Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Night Night!

Our grand total is $16,800.54 from 140 callers!! Thank you all for a fantastic first day!

The winner of the weekend get-away at the cabin in Garden Valley is...

... drum roll, please....

Genevieve and Gary Shaffner

We are humbly grateful to Wright Brothers Construction for this great cabin donation.

SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW MORNING AT 7AM!! Tell your friends (Catholic or not) to listen in. Remember, if we get 200 new donors this week, a generous donor will give an additional $1000! Don't let that opportunity slip by!!

Cabin Drawing in a Few Minutes!!

Get your name in the drawing by making a pledge in the next couple minutes!!!


Call NOW... You know you'd love to go to Garden Valley and stay in a cabin built for 12 for a weekend, right?? :)

Fr Adrian Vazquez

Fr Adrian encourages listeners to donate to Salt & Light because he think it's for the "good of all of us" and "what a great witness." He especially wants to hear from his parishioners at Our Lady of the Valley in Caldwell!

Father has a radio show called "Synchronized With Christ" every Saturday from 10-11am on the Spanish version of Salt & Light on 1490AM. He's sharing with us how humbling and beautiful it is for him to celebrate the Liturgy of the Eucharist and to share in the tender moments of Reconciliation.

If you call now, your donation will be matched up to $500!! Now's the time! You'll receive at FREE CD on the life and legacy of Bishop Fulton Sheen AND your name will go into the drawing for the weekend get-away at the cabin built for 12 in Garden Valley!

Steve Jess Updates Us

Steve Jess, Salt & Light Operations Director (left), tells us about what's coming up at 6pm tonight when the pledge drive closes for the day:

Sister Eva Marie Lumas will speak on catachesis in a multi-cultural parish. This talk was recorded at the Fall Conference in Sept 2010 and is available in the diocesan library.

Listen in next hour!

What's the Station Look Like??

Here are a few pix, but if you REALLY wanna see it, you need to come visit us: 5601 Cassia in Boise!

Not every station has its own lifeboat... Lifeboat??

Not every station has the Blessed Virgin looking out for them either! Now SHE's a lifeboat!!

Fr German Osorio

Father is sharing about how he became interested in the priesthood. He is newly ordained in June 2010 after attending Mount Angel seminarian in Oregon, which he loves.

He believes in the POWER of Catholic radio and challenges his parishioners of St Paul's in Nampa to call in while he's on the air!

If you call in now, you'll receive a CD of the life and legend of Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

We Have a Match!

John, a listener from St John's Cathedral, will match any pledges up to $250!!

Call NOW to have your donation doubled!! Thanks, John!

So Many Priests!!

Salt & Light loves our priests and deacons!!

Thank you for ALL you do,

Father German Osorio, St Paul's in Nampa (left), AND Father Adrian Vazquez, Our Lady of the Valley in Caldwell (right).

Thank You, Volunteers!!

Carol Brown conned us all to come in and help!
Recognize any of your friends?

From the oldest to the youngest, we're all pitching in to help Catholic radio thrive!!

No Chaplet Today

Do you LOVE the Chaplet of Divine Mercy everyday at 3pm?

Imagine your life without it. Imagine silence where the bold TRUTH of God
has been filling the airwaves this past year.

Call because you LOVE what Salt & Light brings to your life!

What Can I Win, You Ask??

If you CALL NOW, you'll also receive the following...

  • Olive wood Rosary hand-made in Bethlehem
  • Pack of 6 notecards from Our Lady of Tears in Silver City
  • A really good feeling that you're doing something GREAT

Thanks for calling. :)

Seriously, Folks...

In an age where the media is blasting us with a message of death,
we NEED Salt & Light's message of LIFE and HOPE!

Is the Lord calling YOU to tithe to this cause...?

Think about it.
Pray about it.
Call us if He wants you to: 344-4774

No amount is too small.

Our Beloved Volunteers

Come to the station and buy your very own Salt & Light T-shirt. Don't forget to make your pledge to keep us on the air!!

We have YUMMY food....

See? Yummy!!

Call now!! Our volunteers are getting antsy!

At least SOMEone's working. Haha!!

Friends of Our Lady of Tears

Marylou Molitor and Dave Wilper are telling us about the Catholic Church in Silver City, its history and what's going on there currently. They brought along a pen made out of the original Communion railing from Our Lady of Tears and some beautiful note cards as a pledge drive gift. Call in to win!!

Fr Funke from Nampa is the priest for Our Lady of Tears. He holds Mass there once a month during the summer months, and Bishop Mike often celebrates Mass once during the summer, too.

Marylou challenges listeners to make a pilgrimage to Silver City. Better wait till after Memorial Day, though, or you might get stuck in the snow! From Boise, the first 60 miles are on paved road, then there's another 12 miles or so on gravel road. From Nampa, go south 4 miles past Murphy then watch for the sign to Silver City. Only 20 miles from there!
Be adventurous!

Jerry Usher working hard! He's our guest host, the former Catholic Answers host. Thanks for all your help, Jerry!!

Don't Miss ICYC 2011!!

Lorissa and Johnny Horn are here with Brandie Navarro, Youth Ministers from St John's and Holy Apostles (respectively), describe the HUGE success of ICYC (Idaho Catholic Youth Convention). Two years ago, attendance was about 1000 kids, then 1400 kids last year.

Here's a preview of this year's T-shirts:

These Youth Ministers pray that each of our Catholic high schoolers have a CLOSE ENCOUNTER WITH CHRIST at ICYC and beyond.

Call in to keep Catholic radio on the air for our kids to tune into in the privacy of their cars or bedrooms.

Call in and WIN!!

The odds are HIGH of winning a wonderful APPLE PIE this hour because no one is calling! Call NOW to win the following:
  • an apple pie (thank you, Holy Apostles Legion of Mary!)
  • a chance to win a weekend away in Garden Valley (thank you, Wright Brothers!)
  • an olive wood Rosary made in Bethlehem

Now that's a LOT of incentives to get you to CALL NOW!!

Corpus Christi Parish in Fruitland

Mike Hanigan is here describing their new church in Fruitland.

If you're from Fruitland, NOW is the time to call!!! How many Payette County listeners do we have?? You can win a PIE!!

Catholic Charities Helping Families

We welcome Landis Rossi, the new Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Idaho and Myfanwy Devoe, the Communications Director! Their 28 statewide employees help families in various ways by providing a safety net for many social needs such as education, refugee integration, and promoting justice in the Idaho legislature.

You can help keep their message flowing to our listeners by donating to Salt & Light today.

Healing Mass Tonight!

Head to St Mary's on State St. to attend their Healing Mass tonight at 7pm! How blessed we are to be Catholics. Let's keep spreading the Good News together.

Celebrate Recovery Offers a Better Way

Suzanna Tillotson and Randy Williams came by to speak of the healing power of Celebrate Recovery. They meet weekly at Sacred Heart and proceed through a 12-step program centered on Jesus.

Randy shared how the Truths broadcast on Salt & Light radio changed his life. Help keep us on the air by calling in TODAY!

Curious about a Cursillo??

Barb Dauner, Jim Scherer, and George Weisbeck join us to talk about what a Cursillo is and how it can change lives! In Barb's words, retreat-goers attend Mass, can go to Reconciliation, hear talks by laypeople, pray the Rosary and the Divine Mercy, eat (great food!), sing, laugh, and, most importantly, form a community. Community, she says, is what it's all about :D

They also came bearing an exquisite gift - a Nativity Cross. This cross is part of a drawing for the hour, so don't forget to pledge by calling 344-4774!

Next Cursillo weekends:

Women - Jan 13-16, 2011
Contact Barb @375-7310,

Men - Jan 20-23, 2011
Contact Jim @362-5607,

Catholicism + Communication with Mike Brown

Mike Brown, editor of the well-known Idaho Catholic Register, is on the air, talking about the new Communications Advisory Board, a board designed to tailor programming to the needs of the local Catholic community. The big question: How do we share the Truth with as many people as possible?

Dan and Carol right NOW, asking for donations. Without you, we wouldn't be here :) Thank you for supporting us.

Our volunteers are on the phones, waiting to hear from you!

Call 344-4774 to DONATE.

No "Jingle Bells" at this Advent Concert!

George, Angie, Pam and Mary are in studio right now, talking about the upcoming Advent Concert! This isn't your typical Christmas concert - Candlelight, singing, poems, and definitely beautiful, new Advent music.

When is this wonderful event? SUNDAY, DECEMBER 5th at 6:30pm at Our Lady of the Rosary (located on the corner of Law and Wright).

With 7 years and running, this wonderful concert could quickly become a tradition to any Catholic family. :)

(P.S. Don't forget to donate :D)

Blessed by the Pope

These are the prayer cards that are being given away this hour. They are beautiful, and have been blessed by our very own Pope Benedict XVI!

Don't forget to make a pledge to support this unique ministry for our wonderful Catholic faith. :)

Dan Minnaert and Vocations!

Dan Minnaert joins us to host the next few hours!

Also on the air with him are Jim and Mary Ellen Nourse with the St. John's Vocation Committee! They just gave us a few stories about fun with Father Jose at St. John's, encouraging kids to get to know the life and mission of a priest!

Pie During Lunch

Call in during the lunch hour, and you can win an APPLE PIE!! Your name will go into a drawing for one of these three pies.

Thank you, Holy Apostles Legion of Mary, for this YUMMY donation! Smile, Cindy D'Orazio!

Rich Riamondi From Bishop Kelly High School

Who can resist this happy face??

WELCOME, Mr Riamondi, the new Bishop Kelly President.
Are you a BK supporter? Let's see that BK spirit come through our phone lines!

** BK is matching every pledge right now up to $500 AND giving every caller a BK T-shirt!! **

Rich is sharing how all 6 fall sports teams have gone to state championships. WOW!! Go BK!!!
Their football team competes for the state title THIS SATURDAY at 1pm against the Shelly "Russets."

You Can WIN!

Don't forget that ALL callers right now receive...

an olive wood Rosary hand-made in Bethlehem and blessed by a priest


a chance to win a weekend get-away at a cabin that sleeps 12 in Garden Valley!

St Mark's Healing Mass

Fr Steve encourages ALL to attend the Healing Mass at St Mark's this Thursday, Nov 11 (Veteran's Day). Come early for the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 6:30. The Mass at 7pm. Father reminds us that coming forth for healing prior to surgery alleviates anxieties, too.

THANK YOU, FATHER STEVE!! It's been a pleasure to have you with us!

Some Salt & Light Tidbits

  • There are no paid employees (yet). It's an all-volunteer effort made possible by YOU & ME.
  • We hold 2 pledge drives a year.
  • We've been on the air for 1 year now!
  • We'll be expanding to Twin Falls soon, and hopefully beyond.
  • $5 and $10/months DOES make a difference.

This is a TEAM effort! Thanks for pledging, praying, or rolling up your sleeves and laboring for the bold TRUTHs that Salt & Light brings to Catholics and non-Catholics.

Fr Steve On Air Now

Fr Steve from St Mark's is on the air NOW. He sees Salt & Light as an extension of his ministry. We're hearing about St Mark's tradition of a Thanksgiving Eve ecumenical celebration. Fr Steve reminds us that "Eucharist" means "Thanksgiving." A dinner during the celebration is new this year!

If you love him, call in while he's here!!



Win a Weekend Away!!

Wright Brothers Construction has generously donated a weekend get-away in a Garden Valley!!

ALL CALLERS TODAY will have a chance to win. Call today, so your name goes in the drawing!

See how awesome our phone volunteers are??

Win one of Deacon Chuck's Pot Scubbers!

Deacon Chuck, our BSU Campus Minister, is on the air now. His group at BSU offers a safe place for our college kids. They can turn the kids to Salt & Light for further growth in their faith.

Deacon Chuck's team at BSU has been making scrubbies for a fundraiser. Only 8 lucky callers will get to take one home. They're in BSU colors, of course!