Friday, April 13, 2018


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You kept Salt and Light on the air! Thank you for your financial support, your prayers support, your word of mouth support. Tell your friends!

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Final 30 minutes of the pledge drive! Allison Malsam

Last chance to participate in this pledge drive, but not the last time to support Salt and Light Radio. Pledge any time. 208 344 4774. Pledge any time

Derrick and Patty O'Neil on Salt and Light Radio. Last Hour! 208 344 4774

Derrick and Patty O'Neil on the air for St. John's Cathedral. 208 344 4774

Braden Stauts gives his testimony. Listen. Love. Learn (and pledge).

Braden and his beautiful wife Colleen Stauts. St. John's Cathedral parishioners, this is your time to call and support! 208 344 4774

St. John's Cathedral, Thank you for your support....keep calling!


Welcome to Martin Quinowski, author of this beautiful book Let us Pray. If you pledge this hour, you just might take one home! 208 344 4774 to learn about Church Builders

We met the goal! (Big goal next hour - almost out of time.....)

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Your support has been incredible?
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Welcome Dan Gamboa to Salt and Light Radio. St. John's Hour(s)

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There is a Women's Cursillo in June and Men's in February. Keep watching for more info.

St. John's Cathedral is Here to Share!

Vocations Golf Tournament - Mark the Calendar June 8, 2018 at Shadow Valley

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Vocations Golf Tournament
June 8, 2018
Shadow Valley Golf Course
(Mark your calendar!)

George Lewis
Jim Warburton

Gifts Available for This Hour

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Did you know that you can support Salt and Light Radio via Paypal? Ask to support with Paypal when you call 208 344 4774.

Joyful interview with Fr. German from Our Lady of Good Counsel in Mountain Home

Welcome Fr. German. He is excited about Salt and Light Radio
208 344 4774

Deacon Pat King gives his testimony.

Listen to how Catholic radio influenced Deacon Pat's faith journey. Support by calling now! 208 344 4774. Or support online (it's easy!)

Listen to the inspiring testimony of Jim and Linda Vavold

208 344 4774 - Call and support!

Beautiful gifts that you could win -- call 208 344 4774

Jeff and Lisa Penzkover on Salt and Light Radio Spring 2018 - Give Testimony

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Listen to Luken Stitzel from Our Lady of the Valley

Welcome Ted Dickenson - OLV, It's your time. 208 344 4774

Two Hours of Our Lady of the Valley. Dollar for Dollar match when you give this hour!

Welcome Tony and Madeleine Hall from Our Lady of the Valley in Caldwell.
Call 208 344 4774 or support online (it's easy)

A generous Salt and Light listener/OLV parishioner has offered to MATCH up to $1500 this hour. 

Our Lady of the Valley from Caldwell is On The Air!

Trystan Chaplin from St. Paul's Parish. Support this courageous young man!

Welcome Trystan Chaplin from St. Paul's Parish. 
Call 208 344 4774 or online

There is a $500 challenge by the Knights of Columbus. Don't let us miss this. Call now!

To learn more about the Pro-life work at St. Paul's go to  (208) 466-7031

Paul and Barbara Bentley from St. Paul's Share Their Testimony (have you pledged yet?)

Call: 208 344 4774

Judy Bartz is Telling a Riveting Story

The dangers of being Christian in the Middle East is part of Judy's story. Please call and pledge 208-344-4774.

THE GOAL THIS HOUR WAS REACHED! Thank you for your support. Tell your friends to support YOUR Catholic radio station.

Stephanie Panther is on Air

Here is the engaging Stephanie Panther sharing her story of the gifts she was given on her journey to the Faith. She is from St. Paul's in Nampa Call 208-344-4774.

Gifts from Our Lady of the Valley

Call and pledge during these two hours and be entered to win one of these gifts. Call 208-344-4774.

Romel Rena begins this time.

St. Paul's in Nampa is Here on the Air!

Kathy and Christina from Mountain Home

These ladies shared their stories. It is always the little moments we don't know are part of his plan.

Our Lady of Good Counsel is on the Air

Mountain Home! Call in and pledge 208-344-4774.

Gayle and Roger Batt were perfectly fine exactly where they were. They were Lutherans. They knew that their founders had "fixed the Church." A radio station tuned to Catholic Radio without any human effort. Attending The Catholic Men's Conference placed Roger firmly on the road home to the Catholic Church.

Mike Nourse Tells His Story

Mike is a local Byzantine Rite Catholic. His journey on the road has led him off road too. He lives between two areas and listens to Salt & Light as he drives. He asks for pledges to keep his drive filled with Catholic teaching. Call 208-344-4774. He volunteers for St. Paul Street Evangelization. If you know someone who needs prayer and a chance to talk to a Catholic, send them to Center on the Grove.

Merikay Jost has a Bittersweet Moment

Merikay has such a reason to be angry with God. The death of her son through human trafficking is a loss few of us can fathom. God heals her instead. Please call in support of Salt and Light Radio to honor Merikay in sharing her story. 

Deacon Francis Hess has a Story

Deacon Francis had a long-lost sibling who was part of his journey. He is an example of a deacon who has gone through many trials to arrive where he is. Divorce, annulment, families estranged, anger at God, and a sweet lady near him on retreat. But God brought him back home to the Catholic Church. Pledge 208-344-4774.

Prizes Offered from St. Mary's

These are the prizes for calling during St. Mary's time. Please call and pledge for a chance to win. 208-344-4774

Mary Morris grew up in Small Town Salmon

The death of a friend began an anger with God, but she did not abandon the faith.

Please call and support 208-344-4774

Deacon Gene Fadness from St. Mary's

Please call and support St. Mary's this hour!

Deacon Gene Fadness is telling his conversion story. It was a travel that took many twists and turns along the path.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thank you all for a very blessed and wonderful day for the Pledge Drive in the MV

                                          We'll end the day with some music from Fr. Julio :)

All donations are tripled during this last half hour! Call in now!

Arounding out our time with Immaculate Conception is Scott Tverdy

                                                  Scott is a great testament for Catholic men

More gifts for this last hour here in the Magic Valley

This wonderful couple have an amazing story!

                                    Ron and Maryanne Anthony talking about their conversion

Nelson Cintra is on now talking about his voyage towards the priesthood

Match pledge of $1000 for this hour! Let's match it!

Gifts this hour! Call in now!

                                                                      Call in and get in the running for one of
                                                     these wonderful prizes!

Immaculate Conception is on for the last two hours of our Pledge Drive today in the MV

               Maria Marez is starting us off talking about her life and her Catholic faith!

       She said she would pray an hour of prayer for all those who call in a donation this hour!

                                                         Call in now and show her
                                                             some love ICC!

For St. Jerome's last half hour we have Dr. Tangen on with Teresa Zepeda

On now starting off the second St Jerome's hour is Elisa Zepeda

Now on is Thaddeus talking about his conversion from LDS

St. Jerome's in on for the next few hours.

                                       Brian is talking to Ben Neff and his life's journey

Salt & Light Radio is live now. Monastery of the Ascension in studio with Pete Espil. Go to Facebook and check it out!

New hour...New visitors!

                                                         From the Monastery of the Ascension
                                                      Our host for the hour is Pete Espil

                                 Fr. Boniface and Fr. Ezekiel are now talking about monastic life
                                                (I did ask them to smile lol)   

On the phone now is Jaime Alamillo to finish up this hour

                                                   Cathy Carter is talking with Fr. Julio

Another $500 Challenge set for the rest of this hour! Help us get there!

Gifts for this hour! Call in for Fr. Julio and Fr. Gabriel!

                                        Three wonderful books to read.

                                     Mystic Monk Coffee with a mug to go with it!