Wednesday, April 18, 2012

End of Day 1

End of Day1.

We made it to $20,763 today! Thanks be to God! Please continue to pray for the success of our Spring 2012 pledge drive.

Bishop Kelly President Rich Raimondi

Salt & Light broadcasts every BK football game for FREE! Please support the station by calling now: 344-4774.

Do you go to Bishop Kelly High School? Are you BK alumni? Call in to support Rich Raimondi. He's on the air now!

Call in during this hour to win "Catholicism," a DVD by Robert Barron.

Fr. Jose Ramirez

The highest donor this hour will win a dinner with Fr Jose! CALL NOW!!

Father is here from St. John's because he loves Catholic radio! He blessed this gorgeous cross. If you call in this hour, your name will go in for a drawing for it!

We're Having Fun at Salt & Light!!

Bring your checkbook and come join us! Salt & Light T-shirts and coffee cups are for sale!

Deacon Bernie & Pat Rekiere

A St Mary's parishioner has offered a $1000 match! Your pledge will be matched dollar for dollar. Call in NOW!

The Deacon and his wife are here from St Mary's. They brought two gift cards for the Sunrise Cafe. You can win one by calling in!

Dan and Hope are Hosting This Hour!

Call in to support their hard work! Thank you, Dan Minnaert and Hope Ryan for guest DJ'ing today!

Natural Family Planning

Erika Cowman and Debbie Johnson are here telling us the benefits of Natural Family Planning (NFP). This is a scientific method of either targeting or avoiding pregnancy that's NATURAL and HEALTHY for the wife's body and their marriage. Go to for more information.

They brought gifts with them, so call to win!!

Cookies for Life!

Grace Swanke is hear with her parents, John and Mary. She's a former Girl Scout who was no longer comfortable selling Girl Scout cookies because the organization's connection with Planned Parenthood. This is Grace's 2nd year, and her work this year has earned just over $2000 to donate to a crisis pregnancy clinic for an ultrasound machine.

Call in to win a box of cookies! Grace is holding them.

Idaho Council of Catholic Women

Ethel Rourke and Diane Hill are telling us about what the CCW are doing!

Fr. Jesus

Fr. Jesus Camacho from St. Mary's is on the air right now speaking on Prison Ministries. He told us about the "Story Link" program, which helps maintain the relationship between offenders and their children.


Fruitland is in the House

Suzanne Orwig with the Jail Ministry at Corpus Christi is on the air

Our Phone Bank Volunteers are Bored

Call us at 344-4774

Prizes Just Keep Rolling In

Now is the best time to call. We have a rosary from the Rosary Makers at St. Mark's to give away. All donors today will be entered into a drawing for Fr. Robert Baron's Catholicism Project. Every donor gets a Praying for our Priests book. The highest donor between now and 2pm will win a wonderful dinner by Patty Canto and Fr. Jesus. Call now! 344-4774

New Prize

The donor with the largest donation from 11:30-2 will receive a dinner with Keith Pettyjohn, Carol Brown, Patty Canto, and Fr. Jesus!

Call now 344-4774

Patty Canto with Sal y Luz is on the Air

Fr. Bruno is on the Air now!!

Show Fr. Bruno some love! Call 344-4774

New Prize

All callers from now until 3pm today will receive a copy of this book. "Praying for our Priests". Call now 344-4774

Calling All Knights

Who is going to be the next council to win the Golden Spatula? Call in and be sure to let us know which K of C council you are supporting. 344-4774

Pledge soon and often!

On Air Now! Father Dat Vu

The first 5 callers this hour will receive a medal blessed by Fr. Dat Vu. The remaining callers this hour will receive a holy card.

We Love our Volunteers & Donors

Put them to work! Call us at 344-4774

This is Get it Done Wednesday!

All callers today are entered into a drawing for the Ten DVD set of the Catholicism Project.

Call now! 344-4774