Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank you!

A HUGE thank you to all who were involved with the pledge drive! Phone bank volunteers, radio guests, prayer warriors, food help etc. And, of course, those who called in and pledged. This pledge drive could not have happened without you!! Signing off for now...


Two minute warning: We need about $1800 so we don't lose our matching funds!

Mass of Gratitude

Join us tonight for a Mass of Gratitude at Sacred Heart at 7:30pm. Come on down and tell Fr. Rob how great he did on the radio today. We have so much to be thankful for this pledge drive. THANK YOU to all of you for being so generous. Hopefully Salt and Light is here to stay in the Treasure Valley and Magic Valley!

Call in and get a prize this hour!

We are clearing out the "prize closet" this hour. A Scentsy warmer, Christmas stockings, weekend at a Tamarack chalet and much much more! Call now to get entered into the drawings. This is your LAST CHANCE. If you've been waiting, now is the time!

Team Salt and Light!

The Salt and Light team is in the studio. THANK YOU to all of them for this awesome radio station. Where is Carol Brown? I couldn't find her to take another picture of her. She is another rock star of this pledge drive!


Fr. Dat IS a rock star!! A lot of people must love Fr. Dat. Over $6500 was raised last hour. AMAZING!!!! Gearing up now for the FINAL HOUR of the pledge drive. Let's try to get to our overall goal of $100.000. We need a BIG hour!

Come on Holy Apostles

Holy Apostles, this is your hour! CALL NOW and support your parochial vicar, Fr. Dat Vu. He is talking about his amazing journey to the priesthood. It's easy to get into listening to the priests and forget to call. DON'T let this happen to you. If you love what you are hearing, call now! Remember we are trying to reach $5000 this hour, because that will all be matched. We are at about $1,500 right now so we have some ground to make up. We have half hour left, we can do it!

BSU ticket winner

Fr. Rob's aunt, Margie Cook, was the top donor from last hour. She will be getting the two tickets to the BSU vs TCU game tomorrow. HAVE FUN!! Should be a great game.

Fr. Dat Vu

Fr. Dat Vu, from Holy Apostles in Meridian in in the studio. It smells good in here, thanks to this basket. It was donated by, fellow blogger, Catherine Birkinbine! If you call this hour you will get entered into a drawing for it. Goal for this hour is $5000. All pledges are matched. CALL and support Fr. Dat. Let's hear from Holy Apostles parishioners!

Our lovely volunteers

It takes a lot of people to put on this pledge drive. These are some of our Friday afternoon volunteers. Phone bank workers and a prayer warrior. Where would we be without PRAYER SUPPORT?

Fr. Caleb has called in!

Our two vocations directors are on the air right now. SUPPORT VOCATIONS! Call now! We need a lot more pledges this hour. Remember the on-going "friendly" competitions among the parishes and among the Knights of Columbus councils.

Matched donations!

Dollar for dollar match is still going on! Whether it be a $10.00 donation or a $100.00 donation- it will be matched. Join the smart pledgers who are calling this hour!

Fr. Rob Cook

Fr. Rob is displaying 2 tickets to the BSU game tomorrow. Top pledger (is that a word?) for the hour gets to go to the game! Fr. Rob is pastor at Sacred Heart but is well known all around the Valley. Come on, who doesn't love Fr. Rob? CALL NOW and donate in honor of this AWESOME priest.


That was a very good hour. We made our goal and $4000 was matched! Now we are gearing up for an hour with Fr. Rob Cook!

Drawing for an ipod!

Call right now to get your pledge matched AND enter a drawing for an ipod donated by Fr. Adrian. Sherri wanted to know if an ipod can be blessed?? :) It's a VERY exciting hour to call!! The phones are hot right now.

Fr. Adrian Vazquez and Fr. Eladio Vieyra

Fr. Adrian is from Our Lady of the Valley and Fr. Eladio is from Our Lady of Limerick. Let's THANK them for their vocations by calling in and donating during this hour. Pledges are being matched, it's a GREAT hour to call. Also, if you call now you will be entered into a drawing a drawing for this statue!

Matching donation up to $3000

A donor has just offered to match up to $3000 this hour!! Call now and get your pledges matched. We NEED you to call. Don't let this matched money go to waste. You give $100 and it automatically turns into a $200 donation. What could be better than that!!???

Karen Simkins

Karen is on talking about Respect Life issues. Lots of good things are happening: 40 Days for life was a success! Four ultrasound machines have been brought to Idaho by the Knight of Columbus. The monthly Mass Novena for the Unborn just ended last month.
Call this hour to be entered into the drawing for this BEAUTIFUL glass pendant necklace donated by Joni Krakau.


Phones are back up! Let's make up for lost time. CALL NOW!

Tom and Tina Turpin

Tom and Tina are from Corpus Christi parish. They enjoy working with Fr. Calvin out in Fruitland. They want to hear from Catholics in the Fruitland area! They are also involved in Cursillo and would love to hear from other Cursillistas.

The Turpins have donated this beautiful image of Mary and the child Jesus. Also included in the 2:00-3:00 drawing is this book by Fulton J Sheen. Call now and get entered into the drawing!

Whats happening at the studio

Some of our volunteers working hard and enjoying refreshments provided by our awesome listeners. Phones are still down but HOLD TIGHT! They will be back soon and we can take your pledges.

Fr. John Gathungu

Fr. John Gathungu from Our Lady of the Lake in McCall Idaho. Fr. John is from Kenya and now he is serving up in one of the coldest cities in Idaho! While in Kenya he helped in the small christian communities. They meet in each others homes for weekly prayers and when then priests come they have mass.

Dr. Barros-Bailey is our resident DJ during the break.


We are having some phone issues...please keep calling in. We are able to call you back, but for some reason we can't pick up live phone calls in to the station. Please be patient & keep those calls coming in!

Fr. Jerry Funke

Fr. Jerry Funke is the Pastor at St. Paul's parish in Nampa. They have a big project going on, the new construction of our the new church. With God's blessing we are hoping to begin in March of next year. A new church will bring some wonderful upgrades, we will be able to seat over 1,000 people, more parking for our parishioners, handicap access, a new adoration chapel. We have had over 17 years of perpetual adoration and are the longest running perpetual adoration in the Treasure Valley.

Please come to our Candy Cane Bazaar tomorrow from 9-2. Soup lunch will be available as well as many booths of home made craft items. You don't want to miss this event.

The Knights of Columbus have donated 2 stemless wineglasses from the 104th KOC state convention, as well as a commemorative pin with Father Michael J. McGivney. First Knight to call in will win this wonderful prize donated.

Sandra Loera

Sandra Loera is here to talk about her conversion story and her discernment into her ministry.

She donated a beautiful hand made rosary, You could be the lucky winner if you know who our saint of the day is for Nov. 11.

WINNER WINNER: Congratulations to Margaret Norris who knew that St. Martin of Tours is our patron saint for the day!!!

Please continue to call in and keep these lines going!

Day 3: Mark Henry

In this 11:00 to 11:30 time, we have Mark Henry with us. Mark Henry is the leader of the Risen Christ Youth Ministry. Mark brought some prizes with him. In order of Amanda Anderson who used to be the youth minister for Mountain Home but is now working with Matthew Kelly in Ohio, he brought the book "Rediscovering Catholicism" by Matthew Kelly. He also brought a picture drawn by Fr. Marco that he holds very dear to his heart. In order to get these prizes, keep calling Salt and Radio, keep those lines busy!!!

Besides Youth Ministry, Mark was involved in Prison Ministry for 6 years. Tune in so you can hear his amazing account of how Prison Ministry ministered to him just as much as he ministered to them.

Keep the lines busy. Remember that to help with this Salt and Light Pledge Drive you can call from the Treasure Valley (208) 344-4774 and from the Magic Valley (208) 490-7754.

Day 3: Fr. Chase Hasenoehrl

In this 10 o'clock hour, we have with us Fr. Chase Hasenoehrl. Fr. Chase is the Parochial Vicar for Risen Christ Parish.

Fr. Chase brought gifts with him, Rosaries from Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Jerusalem that he brought back with him from the Holy Land as well as Prayer Cards that have attached a little bit of soil from the Holy Land! These rosaries and prayer cards were blessed by Fr. Chase himself on the day after he was ordained a priest! You can get these by being one of the first callers in this 10:00 to 11:00 am hour!!

The goal for this hour is $3000 please help us reach that goal by calling in to (208)344-4774 in the Treasure Valley and (208)490-7754 in the Magic Valley. You can also donate by going to our website, A donor just called to say that he is going to match every donation dollar for dollar! Please call now!!

Day 3: Phone Bank Volunteers!

Heidimarie Martin is our intern here in Salt and Light radio, she is a Communication Major at Boise State University. Please tune in and listen to her story!

Day 3: This hour...

For this hour, our goal is $3000! Please help Salt and Light by picking up the phone and donating the money you would've spent in coffee today!

Also don't forget all the prizes we have going on!

Day 3: Game Time!

We are going to start a fun and engaging game but in order to do that, we need YOUR help! The game is called "Rock the Clock" and it consists of all of you calling and as long as we have someone in the line at least every two minutes, we are doing a dollar to dollar match! Please, please, please call!! Remember, keep those phones going so we can do a dollar to dollar match! The numbers are: Treasure Valley listeners (208) 344-4774
Magic Valley listeners (208) 490-7754

Day 3: Mike Brown

For this second part of our second hour we have Mike Brown with us. Mike Brown is the Diocesan Representative for the Death Penalty.

While Mike was here, there was a call from wonderful, marvelous people who donated a one week stay at Tamarak that is going to be entered for an all day drawing for a pledge of $100 a month or more!!


Thanks to some amazing people who like to keep everyone around them happy, we have been blessed with some amazing food! Thank you all for donation food and smiles for all of us and our guests in this pledge drive! You guys rock! God Bless!!

Day 3: Dan Gamboa!

With us in hour 2 we have Dan Gamboa, a member of the Salt and Light Board.

Dan brought with him several gifts, "Humility of God: A Franciscan Perspective" by Ilia Delio goes to the first person interested in the Franciscan laity! The Saint Francis DVD will be entered in an all day drawing. The Mystic French press traveling mug will be given to the biggest donor this morning. Add to that everyone who calls from 8:00 to 9:00 will get a Mystic Coffee Card!

Goal is $2500 for this hour.

**** The Goal this hour has been raised to $4000!!

Day 3: Now is the time!

Hour 1 and we have the Sal y Luz Radio guys with us: Hernan Guiteriez, Ernesto Solis, and Roberto Amevio.

They came bearing a gift: drawing all day for those that pledge $50 a month might receive a touch screen computer valued at $700.

Goal is $2500 for this hour.