Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Final hour Day 1

Mike Abbondandolo

Josh Dickson- sharing the impact of the Men's Conference and Surrender Prayer

Hour two of St. Mark's

Julie Matta sharing her incredible story. 

Audrey Weiss

Tina Punnoose

Scott Naugle

St. Mark's is it your time.

Amy sharing her testimony going from Atheist to Catholicism. 

Faythe Meninga & Nancy Teune

Dan White sharing his story

Vesta sharing her conversion story for OLR

Potpourri Hour

Annette and Joe discussing Eucharistic Outreach

Ellie discussing converting to Catholicism. 

Whitni talking about being a Young Adult Catholic

James Redmond sharing about FOCUS Missionaries

One of our newest Catholics sharing her story

Welcome to the church, Christine!

Shaul Family Conversion story

Greg and Julianna sharing their story

Sue and Rod Dwyre sharing their conversion from a commune

Hope Ryan and Deacon Bob hosting

Ron Goodsell sharing his conversion story

Holy Apostles is on the air now until 1 p.m.

Chuck Roberts is on the air to share his story. He joined the church last year. 

Deacon Bob Barros Bailey will be hosting until 1 p.m.

Jeff Ford is here to share his testimony for Sacred Heart

Jeff Ford sharing his story and about the walking rosary path at Sacred Heart. 

The phone bank is waiting for you to call- 208-344-4774.

Rose Kreslins sharing her testimony

Call and pledge 208-344-4774

Prison Ministry needs help- listen, learn, call and pledge

Barbara Girard here to talk about Prison Ministry.

Melissa and William sharing their conversion stories now!

Sacred Heart time: Jennilee is here sharing here conversion story

Prizes this hour include these beautiful prayer shawls. 

Sacred Heart is on the air!

Sacred Heart is on the air!

Call and pledge (208) 344-4774

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Special guests: 

Jennilee Lopez
Melissa and William Hartman
Barabara Guirard 
Maria Joyce
Rose Kreslins
Mark Heffley
Jeff Ford

Look at all the gifts for this hour: 

Cake Mix basket
Movie basket
Fatima Mysteries book
Scripture Trivet
Prayer shalls
10- $10 gift certificates

Roberto from Sal y Luz is here to share his testimony.

Roberto is here to share about the wonderful ministry of Sal y Luz Radio and about the new transmitter for 1490 AM. 

Now we need help to pay for it. Call and pledge 208-344-4774.

Salt & Light Radio nominated for the Lumen Christi Award!

Image result for Catholic Extension lumen christi award

Margaret Hampton is on with us sharing some great news!
The Diocese of Boise has nominated Salt & Light Radio for the Catholic Extension 
Lumen Christi Award

Image result for Margaret Hampton Diocese of BOise  
Margaret Hampton
Development Coordinator

Special incentive- Magnificat subscription

Image result for magnificat

Donors giving at the $35 a month level or one time gift of $420 will receive a one-year subscription.

We're back! It's pledge drive time. Day 1 hour 1

Call and pledge 208-344-4774
Jesus, we trust in you. PLease take care of everything. 

First 6 callers receive a CD.

Colette is ready for your calls!

Brian and Keith starting us off 

Joni on the master computer

Wednesday Schedule

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

7:00 am KGEM Kick-off
7:15 am Magnificat
7:30 am Special Events Guests
8 am – 10 am Sacred Heart, Boise
10 am – 1 pm Holy Apostles
1 – 2 pm Risen Christ, St. Paul's BSU
2 – 3pm OLR, Boise
3 – 6 pm St. Mark's, Boise