Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 1 Results

Golden Spatula Knights results today:
1- St. Mark's
2- Holy Apostles
3- Sacred Heart
4- St. Paul's
5- St. Mary's

Daily Parish challenge winner: Fr. Ben Uhlenkott

Thanks all for your calls today! Off to Twin Falls tomorrow. Hooray!

Knights Challenge Results as of 6:50pm

1- Holy Apostles
2- St. Mark's
3- Sacred Heart
4- St. Paul's
5- St. John's

Last interview of the day: Sowers discussing Apologhetti

Call and pledge- LOTS of prizes for callers.

Apologhetti= Apologetics + Spaghetti for teens.

Will have a camp this summer for teens and Apologhetti alumni.

Theology of the Body for Teens

Dr. Joe Lipetzky talking about Theology of the Body for Teens.

Gina and Rob Sower up next to talk about Apologetti for teens.

Lots of prizes, so CALL: 344-4774 or 490-7754.

Respect Life on the air with Renee Hankel

Final hour, goal of $3000 this hour.

Be sure to call 344-4774 or 490-7754.

$1200 challenge this hour.

Dinner for two

Anyone who has donated from 4-7 pm has been entered into a drawing for dinner for two, with Fr. Ben and Fr. Bruno! There will be three winners, but you can't win unless you call and pledge!
Treasure Valley: 344-4774
Magic Valley: 490-7754
Or Online:

On air now...

Amy Little from St. Marks is on the air now talking about her journey to becoming the development director at St. Marks (both church and school)

Fr. Ben is on the air now!

Fr. Ben and J.W Barnes are on the air now. J.W is talking about Catholic 101. St. Marks, call now in honor of Fr. Ben!                                             Boise: 344-4774   Wendell: 490-7754                                                                                    

Mark Hopkins

Mark Hopkins principal from Saint Marks school on air now!  If you go to St. Marks call now and make your pledge!


The phone bank volunteers waiting to take your pledge! 
Boise: 344-4774
Wendell: 490- 7754
Or Online at:


The goal for this hour is $3,500, the match is $1,000 
Treasure Valley: 344-4774
Magic Valley: 490-7754

St. Marks Youth Ministers on the air now!

Sean Forrest and Thomas Bailey, youth ministers from St. Marks. The hosts for the hour are Jeff and Val Allen. We have some awesome prizes for this hour so call now and pledge! Boise 344-4774 Wendell 490-7754

Saint Marks hour

Prizes for this hour: Rome Sweet Home, and multiple Lighthouse Catholic media CDs

Call and make your pledge!

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Paquita Barret is on the air right now talking about the St. Vincent soup kitchen and the turkey drive. Sacred Heart you have 20 minutes left! Call now! Boise: 344-4774 Wendell: 490 -7754
Chef Vern Bauer is the host for the hour 

Sacred Heart's hour

$1500 match going on right now! To make your pledge:
 Treasure Valley: 344-4774
Magic Valley: 490-7754
Or online at:

Sacred Heart is on the air!

Call in now: 344-4774 or 490-7754

Fr. Rob and Principal Brock on the air now:

Lots of prizes over the next two hours:

Your choice for a tote bag or framed picture.

Prayer shawls

Movie basket

Great Conversion Story- and Salt & Light helped!

Steve and Kathy Rayburn sharing their story.

Rusty Bang taking a break from hosting to make a pledge!

Holy Apostles wrapping up their hour with a $500 challenge.

Dollar for dollar $500 challenge. Please call 344-4774 or 490-7754.

Drawing for a Holy Apostles $25 book fair gift certificate on December 6 &7.

Some of the volunteers behind the scenes at the Pledge Drive

Scott Bridges from St. John's volunteering as a blogger today.

Jim Warburton is our development director, thanks for your help!

Deacon Bob On Air Now!

Deacon Bob from Holy Apostles is on the air now. Listen and pledge!
$600 will be matched by the Knights now!
Deacon Bob wants to raise $3000 this hour!!
344-4774 Boise
490-7754 Magic Valley

Grand Knight Gary Babbitt from Holy Apostles On Air Now!

Thank You Gary for stopping by and helping spread the word about the Knights of Columbus and the pledge challenge of $100!

Beth Walz from Holy Apostles On Air

Beth is sharing her wonderful conversion story. 
We are over our goal already for this hour, but can always use more help.
Please Call!

Joan Warden and Tish Fields from CCW On Now

Joan and Tish are sharing great stories about their lives and ministry. We thank them for having their $500 pledge matched!

 Our phone bank people have been so generous with their time and have awesome enthusiasm. Call Them! 
208-344-4774 Boise and 208-490-7754 in the Magic Valley

UP NEXT.... Deacon Candidate Gary Anderson & his wife Cindy Anderson.

 Gary is going to be ordained this Saturday! His wife, Cindy is the Youth Minister at OLR. Please call and show your support of those that serve and give their lives to the Church with JOY!

Jake Ineck - Music Director at Our Lady of the Rosary 
He is here talking about the outstanding music at OLR and promoting The Annual Advent Concert 
Promoting unity with many other parishes singing to make a great event to participate in! You will not miss this. Tune in Jake is playing LIVE for us now! Call and support if you love MUSIC!

$500. MATCHING FUNDS!!! Call now so we don't loose out with this support!

Great Movie to win with your pledge.... Our Lady of the Rosary is being well represented this morning!
Way TO GO, Our Lady of the Rosary for reaching your hour goal. This hour we are at 2690. !  What a great show of support for our Church and our Catholic Radio! Lets make this next hour a great one with Pete & V Cuppage, Jake Ineck and Gary & Cindy Anderson. Call in with our great host Ryan Fisher!
Up Next: Our dynamic Duo Pete & V Cuppage!

These two are doing so much for and with our Church. Pete is a Knight at OLR, and in the Deacon Formation Program. V is in formation in the Servant School in our Diocese as well. They both assist Religious Education and Youth Ministry. God is working leaps and bounds with these two! Call now and pledge for all those that serve our Church! What a blessing.
Mary Jane Atkinson & Deacon Mike talking about 33 days to Morning Glory. "Mary brings us to Jesus" - what a great blessing for our parish and community to devote this time to Our Blessed Mother.
Deacon Mike on the AIR! Talking about RCIA. Call in and support of Deacons and all the work they do for our Church.

Our Lady of the Rosary is on the AIR!

Call now to support Catholic Radio! 

On the air at this time is Mary Lou Werthmann, she is the amazing secretary that has her hand on all that goes on at OLR. 

We have some great prizes with OLR a book by Peter Kreeft and Heaven is for Real Movie night.