Friday, October 27, 2017

Knight Time!

Jeff Allen, Travis Wingo, and Mike Townsend 

Paul Ford talking about Knights insurance

Every caller donating $100 will receive TWO Idaho Men's Conference tickets purchased by the 
Idaho State Knight Council.

$45 (Early Bird) Registration includes: 
All Conference Materials
Great Breakfast
Delicious Lunch
Complimentary Parking 
( Registration after January 12 is $60)

$45 (Early

St. John's wrapping up

Sister of Divine Grace- Sister Shelia and Sister Suzie

John O'Hagan discussing his new book about St. John's.

MaryLou and Bill Molitor talking about St. John Vianney Society and the 2018n "Men in Black" calendar. 

Call now to listen to Sr. Sheila's miracle stories.  Thank you for your pledges.  208-344-4774 or online at
Sr. Shiela and Sr. Susie are here!  Along with our volunteers Trish and Sophie Campana.  Call now at 208-344-4774
We need a miracle folks!!  The theme of our pledge drive is "Miracles".  We have some ground to make up in pledges and we are praying here for a miracle.  Can you help with that miracle?!!  Call 208-344-4774 now or donate online at  Don't forget about the books that were donated. You can still get in the drawings for those books for the next hour.
Now on the air from St. John's parish is Jason Schauer and John Ysursa.  Matching donor up to $1200.  Call now to get the match.

Operators standing by for your calls.  Call now to help meet the $5000 goal before 4:00pm.  208-344-4774

St. John's parish is on the air with Joanna Abbondandolo and Mary Ellen Nourse talking about her miracle story.  Call NOW  208-344-4774

Sister Sheila has brought a CD along with her called "Journey of a Miracle" which is her own story from Spokane Marian Eucharistic Conference.  This CD will be given away in a drawing during St. John's hours.
Another prize drawing is the book about the history of St. John's Cathedral, "Stone Wondrously Hewn"  by John O'Hagan.  Donated by Teresa Whittry.
Call in now to be entered in a drawing for a beautiful book by Cindy Duft called "Catholic Meditation to Color".  It's an invitation for adults to color amazing drawings with Catholic meditations.  Cindy did a great job!

Fr. Rob Irwin from Our Lady of the Valley is on air now.  Call in OLV parishioners.

Third and final day!

Be sure to call in and pledge!