Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thank you everyone who donated today! May God bless you abundantly!

For those of you who haven't called in yet...there is always tomorrow!

Carrie Hall is the winner for the dinner with Frs. Mike and Adrian! Congratulations!

Finishing up with our MV executive team !

                                                               Thanks for all you do!
The Di Lucca's making their pledge now to hopefully win the dinner with Frs. Adrian and Mike

Allie Pelayo is our last guest today

                     Allie is the principal at St. Edward's school and is talking with Pete and Julie
Last chance to call in today! Only 40 minutes left!
Twin Falls 490-7754
Boise 344-4774

Fr. Adrian Vasquez is on now talking about being a light and his vocation story :)

We'll be on for one more hour! Come on down to the Our Lady of Guadalupe Center and say hi!


More winners  are:
Dr. Tom Zepeda won a lamb
Diana Custer won the other lamb
Toni Hafliger won the dinner made by Fr. Irwin

Congratulations to all!

Our new guest is Susan Barry

                      Susan is here talking about St. Edward's school and Pregnancy Crisis Center

Dinner with Frs. Adrian and Mike at Elevation 486 is the prize for this time from 5-7 with St. Ed's!!

Call in now and get in the drawing!

Talking with Julie and Pete are Bonnie Harpster and Katelyn Schwennen

                            Bonnie and Katelyn talking about the music ministry at St. Ed's

St. Edward's is on for the last two hours in the Magic Valley today

                          Julie DeWit is our guest host for the last two hours for St. Edwards Twin Falls
Matching pledges were made for this next hour for St. Edwards1
A $1000 matching fund and 2 $500 matching fund pledges have been made!
So lets double our money in this hour! Call now!

Msgr Bernard Malone with Maggie and Kaitlin wrapping up this hour with St. Elizabeth

Our phonebank people are waiting to hear from you. Keep them busy by calling in now!

Pete doesn't think we can get a good picture of him but this one is great! Show him how much you appreciate him donating his day here by calling in and pledging now!
MV 490-7754
Boise 344-4774

Gifts being given this hour!

Call in now for a chance to get this beautiful canvas print of Our Lady of Guadalupe being held by Deacon McKinley! 10 will be given away in this hour!

St. Elizabeth is being represented by Deacon John McKinley

                    Deacon McKinley is talking to Pete Hillman and Pete Espil for this next hour

Raymond Martinez is talking with Fr. Irwin in this last half hour with St. Jerome

                              Raymond talking about his life and Martha & Mary food pantry is where to go if you're interested in going on a life changing trip to Tijuana :)
Keith is on the radio talking about getting an FM station going here in the MV for our Salt and Light Radio listeners.  Keep the pledges coming so we can afford it!

Amazing! We just surpassed our goal of $2000 by an extra $4000!!! Thank you God and pledge donors! God bless you!

Fr. Irwin talking about Capstone Missions

Rusty Gideon from St. Jeromes, Deb Miciak from St. Edwards and Adam Machado from Immaculate Conception are on now.

Katie Stroschein is talking with Fr. Irwin and Pete right now discussing about their Catholic journey

Winners from today so far

San Damiano Cross- Trish and Nick Wieber
Dinner at Snyder Winery with Fr. Jorge- Filipe and Emily Zamora
Sun Valley  History book- Linda Bulcher
AppleBees gift card- Kathleen Hawkins
Drift Inn gift card- John Evans

We are back on the air! Praise God! Please help us catch up with pledging by calling now!

Gifts to win this next two hours

Fr. Irwin is giving away a dinner! He will bring it to your house for your family! It says that he is the chef but he said that his mom helps :)

Also, 2 full grown butcher lambs- one per hour will be donated for drawings!

Call now!

St. Jerome's is on now for the next 2 hours with Fr. Irwin!

Fr. Irwin with Pam getting ready :)

We're having some technical difficulties. Please feel free to keep pledging though. Our ladies are still here waiting for your call!

Next guest on is Jasmyn Rogge

Jasmyn is a parishioner from St. Nicholas parish here with Fr. Pako and Pete Hillman

Reminder: You will instantly win a subscription to the National Catholic Register with a pledge of $20/mo or $240 one time pledge!

Fr. Pako Godinez is on now!

                                                     Fr. Pako from St. Nicholas in Rupert
                   Fr. Pako is talking with Pete and Fr. Julio who stayed to help out with the hour 
Fr. Julio is an amazing priest! His hour is almost up so call in quick and show him how much he's appreciated by pledging!
Fr. Julio just offered a $300 matching pledge to the next $300's pledged!

This hour's prizes!

There are two drawings this hour!
*A gift certificate to Applebees for $50
*A gift card to The Drift Inn in Rupert for $50

How do we be the light in our area and around the world? Listen in now and find out!

Fr. Julio our guest host with Pete and our guest this hour Robert Rodriguez and Gladys Montoya from St. Therese in Burley.  In the back is Diana greeting and helping the guest fell comfortable.

Don't forget to listen to Fr Justin and Fr Caleb on Tuesdays from 3:30-4pm on their show Collar Talk on our own Salt and Light Radio!

Fr. Julio Vicente is on for the next hour as guest host

                                     Pam Di Lucca preping Fr. Julie for his hour as guest host

$1000 challenge to all dairymen this hour!

Call now!
Boise 34404774
MV  490-7754

Win this autographed book on the history of Sun Valley this hour!

                                                            Forward by Clint Eastwood

                     Fr. Justin made a $100 matching pledge to someone who calls in now!
Mike Beck from St. Charles Borromeo in Hailey is on now with Fr. Justin and Pete Hillman talking about his journey

This hour will be guest hosted by Fr. Justin Brady!

                                      Fr. Justin from Our Lady of the Snows from Sun Valley

                         This hour you can win an autographed book on the history of Sun Valley!
Jacqueline (me) looking like I'm working hard blogging and facebooking for the pledge drive :)

Fr. Kenneth and Fr. Ezekiel from the Monastery of the Ascension are on with the Pete's

                                      Call in now and show our monks some love and support!

Matching fund alert!

A matching fund of $1000 will be given if we meet our goal of $2500 at the top of the hour!
 We have $1525 to go!
Call our phonebank ladies now to make a pledge! Desire is waiting for your call!
Boise 344-4774
MV 490-7754

Jaime Thietten has given 10 more CD's to be given away to any pledge over $25!

Listen in now for the second hour with St. Edwards

                       Deacon John Hurley and his beautiful wife Linda are on now in this second hour

      They have donated this beautiful and blessed St. Damiano Cross from Assisi Italy for the first person who calls in during this next half hour with a $240 or more pledge!

We made our $1000 matching fund goal for this hour!!!

Jaime Thietten is on now!

         Jaime has donated 10 of her amazing CD's for the first 10 callers during this next half hour with a $25 pledge or more!

Contest this two hour's with St. Edwards

*A drawing for the acclaimed feature film "The Way" with Martin Sheen. 4-8 pledgers will win!

Congratulation to Filipe and Emily Zamora for winning the dinner at Snyder Winery with Fr. Jorge!
Dollar for dollar match for the next hour and 45 minutes! Call in and your pledge will be doubled!
 MV 490-7754
Boise 344-4774

This next two hours will be with St. Edwards

                                              Fr. Mike St. Marie is on for the next half hour
                                                          Our guest host Pete Espil

Freddie is discussing the ministry in the Magic Valley called Covenant of Love. Every month on the second Saturday at Elevation 486 at 7pm.  It's for all married and engaged couples.
For more info call Sandy at 358-1505.
Great Job Buhl K of C for making many pledges this hour! You're awesome! 


Boise: 344-4774
Wendell: 490-7754
or Online!:

New Hour!

                                          Freddie Ourique our guest host for the next hour

Larry Elford, Filipe Zamora and Francis Karel are on now!
Larry just gave a $500 check from the Buhl KofC council to the pledge drive!
They are wanting to keep the Golden Spatula award at Immaculate Conception in Buhl so call in now!

The contests going on now!

7-9am all the pledges will be in a drawing for a dinner for 2 with Fr. Jorge from Immaculate Conception at Snyder Winery in Buhl.

Parish with the most new donors for the pledge drive win premier seating at an upcoming event with Fr. Vincent Serpa the Catholic Answers Chaplin on March 15 in Boise.

The K of C council with the most amount of money pledges for the pledge drive win the coveted Golden Spatula Award plague!
Jim and Linda McCaughey from St. Catherine's in Hagerman are on now talking about the ministries in Hagerman and the diaconate program.

Goal this hour is $1500 so pledge now and help get us started!
Boise- 344-4774
MV     490-7754
Pete Hillman and Diana Hafliger on the air now with the executive team from the Magic Valley!
 Pete you are looking great!

Good Morning!

We are ready to start our new day of the pledge drive here in the Magic Valley!
First up is the executive team followed by Linda and Jim McCaughey from St. Catherine's in Hagerman.
Pete Hillman will be our host for the hour :)

Don't forget:
from 7am to 7pm
*a drawing for all pledgers
        A 3-day 2-night stay at condo in Sun Valley area, sleeps 8
*One yr subscription to National Catholic Register newspaper
       Gift for callers who pledge $20/mo or more; Or one time $240 or more pledge