Thursday, October 24, 2019

Knight Life!

Goal for the hour is $3,000
The council with the most pledges receives the honor of the Columbus beer stein. 

Bronco Catholics representing.

Immaculate Conception & St. Catherine's is on the air!

Goal: $3,000
  • Rose Loza- discerning a vocation
  • Deacon Jim McCaughey
  • Scott Tverdy- 2nd year of the diaconate program

OLGC is on the air!

Goal $3,500

  • Fr. German, Sister Shelia, & Oscar Sanchez

Our Lady of the Rosary until 1 PM

Goals: 11AM - $2,000      12PM - $1,500

Fr. Camilo is on the air!

Thank you Fr Camilo for the religious items for the women's conference. 

Live from St. Edward's!

8 AM - $2,500
9 AM - $2,000

  • Deacon John and Linda Hurley
  • Father Julio Vicente
  • Mike Havener
  • Lisa Gifford
  • Marvin MacKay and Rusty Gideon
  • Claudia Pelayo 

Day 2