Thursday, April 18, 2013

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Closing it up with some of our executive team!

Talking about the Young Adult program at St. Ed's

Sal Carranza and DeAnna Wendland are on talking about what's happening with the young adult ministry around the area.

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Three prizes up for drawing!

Three items are going up for drawings during this next 15 minutes!

Apples to Apples (Bible Edition) game donated by Frontier Games, The YouCat, and Rediscovering Catholicism donated by Sal Carranza.

On now is St Ed's Jackie Wakefield

               Jackie is talking to Pete and co-host Julie DeWit about the Pro-Life committee.

A 15 minute drawing going on now!

For the next 15 minutes, if you pledge, you can get your name in a drawing for this lovely rose colored rosary!

Talking about the Hallisey Tournament with Dean and Evan Allen

Drawing this hour!

Coming up for a drawing this hour is this wonderful Wine Lovers Trio! 
 Two bottles of wine with glasses for someone special.

St. Ed's call in now!

Grand Knight Mark Rasgorshek is on now talking about the Knights of Columbus in Twin Falls.

Two new items in drawings for this half hour!

This next half hour if you call you could win this beautiful unframed pencil drawing called the "welcoming Jesus"

Also up is this wonderful Black KC Rosary with pouch.

$500 matching pledge during this hour!

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This beautiful drawing by Fr. Marcos is up to win now!

Fr. Marcos brought us this beautiful drawing he drew called Psalm 8. Framed in a black frame.
You can have a chance to win it this half hour.

                                 Mr. Marcos Sanchez is on now with Pete and Steve right now!
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Next prize to win!

                              During this half hour St. Ed's is giving away this vase of gifts.

St. Edwards is on now until 7pm!

Co-host this half hour is Julie DeWit and she's talking to Allie Pelayo, principal at St. Edward's Catholic School.

                                              Our volunteers are waiting for your calls!

                            Mother and daughter, Ellie and Laura, working hard with Pam's help. 

Frs. Kenneth Hein and Ezekiel Lotz are on the air!

Co-hosting now is Steve DiLucca with Frs. Ken and Exekiel from the Monastery of the Ascension
Also, Fr. Ken donated this wonderful statue of Noah carrying his ark to be given away during his half hour!

Another great gift to be given away this half hour!

In this last half hour for Fr. Justin, we will be giving away 13 Lighthouse Catholic Media CDs

Greg Jackson is on the air!

Greg is talking about St. Nicholas' RCIA program and the Knights of Columbus.

Fr. Julio is giving away amazing gifts!

Fr. Julio has brought a few holy cards, one touched by the Mexican relics, and one of Padre Pio touched to his tomb. He has also brought a olive wood cross from the Holy Land, and an autographed copy of Men In Black calendar. He also brought an Acts of Apostles Bible Study book.
These will be given away in a drawing at 4pm

New prize for this half hour!

In this half hour we will be giving away The Treasury of Saints book of saints.

  • Fr. Julio Vicente in on with Fr. Justin and Pete Hellman talking about his parish St. Therese, the Little Flower in Burley.
Now on with Fr. Justin is Diane Brumley and students from St. Nicholas school.

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This hour we will be giving away this beautiful blessed jade St. Patrick's rosary from Ireland with the leather case!

Also this Pieta Prayer Book will go with it!

Shout out to everyone from the Burley/Rupert area! Get your pledges in now!

                    First with Fr. Justin is Monica Jones from the food pantry at St. Nicholas.

Next on the radio is St Nicholas Church, Rupert/Burley

                                        Fr. Justin Brady is our co-host for the next 2 hours.

Big guys holding flowers!

Need a smile? Here's a great picture!
                                                 The Tverdy Boys and Matt Machado

St. Catherine's Parish from Hagerman, call in now!

St. Catherine's Jim and Linda McCaughey are on the radio talking about the RCIA program and the process of becoming a deacon.

The Tverdy men are on!

Scott Tverdy and his sons Brandon, Drew and Ethan are on the radio now talking about the Catholic Men's Conference.

Next 5 callers get a Jaime Thietten CD

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Another matching fund of $500 was made by Larry Elford!

let's meet these matching fund pledges!

Next on the radio is Larry and and they want the Golden Spatula back in Buhl!

Larry Elford and Francis Karel are on the radio talking about the Buhl Knights of Columbus and their ministries.

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Matching funds!

Three Buhl Knights have made a combined matching fund of $2700 to everyone out there!

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Talking about the Hispanic music group in Buhl

Now on the radio is Patty Beltran and Margot Loza talking about the Spanish music at ICC and youth group. Also on are Ruth Loza, Christy Marez and Maricruz Beltran.

Our volunteers are waiting for your call!

                                                                 Beverly and Emily

                                                              Matt, Lance and Patrick

Immaculate Conception Church from Buhl is on now!

Jason Nunes our co-host is talking to Alison Nunes and John Wasko about their ministry in bringing Communion to the elderly.

Two great prizes being given away in the next two hours!

During Immaculate Conceptions turn on the radio, we have two prizes to give away!

First is a $100 gift certificate to Elevation486!

And also a beautiful Cherry Wood framed picture of Jesus' face from the Shroud of Turin!

Prize this hour for EVERY person who calls in a donation!

Reed Crozier made these beautiful bent necklaces for every person who calls in a donation this hour!

Call us now!
Boise 208-344-4774
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We're on the tail end for St. Jerome's! Come and listen in!

We have Colleen Crozier, Rusty Gideon and David on now talking about Capstone Missions.

Katie Stroschein is on!

Katie is talking about the youth ministry at St. Jerome's

New people on the radio!

Mary Vogel and John Lothspeich are talking to Ben and Pete about the Come and See program!

There is also a drawing for a $75 gift certificate for Oop's City Market this hour!

Praise the Lord!

The $500 matching funds was meet by a mystery Knights of Columbus member from St. Jerome!

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Our fist winners!

Neil Harpster is our first winner! He won the Outback Steak House gift certificate!
Congratulations Neil!

Diane Holley and Jeff Schroeder are on now!

Diane and Jeff are talking about the soup kitchen and food pantry at St. Jerome's

Diane has also donated a market lamb to someone who calls in while she's on the air.
Give them a call now
Boise 208-344-4774
Magic Valley 208-490-7754

Matching pledge!

A $500 matching pledge was made for this next hour! 
Let's get to $500 and it will be matched by another donor!

Fr. Ron Wekerle is on now!

Fr. Ron is talking now about his parish with Ben Neff

He has donated and blessed this beautiful facsimilies of the Nativity! Call in during his time from 9 to 9:30 and be put in a drawing for this wall hanging.

St. Jerome's is on until noon!

Ben Neff is co-hosting St Jerome's time.  He has also donated a box of V1 Titleist golf balls! They will be given to someone who calls in during his hosting time from 9:30 until noon.

Another all day drawing!

Syndicated Catholic Talk Show host Teresa Tomeo is coming to Boise!
Call in and be put in a drawing for this ticket to see her!