Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Knights of Columbus have the last hour. Here representing them are Spencer Uhl, Karl Corbin, and Ed Arndt.

Pete Hillman is the host for our last hour here in the Magic Valley.

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                                    Filipe is interviewing Freddy Ourique on his story. His life is a miracle.

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Filipe is on the air in the interviewee's chair telling his own personal miracle story with his son.

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       Linda McCaughey is on talking about her father's conversation to the Catholic Church at 80 years old. What a miracle!

Immaculate Conception and St. Catherine's is on now and for the next two hours.

                           Filipe Zamora is our guest host and is taking to Maria Marez this first half hour.

                                                               Maria is sharing her miracle story.

Greg Jackson is on the phone talking to Alan about the youth.

                             Talking with Jasmyn Rogge about being DRE and working with the youth.

Call out to everyone from St Nicholas!

                                                            Brian is hosting with Alan Johnson.

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                                          Call in this hour and have a chance to get these wonderful gifts!

                                          Two books- The Story of a Soul and Why We're Catholic

                         A beautiful 100th year anniversary addition Warrior's Rosary and a Lariat rosary

St. Therese is live now!

                                                     Fr. Julio from Little Flower is hosting this hour

                                               visiting with Gladys Montoya and her grandson Brandon.

                                                  They are talking about the miracle of Brandon.

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Calling in and talking with Carol now is Melanie Leija and what God is calling her to. is her youtube channel. Check it out!

St. Elizabeth's parish is being represented this hour!

              Carol is talking to Dan and Denise Ervin from Gooding about the miracles in their lives.
                          Beautiful story of their love, marriage, and listening to God's inspirations.

                                      Jaime Theitten is sharing her miracle stories with Brian.
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Our Lady of the Snow is up this hour. We need to hear from our brothers and sisters in the Sun Valley area!

Fr. Justin is on now with Ted. He's on the line live from OLS. Here is an old pic of him in the studio.

What is the new evangelization and how do we live it? Learn the answers for Fr. Justin on the radio now.

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                           Mary Vogel is with Carol and Ted talking about her life and family.
                                                         She's wearing my name tag lol
Jackie Last and Becky Mink are on the air now sharing their stories of miracles in their lives. Call in now St. Jerome!

St. Jerome's is on the hour now until noon

Jeff Schroeder

Hosted by Ted Klaas

Greg Edson

Great morning with St. Edward's at the Guadalupe Center

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