are $500 short. Call 344-4774!

Holy Apostles and St. Ignatius

The school is already at capacity!!

Up now: Holy Apostles. And St. Ignatius School.
Our host this hour is Theresa Malouf. We are very excited about all of hustle and bustle going on getting the school dedicated and running.
David Charnock is helping host.
T-shirts are available if you pledge this hour. 

Please call: 344-4774.

Deacon Gene Fadness

Up now:
Deacon Gene is praying for Salt & Light Catholic Radio friend, Mike Schauble. He is having major surgery today at the Mayo Clinic. Please support in his honor.

This hour we are giving away a subscription to the Idaho Catholic Register.

Diocesan Pastoral Center

Our host this hour is Chris Kreslins
Make a pledge in honor of Bishop Peter! He has done so much for our diocese.
Marriage for Life

Sweet Treats on their way!

In honor of Administrative Professionals Day we are going out to area parish offices to honor them.

Be on the look out for Lorissa and Roberto making these special deliveries.

Special thanks to "SWEET" for these AMAZING cinnamon rolls. You can reach "SWEET" at 208-559-2739. You can also meet Sara (SWEET owner) at the upcoming Women's Event on May 13. She will be leading the cupcake decorating workshop. Register at

What Does a Priest Do?

Fr. Rob Cook has so much to do as a priest, he is emphasizing the need for relationship. Host Greg Schweitzer and Brock Carpenter and Father discuss the many roles and jobs and how they are filled.

We are rooted in Faith this pledge drive.
What are signs of a dynamic Catholic? Prayer, giving back, activity, being willing to do any job.

Our Phone Bank This Hour

Here are a few pics from behind the scenes. We have the phone bank, with the back of Cindi Duft's head, and Jacob Brown. (Some people are camera shy, so they love the phone bank.)

And we have next up: Fr. Rob Cook, here with the Molitors

Sacred Heart and the Healing Prayer Ministry

Gail and Susanna from Sacred Heart
Meet with them on Thursday nights at Sacred Heart. Their goal is showing people that they do not have to walk alone. We have someone here for you.

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Chef Vern Bauer Up Now

Chef Vern Bauer is in the house

He has been deputy Grand Knight for 5 years. Having moved from the corporate life for his spiritual well being. God is providing.

Magnificat Subscriptions

John Sacco on the air now talking about Magnificat!

A special incentive this drive. Anyone giving $30 a month or $360 a year will receive a free subscription for the year.