Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Knights -- Should this be at your parish??

More Knights News...

Welcome Paul Ford, the field agent for insurance. Do you have life insurance? Are your premiums helping stockholders or the poor? Consider the Knights of Columbus!

Welcome to the 6 oclock hour!

The Knights of Columbus are on the air. This will be a great hour. The Golden Spatula is on the line!
ATTN ALL KNIGHTS, it is time to call 344-4774 or pledge generously online

Are you attending the marriage event???

 Jay Wonacott on the Bishop's Bumper Sticker initiative. The Knights are great partners.

Call now and get your decal!

Jay and Mike Townsend

Welcome to the 6 oclock hour!

The Knights of Columbus are on the air. This will be a great hour. The Golden Spatula is on the line!
ATTN ALL KNIGHTS, it is time to call 344-4774 or pledge generously online

 Jay Wonacott on the Bishop's Bumper Sticker initiative. The Knights are great partners.

Call now and get your decal!

Jay and Mike Townsend

Welcome Fr. Ben Uhlenkott! Call 344-4774

FOR HIS GLORY - Para Gloria Suya!

Thank you to Juan Bravo for sharing the energetic work of the Hispanic Ministry

Listening to Juliet? This is what she is talking about. Have you asked your son: What do you want to be when you grow up? How about a priest.  Have you asked your daughter: What do you want to be in when you grow up? How about a sister?

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Thank you to the St. Mark's Rosary Makers for these gorgeous rosaries. Please call RIGHT NOW 344-4774 to pledge your support and receive one of these beautiful rosaries.

Welcome to hosts Jeff and Val Allen. Welcome guests Katie Stroschein and Juliet Jones!

St. Mark's School - live remote!

Live from St. Mark's school. Please pledge! 208-344-4774 Call Now! We have an ambitious goal of $3000 this hour. St. Mark's parents, alum, should be calling and we look forward to hearing from you! Thank you for your support. It is FOR HIS GLORY!

Up next St. Mark's School/$3K goal for the 3:00-hour

We're live at the school!

Jacob Brown with Treasure Valley Teens is on right now

Karen Simpkins with young Mataya is talking about Respect Life


Richard Mercer is talking about the Carmelites

$500 matching donation just called in.

New goal for 2:00-hour is $1K/the lovely Hope Ryan is our host.

Speaking with Fr. Radmar Jao about Firepit Ministry. See to find out more about the Young Adult's Conference going on next weekend.

David Charnock & Russ Biaggne are talking now

Ambassadors for Holy Apostles

CCW: Joan Worden & Vickie Burges

$2K goal for the 1:00-hour. Dayne is talking about his faith being tested.

Dayne was an actor in Hollywood.

Salt & Light is trying to acquire an FM signal.

This will cost $60-$70K

At 1:00 p.m. Dayne Johnson

Catherine Wolfer is talking about spiritual direction

If you are looking for a spiritual director, more information will be on the Holy Apostles' website in the near future.

If we make each of our hourly goals, a donor will give us a $1K per hour with a total of $12K!

Elizabeth (Bizzy) Schorr talks about her journey entering the Catholic Church

Bizzy and her husband, Trey, entered the church last year.

$600 matching donation & Deacon Bob said he would donate $250 if the hour's goal is made—$500 if the goal is doubled.

Deacon Bob is interviewing Renee and Bill Fremgen who are owners of Pinnacle Sports Grill

They are live at the grill—10% of your bill (all year around) goes to Salt & Light.

Win 2 tickets to see Catholic comedian Jim Gaffigan at Taco Bell Arena on Sun, Dec 11, 2016 8:00 PM

Deacon Bob Barros-Bailey is up next

Deacon Tom Blazek is on!

Deacon Tom is deacon for Holy Apostles; he's discussing the process involved to become a deacon.

Holy Apostles' parishioner will match up to $1200!

Speaking with Andi Kane about Holy Apostles' Catholic School, St. Ignatius

Andi is the principal of St. Ignatius.
They're hiring teaches in Dec/Jan.

Holy Apostles is on/$3,500 goal

Talking with Cathy Wheaton from Holy Apostles about St. Vincent de Paul's and its needs. Vincent de Paul's served 6,845 people at the food pantry.

Chris Kreslins is speaking about youth ministry.

see to find out more.

Speaking with Mike DiTaranto, Office of Respect Life, about Prison Ministry and 40 Days for Life.

Have you made your donation yet?

Holy Apostles is up for 11:-1:00.

Jay Wonacott, Director Marriage and Family Life Office, is talking.

Discussing that Jason Evert will be speaking on purity at Sacred Heart.


David Llamas, who manages the Idaho Catholic Register, is talking.

Win two tickets to the Idaho Catholic Men's Conference

30 minutes to raise $600

Jackie Hopper is on!

She's Director of Religious Education & Catechetical Leadership for the diocese. 

Deacon Richard is on!

Deacon Richard Kulleck is talking about the Diaconate.

Jim Reed is talking about Catholic education and its cost.

Average price for Catholic education is $3,400 a year, and most students receive some sort of aid.

Giving away 2 tickets to Jim Gaffigan: Fully Dressed

Prize for 10:00-hour, Mother Teresa book. Prize for all day Wednesday is rosary, which is a third class relic.

Live from the Diocesan Pastoral Center with Chris Kreslins for the 10:00 hour/$2K goal

First member of Council 899 called in and pledged—thank you!

Fr. Rob Cook from Sacred Heart is in the studio

He's talking about being a slave for Christ. There is an evangelization retreat at Sacred Heart next weekend. "Evangelization Retreat: Light the Fire Again!!! Sacred Heart Church—November 4, 5 & 6 2016
This retreat is an opportunity for an intense encounter with the Risen Lord through Mass and the Sacraments, through prayer and music, through personal testimonies, inner healing, through faith sharing, good food and lots of laughter. "

Lorissa Horn will is the new Director of Events for Salt & Light Radio

Matching $1800 from Sacred Heart parishioner!

Interesting conversation about tithing!

9:00-hour goal is $3K. Lorissa Horn is hosting this hour for Sacred Heart

Talking with Dan Minaert about marriages and Marriage for Life event at St. Marks on Oct 29th.

Discussing Marriage for Life Program launched by Bishop Peter this weekend

Lorissa Horn is speaking with Dan Minaert about marriage.

Golden Spatula being retired after this pledge drive. Keep it forever!

Need 5 callers to pledge $20 per month

You could win one of Peggy Minaert's pies if you make a $20 pledge! Call in to win!

You could win one of homemade Peggy Minaert's pies! Call in to win!

Sacred Heart parishioners Lorissa Horn is on

Johnny & Lorisa's Horn's family

Snacks for Salt & Light volunteers

$2K away from the $3K goal

Salt & Light Chapel

Dan & Peggy Minaert offering $1200 matching donation!

Our goal for the 8:00 a.m. hour is $3000.

Sacre Heart Parish is on! Host Johnny Horn for 8:00 hour

Talking with Roger Graefe about youth ministry and the junior high rally. Please call in Council 899

$300 away from goal. Only 4 minutes to call in.

Nail-biting! Goal was met!

Need about $400 to reach goal.

Sean Forrest up next. Trying to reach $2K by 8:00 a.m.

Sean will be one of the keynote speakers at the Men's Conference. He's talking about courage. We are close to reaching the $2k goal. We need to make it to receive the $1000 matching donation.