Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 2 Total

Today's total: $21,100

Pledge total so far: $41,645

Keep those pledges coming! Only one more day! See you tomorrow!

T.J. Gomez

T.J. is here telling us about the Salt & Light Vocations Golf Scramble, a great way to have fun, and support both Salt & Light and the Idaho Vocations!

The next three callers can get a dozen balls or a round of golf at Magic Mountain!

Magic Valley Salt & Light

Steve DiLucca and a whole crew of folks are here from Magic Valley. They are hoping to get Salt and Light broadcasting in the Magic Valley in May of this year!

Call in this hour to enter into a drawing for an audio Bible!

Calling all Knights!

Special challenge to all Knights!

The council with the largest donations this hour will win the coveted Golden Spatula Plaque!

1st place: Golden Spatula Plaque, bragging rights, and 1 dozen K of C chef hats

2nd place: 6 K of C aprons

3rd place: 10 K of C license plate holders

Last Shift for Day 2

Thank you Colleen, Bob, Barb, and everyone else who has helped out today. You make Salt & Light possible!

Brian Simer

What's all this talk about feathers, sabers, and pancakes? Tune and listen to Brian Simer, State Deputy of the Knights of Columbus is telling us about the Knights' mission to provide ultrasound machines for crisis pregnancy centers throughout the state. Call in now!

Evening Blogger

Fr Arnie Miller

We're happy to have Fr Arnie from St Mary's join us today. He is having an inspiring conversation about RCIA, his own conversion experience! It's time to CALL!!! (208) 344-4774.

What's Going on at the Station, You Ask...?

Fr Arnie in the chapel... along with Carol Brown and her oldest boy, Jacob.

And what are the children doing while their parents volunteer...? PLAY!!

Fr Thomas Faucher

What a joy it is to have Fr Faucher from St Mary's parish join us this afternoon! Donate now to show your support of this great priest. He loves Catholic radio and encourages YOU to help pay for it!

Retrouvaille is on the air!

Our blogger took a break to chat about Retrouvaille, the Catholic struggling marriage program:

Lori and Dean Newkirk

And they brought gifts!

Call in to get your name in the drawing for this beautiful picture and a one-hour massage by Teresa Geno: (208) 344-4774.

St Mark's Youth Ministry

Stephanie Craig and Ben Guile are hear sharing how Salt&Light has aided their ministry.

Help them help our youth! Catholic radio is important for people of ALL ages.

Remember... Coffee and a Rosary

For $30/month- just a dollar a day- you'll receive this great coffee mug modeled by Fr Ben AND you'll receive 25% off refills at Catholic-owned The Fixx in Boise.

For $20/month you'll receive one of these Rosaries hand made by the sisters at Marymount Hermitage.

Chris Belarski and Chris Jones of REEL Men

We've got REEL Men from Holy Apostles in Meridian on the air right now! Men, we need to hear from you!!

Also, if you call now, your name will go into a drawing for FOUR tickets to this Saturday's Boise State football game! Be a REAL MAN and donate to Catholic radio.

Here are the times you can attend REEL Men:

Dorothy Witmer, St John's Parish Nursing

Dorothy is sharing all the good work going on at St John's, and she brought TWO GIFTS with her to give away: A health basket and a fit test!

Call in to Win This Print

Your name will go into a drawing for this print worth $120, if you call this hour. Thanks for calling!

Mike and Jill Schauble

Our Lady of the Rosary parishioners, Mike and Jill, are with us to discuss what's happening there. If you call while they're on the air, you'll receive this "Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist" audio CD.

Deacon Tom and Bobbi Dominick

Who can resist this happy deacon couple from St John's Cathedral in Boise? Call now to support this hard-working couple: 344-4774.

Tom models a great new St John's T-shirt!

Sharing the Light of Truth

When you donate, you're "Sharing the Light of Truth" just like this pledge drive's theme. It's that easy to evangelize! Listeners can learn about Catholicism in a non-threatening way.

Help change the world!!!

Phyllis Sawyer and St Mark's Parish Ministries

Phyllis is sharing with us about ALL the St Mark's goings-on. If Phyllis has helped you and you just love her, CALL IN to show her!

Win an Airplane Ride with Deacon Ralph!

Oh, you need to call now!!! Your name will go in a drawing for a one-hour AIRPLANE RIDE piloted by Deacon Ralph Pierce.

Call now: 344-4774
Pledge money.
You could win BIG!!

Deacon Ralph Pierce

Deacon Ralph is telling lunchtime host Dan Minnaert and Carol Brown about his involvement in prison ministry. If you're from St Mark's, CALL NOW to support your deacon!

Call One of Our Friendly Volunteers

We're all happy to help you with your donation!