Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day One!

First day we fell a little short of our goal. Let's make it up tomorrow.

As always remember the pledge drive in your prayers over the next couple of days.

Thank you everyone who pledged their support to the only English language Catholic Radio in Idaho!!

As Archbishop Fulton J Sheen says "God Love You"!!

Coach Tim Brennan

BK parents/students/teachers/staff pledge in our for your school, and your coach!!!!

Coach Tim Brennan Head Coach of Bishop Kelly Football

He is donating a spot at his Youth Football camp to our drawing for the hour. This can be used to sponsor a youth who wouldn't be able to go otherwise.

We also have $100 Gift Card to Chandlers

New Volunteers on Duty and ready to take your pledges

Fr Ray Jarboe

Fr Ray Jarboe formally of the Diocese of Baker now assists at St Mary's here in Boise and with Food for the Poor.

Fr. Ray has donated an oil painting he made. Donate this hour and be entered into a drawing to win this beautiful painting.

Challenge Reached!

We exceeded our challenge and are now reaching for $5,000 included the generous match!



Drawing for Vintage Crystal Rosary

If you call in this hour name will be entered in a drawing for a Swarovski Crystal Rosary made in Austria. About 70 years old.

Fr Don Riffle

Fr Riffle's birthday is today. He's 75 years young! Tune in to hear his story and teachings. Don't forget to make your pledge while he's on the air!

Fr Steve Gave, Can You?

Thank you, Fr Steve, for dropping by our phone bank and making a donation before leaving the station.

$500 Matching Challenge!

Every dollar you donate will be matched till 4pm. CALL NOW! Don't let those matching dollars go to waste! 344-4774

Thank you, Fr Steve, for donating $50. You're a leader in Stewardship. We know you also want to win that Kindle electronic book!!

And Don't Forget the Children of our Volunteers...

Who's Been Helping Today??

Some of these happy faces are no longer working the phone bank. Call now before you miss one of one of your favorite operators!! Need prayer? We're here for that, too.

Fr Steve Rukavina

Thank you, Father Steve from St Mark's parish in Boise, for coming and sharing your faith with us. We love our priests!

St Mark's, call NOW and you will own one of the following beautiful pictures!

Diocesan Fall Conference

Thank you, Michael Benton, for telling us about the Fall Conference, an opportunity to advance your education about all things Catholic. For more info, go to

Call now to get your name into the drawing for these great books!

Bill and John Running Things

So much to do... Quit standing around, guys!

Bill Teske and Keith Pettyjohn

Lori Won and So Could YOU!

You have to call and donate, though...

Holy Family, pray for us

We have ALL the heavenly support we need. We just need a few earthly dollars. :)

Deacon Ralph and Lylia Flager

Holy Apostles parishioners, call in NOW to show your support of Deacon Ralph and his lovely bride, Lylia.

Let us pray for our deacons AND call in now to support them!

Our total for this hour is ZERO. Call now! Call now! 344-4774

We're Working Hard and Having Fun!

Look who's working here today!

Faith & Family Magazine

Lori Chaplin, who lives in Nampa, has been a writer for Faith & Family since 2000. She donated this book by Pope Benedict and a Rosary bracelet. Call this hour to get your name in the drawing for these great gifts!!

Sister Beverly Greger

Sister Beverly is here sharing her beautiful handmade Rosaries and her story with us. The nicest of these Rosaries is made of JADE and 8mm GOLD. This treasure was made by Sister Rebecca Mary.
Their website:

One of these Rosaries are YOURS for a gift of $20/month!

You Know You LOVE Catholic Radio!

We need you to help keep Catholic radio broadcasting over the air waves!! What's not to love...?

Aage Nielsen

Aage is here sharing his journey discerning becoming a Benedictine Monk. He's also a musician of ancient Catholic music.
Call this hour to get your name in a drawing for his CD and a beautiful Rosary.

St John's Women's Prayer Group

Rita Davis shares how St John's parish started a powerful women's prayer group.

Coffee and a Rosary

Take your pick the ENTIRE pledge drive....

$30/month donation gets you a Salt&Light coffee cup AND 25% off refills at Catholic-owned The Fixx coffee shop in downtown Boise.

$20/month donation gets you a Rosary hand made by the sisters at Marymount Hermitage in northern Idaho.

Map to The Fixx

View Larger Map

The Bob & Hope Show

Listen in to our local guest host during lunch all three days of the pledge drive. Today we have Bob Barros-Bailey and Hope Ryan. Great job, guys!!

Pete and Julie Oliver

The Oliver's are discussing the importance of Bishop Kelly High School in Boise. They encourage us to support Adoration at the school. Stop in and adore our Lord Thursdays at BK!

They brought a $100 gift card to Chandler's restaurant to give away, so call NOW!

Technology Issues Have Plagued Us!

Prayer warriors, we need YOU!! Thank you for your support. :)

Volunteers are Having Fun!

Call us! We want to talk to you! 344-4774

Win a Massage

Theresa Geno has donated one of her professional massages! We'll have a drawing for this wonderful gift soon...

Thank you, Theresa!

Win a Kindle Electronic Book!!

If you call in to donate today, Wednesday, your name goes into a drawing for a KINDLE!! Can the blogger's name go into that drawing, too??

Win This Cross!

The first five callers receive this cross: