Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Pledge Drive is over for today! Thank you to everyone who volunteered and who donated! Call in tomorrow if you missed today!

Our wonderful volunteers!

Our volunteers hard at work!
Only 15 minutes left!!! Make your call now!

We have one more donation for this last hour!

A leather covered Bible is being donated by Fidelus Books! It will be personalized for the person with gold embossment. The highest $ caller (min. of $100) will get this beautiful Bible!

Buhl Knights of Columbus are on now!

Mark Rasgorshek from St. Ed's and Paul Madalena from Immaculate Conception Church Knights of Columbus are on.

They are wanting the Golden Spatula plaque to go to the Buhl KofC, so every Knight from Buhl and Hagerman needs to be calling in now!

Last prizes for the night!

The two highest pledges for the last hour will each get one of these Ten Commandment plaques donated by the local Regnum Christi group.

Every time we get up to $500 we will get a match for it!

Steve Di Lucca and Hank Hafliger are on

Steve and Hank always at work even when they're getting ready to be on the air.

They're talking about being a part of Salt and Light radio and how it is an awesome way to share the Good News!!

Package of Love to win in the next half hour!

Love Along the Way Package
includes the new CD by native Christian recording artist Jaime Thietten, A silver tone "Eternal Zoe" necklace, with a unique design that expresses God's plan to bring mankind into His very own life and a T-shirt with "Love's work is never done" logo

Call now to win this gift in the next half hour!

Come and See Ministry

John Lothspeich and Trish Borresen from St. Jerome are talking about the Come and See Ministry. It's a three day retreat for Catholics to renew, grow and/or recharge their faith.
Call in at:
344-4774 Treasure Valley
490-7754 Magic Valley

Triple match this next half hour!! So call in now and help us out!

Handmade Rosary donated for the next half hour!

This handmade 1st Communion Rosary was made and donated by Carrie Hall and will be given in the drawing to someone who calls in this hour.

Knights of Columbus challenge continues!

Keith Pettyjohn was challenging the Knights of Colubus from the different parishes to call in and pledge to support Salt and Light and also to help their parish win the covenent Knight's Golden Spatula award for the most money raised.

St. Jerome's Knights are in first place so far, with St. Mark's from Boise in second and St. Edwards, Twin Falls in a close third! Come on Immaculate Conception in Buhl lets get going!

Call in to support Sr. Rosie!

Sister Rosie is talking about her ministry called La Posada.

She is challenging all Hispanic Knights of Columbus to call in today!

Katie Stroschien from St. Jerome's is on now!

Katie is talking about the Youth Group at St. Jerome's. Everyone from Jerome should support her by calling in or going online and making a pledge this half hour.
We have a matching pledge with a goal of $2000 by the end of the hour! So call in now!

Jason Nunes and Helen Matos are on the air!

Jason and Helen are talking about the IDES group from Immaculate Conception Church in Buhl. They are the Portuguese community from Buhl. They put on the Holy Spirit celebration in May and also a Fatima celebration in Oct. The meals are free to the public.

Radio on TV!

KMVT is taping our Pledge Drive for the local news!

Another Matthew Kelly book donated!

Building Better Families by Matthew Kelly is being held up by Dominic and Seth. 6 copies were donated by St. Edward's School and will be given to the first 6 donors this hour.

St. Edwards School is being represented this hour

Principal of St. Edward's School Clint Evans is with 4th grade teacher Julie Davis and 5th graders Seth DeWitt and Dominic Evans talking about St. Edward's wonderful school!

New book donated by Mal and Sandy

The book "Heaven's Song, Sexual Love as it was Meant to Be" is ready to be given to a random caller this hour. It is written by Christopher West and is based on the Theology of the Body teachings of Pope John Paul II.
Call in now to be in the drawing for this wonderful book!

Mal and Sandy Machado

Mal and Sandy Machado are on right now talking about the Covenant of Love "date nights" that they host every second Saturday of the month at Elevation 486 upstairs in Twin Falls. They have a speaker or video at each get together to discuss the different topics of marriage.

Our phonebank volunteers are getting fidgity and need someone to call them now please!

The monks have their own video crew taping them!

The Men In Black

Frs. Kenneth, Andrew and Tobiah are talking about life at the Monastery of the Ascension in Jerome.

They have donated a $25 gift certificate to their gift store at the monastery for this hours drawing. They have a wonderful store full of everything from books to necklaces to rosaries. Call in and get put in the basket for this wonderful prize!

Lance Mulberry is talking about the important topic of Catholicism and Politics Today

The book by Pope Benedict the 16th called Charity in Truth was donated by Fidelis Books (at Lance's request) and will be given in a drawing to someone who calls in this half hour. It is about current social and economic issues around the world.

Lance said who ever calls in this next half hour...he will meet for a beer and to talk about faith and politics! His number is 208-316-1619.

So call in and make a donation now!!!

Fr. Justin is in the house!

Fr. Justin from St. Nicholas is talking about how important it is to know our faith and how Salt and Light radio is a great means of that. The Truth shall set you free!

If you're a fan of Father Justin, call in this hour and show him the LOVE!

Father Justin is praying over our phone lines to help get them ringing and working correctly. Call in and get our ladies working! If there is a problem, please call back and try again.

Ray Kelly from St. Ed's Soup Kitchen is on!

There is a drawing this half hour for this Ten Commandments plaque blessed by Fr. Mariusz
Ray is talking about how he got involved with the soup kitchen.

Our own Pete Hillman is hosting the Pledge Drive until 3pm

Sal Carranza and Nykole Willmore are on now talking about St. Ed's Youth Ministy

Sal donated the book Rediscoving Catholicism by Matthew Kelly to give away in a drawing to someone who calls in this hour.

We met our goal of $1500 for the hour!! Thanks to all who called in from the Magic and Treasure Valleys!
Keep the calls coming!!!

Pam and Steve Di Lucca who are part of our KTFI Salt and Light executive team here in the Magic Valley.
Thanks Pam and Steve for all you do! Help say thank you to Pam and Steve by calling in and making a pledge!

Beautiful Donated Rosary!

Deacon John donated this beautiful and elegant multi-colored rosary to someone who calls in this hour with a $240 one time donation or a $20/month for one year donation.

The rosary came from St. Catherine of Siena's church in Siena, Italy and was blessed by the Pope!

Deacon John Hurley is on!

Deacon Hurley and Spencer (a new member of the church) are talking about the RCIA program.

Our volunteers working hard! Show them love by calling in!

The first 5 callers will receive one of these beautiful handmade crosses made from nails! Please call in and keep us on the air!

Talking about Capstone Missions right now!

Colleen, Rusty and Jake are on right now talking about Capstone Missions. Thanks to Colleen's husband Reed for calling in and helping us make our hourly goal!

The Little Flowers are on now!

Julie, Madison and Avery are chatting about the Little Flowers and Marie is also talking about the Goretti Girls group.

Share the Love with your Sweetheart Day Prize!!!

The KTFI Salt and Light Radio executive team here in the Magic Valley and Hilton Garden Inn are giving away a "Share the Love with your Sweetheart" package for someone who calls in or pledges online today! It includes a $75.00 gift certificate to Elevation 486 restaurant which overlooks the Snake River Canyon and also included is a one night stay at the Hilton Garden Inn!
Call in
490-7754 Magic Valley!

The Little Flowers

The Little Flower girls Madison and Avery will be on in the next half hour and will be giving 2 CDs from Jaime Theitten to the first two callers!
Fr. Mike and Fr. Maruisz are having a "friendly" competition on who can get the most pledges during their hours. So call in and help Fr. Mike out!

During Fr. Mike's "45 min" you will be able to win this Ten Commandments plaque donated by the Regnum Christi group and blessed by Fr. Mike!
You have until 8:15 to still be added to the drawing for the motorcycle ride with Fr. Mariusz!!!

Fr. Mariusz and Fr. Mike are on the air!

Fr. Mike said it's time for the parishioners from the different parishes to get off their duff and make a pledge because we're so lucky to have Salt and Light radio in our area.
So call in 344-4774 Treasure Valley and 490-7754 in the Magic Valley

Fr. Mariusz talking with Sherry

Fr. Mariusz

Fr. Mariusz is on right now and is giving away a motorcycle ride with him to someone that calls while he's on until 8am!! Call now to win the prize!!!

Thursday in Twin Falls at St. Edward's for the Pledge Drive!!

We are at St. Edwards today to continue the Pledge Drive. Everyone listening in the Magic Valley needs to call in today and make a pledge!!!