Thursday, November 8, 2012

Last few minutes left to make a pledge today! We need your call! Let us here from you!
Golden Spatula update!
Immaculate Conception 1, St.Mary 2, St. Jerome 3rd, St Mark 4

Taking a moment to pray the rosary for the pledge drive.

Congrats to Kim Hennig! She is the lucky winner of the CCC hardcover book from the last hour!

Our wonderful phonebank volunteers!

                        The pledge drive phonebank volunteers hard at work! Only an hour left!
                                                         Call in now and keep them busy!

Last prize of the day!

   The last prize to be given in the last hour and a half is a gorgeous handcrafted turquoise and silver
                                                    rosary donated by Rebecca Sandison.
           All the donors to give $100 or more between 5:30 and 7 will get entered into a drawing to win
                                                     so don't wait to make your  pledge!

Listen in to hear Fr. Riffle

Fr. Don Riffle is on now a retired priest serving at Sacred Heart. His 50 year anniversary was this past year!
Make a pledge now and show your love!
Listen in to Catholic Answers on now.
Congratulations to Brent and Susanne Bauscher! They get the Icon of San Damieno Cross!

New results on the KC challenge!

           1st- Buhl, 2nd- Jerome, 3rd- St. Marks, 4th tie: St. Mary's & Holy Apostles!
                                        Who will win the Golden Spatula!

New Drawing this next hour

    This large hardcover Catechism of the Catholic Church book was donated by Eva Wagner from   
    Immaculate Conception Church. She has a gift shop there, if you ever need a gift give her a call!
                                  The first person to call in with a $100 pledge this hour gets it!

Frs. Cook and Vogel are on!

                           Listen in now on the radio is Fr. Cook and Fr. Vogel!
                    $2000 pledge match this hour in honor of Frs. Cook and Vogel!

We made our match!

We made it to $1000 by the end of the hour for the pledge match!
Congratulations to Rebecca Sandison on winning the Advent and Christmas with Pope JP II book last hour!

New drawing this hour!

                                                               This hour's drawing...
                    A beautiful Icon of the San Damieno Cross blessed by Pope Benedict XVI!
           Goes to the first caller to make a monthly pledge of $10 or more per month for the year.

Pledge match!

A pledge match of $1000 was made for this hour! So call in!
Fr. Steve is back on to finish out the hour!

Thanks to everyone calling in today! Bless you!

And for those of you thinking about calling soon...our volunteers are ready, willing and able to take your call!

This hour's drawing!

                            This hour's (between 2:30 and 3:30) drawing is for anyone that calls!
                 Win this excellent book Advent and Christmas Wisdom from Pope John Paul II!
Congratulations to Mary McCool on winning the Icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help!
Listen to Fr. Steve Rukavina from St Mark's parish.

Call us this hour! We'd love to talk to you!

                                               Our new round of phonebank volunteers
                                                          and the blogger/facebooker

Pray the Rosary with us!

We are praying the Luminous Mysteries right now!

Jamie Thietten a wonderful pro-life singer is on now.

Jaime is offering two autographed CDs: "Love Along the Way" and "Christmas". Drawing at the end of the hour!

Jamie Thietten is on!

Update on the Golden Spatula award!

                                         Knights Challenge as of 12:30 
          1st Jerome, 2nd St. Marks, 3rd tie St. Marys Boise and Holy Apostles

Our next drawing!

                                                    Drawing for the next hour (1-2pm)
                This beautiful Icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, blessed by Pope Benedict XVI,
                                     will be given to a person that gives over a $100 donation!

40 Days for Life!

               Carrie Hall, Janie Davis and Bev Peay are on now talking about 40 Days for Life.
                             Help support this wonderful cause by making a pledge right now.

Our lovely phone booth ladies are waiting for your pledge

Sr Rosie is on!

                                   Sr. Rosie is on right now talking about all of her ministries.

Matching funds!

Call in now and pledge.  There is a matching funds for $1000 match in honor of Fr. Eladio!

Pledge now in honor of St. Edward's school!

               On now is Teresa Zepeda the 2nd grade teacher at St. Edward's school and Allie Pelayo
                                                           the principle at St. Edward's. 
                                                   Talking about life at the catholic school.

Pete Hillman is on!

      Pete Hillman will be hosting the pledge drive for the next few hours from the Magic Valley.
           He will be talking with Kent Thibault from Catholic Charities for the next half hour.
Congratulations to Katie and Rosemary Wilson!
You've won the beautiful Rainbow Jasper Rosary!

Keep listening, we'll be having another drawing soon!
Fr Eladio is on now.  You can still catch him until 11am!

Drawing time!

      Whoever makes the largest pledge in the next hour (11 to noon) will get this wonderful book
                                          called Advent and Christmas with Fulton Sheen!

Waiting for your pledge

                           Colleen and Joey are waiting for your call.  Help keep them busy!  
                            208-344-4774 in Boise and 208-490-7754 in the Twin Falls area

On the radio now!

Listen in now to hear Fr. Camacho and Kevin Brown talking about prison ministry.


A team from the Reach group came for a visit! Nykole, Katie, Dacia and Diane from the Mary, Mother of God Reach Team was passing through Twin Falls and came to say hello and to support us here. Thanks girls!

Fellow Knights make a pledge and mention your parish council and your council may win the covenanted Golden Spatula if they give the most donations by the end of the pledge drive!

Knights of Columbus pledge now!

John Pettinger and Brian Simers from the KC's are on the radio now! They are talking about the ultra sound machines being given to pregnancy centers.  A check for $40,000 was donated to Staton Healthcare for a van to be able to make the ultra sound machine mobile!

Pledge now to be entered into the drawing for the rosary!

                                 Our wonder leaders here at 1340AM Pam and Steve DiLucca.

Listen in now on the radio or online and here Fr. Francisco Flores talking about his life as a priest.

First prize for the day!

                      This gorgeous Rainbow Jasper Rosary will be in our first drawing today!
                      Any one who makes a pledge in the next 2 hours will be in the drawing.

Some prizes for today!

 This beautiful handmade "Year of Faith" wooden kneeler made by Phil Auth will be in a drawing today.
 If you pledge $120 today or $10 per month for the year, you will be added into the drawing that will be announced at the end of the day.
Some more prizes that will be given out throughout the day today!
Call in at 208-344-4774 for Boise callers and 208-490-7754 for callers from the Twin Falls area!

Getting started this morning. Give us a call and help our phonebank people get busy!


A New Day of the Pledge Drive! Thursday in the Magic Valley!

Good morning! Blessings to all that are up already this morning!

7 am we will be starting with our own Salt and Light team here in the Magic Valley!
Come join us here at the Guadalupe Center here in Twin Falls.