Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thank you everyone who helped with the Pledge Drive today and all those who donated!

Steve and Pam DiLucca from our executive team, along with Diana Hafliger, are on now to finish us out for today!

Just a few minutes left for today's time in the Magic Valley! Call in now and make a pledge!
Amy Jaszkowiak won a Men in Black calendar!
The next five winners of the JPII book:
Melinda Bunn, Ellie Mulberry, Desiree Visser, John Baumbach, and Teresa Ferreira!

On now! Dory Hammersley and Martha Franz talking about their Young Adult Ministry

Though we've reached our goal, we can still use your pledge! We have a lot of great things we would love to do with it!  Including starting up our bigger and better station!
Stephanie Bieri won the St. Francis statue and Jacqueline Machado (me) won the statuette of JPII!

Eric will be talking now about the Knights of Columbus...and other things :)

The Golden Spatula is up for grabs still!!  Call in Knights!

Prize for the St. Jerome time on the air!

         Pam is displaying the prize which is a dinner for 2 with Fr. Rob Irwin at Elevation 486.
                                                                   A $120 value!
We just had a Dollar for Dollar Matching Fund for the next two hours!  What ever we make, they will double it!
And we just had a $5000 donation!!! Thank You!

St. Jerome is on now and for the next 2 hours. If you're from St. Jerome's, call in now!

                            Eric and Katie Stroschein are our gust hosts for the next 2 hours!
                     Deacon John Baumbach is on now talking about Homebound Ministries
Connie Elford won the 33 Days to Morning Glory! Congratulations!!

Frankie Hernandez is here talking to Sandy, Filipe, and Pete about the youth

                                                          Frankie giving his amazing testimony

Matching Fund of $1500! You can win this if you call in this next hour.

Scott Tverdy is joing the group to talk about discipleship

                                   Call in and support Scott, Immaculate Conception Church,
                                                      and our Salt&Light Pledge Drive!

We met our $500 matching fund! Thank you donors! And we met our hourly goal!
Linda Glorfield and Solia Macias both won a Men in Black calendar!
A $500 Matching Fund was made for this half hour so call in now!

Sandy Machado and Filipe Zamora are our guest hosts from Immaculate Conception Church in Buhl!

                                           Call in now Immaculate Conception parishoners!

Our phonebank ladies are waiting for your call!! Don't let them get bored!

Our 2 prizes for this next couple hours with Immaculate Conception Church!

                                                    A 2 ft outdoor statue of St. Francis
                                 A statuette of JPII with a prayer card given by Eva Wagner

Sandy Machado is interviewing Christy Marez about her sister Maria

On now is Dr. Anders from EWTN talking about Catholic Radio

Maria Marez is on being interviewed by Elisa Zepeda

   Richard and Mary Fuchs got this wonderful book by Fr. Groeschel in a drawing from the last hour.

Giving away 2 more Jaime Thietten CD's and 2 Holy Rosary CD's now

Congratulations to:
Pat & Fred Ott, Mark & Lisa Guerry, Bob & Patty Dyson, and Jonathan & Robin Brody!

Deacon John McKinley from St. Elizabeth is speaking to Diana Hafliger now.

We reached our goal!! Thank you donors!!
Julie donated and challenged all the St. Ed's school parents to call in and make a pledge too!
Only $15 away from making our goal this hour!  Call it in now!

Call in Now! Help us meet our goal for the hour!

      Ellie Mulberry is taking a break from her job working on the prizes to join Pete and Fr. Justin
                                                 to talk about St. Ed's Adoration Chapel.

Fr. Justin challenged any 4 people to match his $100 donation during his hour! 

The Holy Rosary CD from St. Ed's school will be given out throughout the day today for those who donate!

                                              Bob and Loudine Knight won the first one
Mark and Vickie Doerr and Monica Jones have won a CD from Jaime!

Fr. Justin is on now and he brought prizes with him from Our Lady of the Snows

A Divine Mercy image and a CD of The Second Greatest Story Every Told with Fr. Michael Gaitley!
                                                                        Call in now!!!

5 more JESUS signs have been given to:
Linda Croft, Kathleen Hawkes, Neil & Bonnie Harpster, Stacia Adams, and Mark & Mary Melni!

Paul Stroschein is talking now about NFP and other ministries

A matching fund of $500 was just made!  Call in now and make your pledge!
Winners this hour for the JPII book are:
Carl & Annette Skabronski, Jeanette Barbagallo, Molly Arossa, Dora Hurtado, and Jim Herrett!

Prizes for this hour with St. Nicholas parish

 A $25 gift certificate for dinner to Henry's at the Drift Inn

                                          A book called A Pilgrim's Regress by CS Lewis.

Starting off this hour with Fr. Julio is Deacon Paul Henscheid and Debbie Henscheid from St. Nicholas

Joyce Brady has one the second prize of the Men in Black calendar! Congratulations!

Molly Arrossa from St. John Vianney Society has joined the group

Our volunteers are busy answering your calls! Let's keep them busy!

Prizes for this hour

                                      A book about St. Therese of Lisiex inscribed by Fr. Julio
A beautiful handmade rosary bracelet. Glass beads in it's pouch. Made by Megan Gailey.

                               And this beautiful handmade rosary. Handmade by Megan Gailey.

Fr. Julio Vicente from St. Therese, the Little Flower is on now!

                                       Fr. Julio will be guest hosting for the next two hours!
                                    Give him a call and a message will be said on air to him.

We made our matching goal! Yeah!
A $500 matching fund is still in play until the end of the hour!  Call in now!

Winners of the Jaime Theitten CD:

Janene Giesler, John Davis, William Ystueta, Mark & Vickie Doers, and Kelly Miraz

Don't forget Pete still has a challenge out there for a non-Catholic listener who pledges will get a CD also!

Last half hour with St. Ed's!

       Deacon Jim Herrett is talking about the St. Vincent de Paul Society and the store downtown.

Wiiners of this JESUS plaque for this hour are:

                     Julie DeWit, Jaren Peay, John Carmichael, Karron Pahl, and Nancy Sherman
                                                           Plaques made by Phil Auth

Winners of the JPII books by Jason Everett!

Vickie Doerr, Mary Woodman, Hank Hafliger Sr, Laura Drake, and Greg Blastock

St. Ed's is still hosting! All parishoners call in now and make a pledge!

    Jo Velasquez and Joyce Brady are talking about putting on funeral luncheons and hospitality

Greg Blastock won the calendar and also a JPII book!

Drawing now for the Men In Black calendar!

Don't forget, all you Knights of Columbus out there, to make a pledge and be part of the Golden Spatula award contest  for your parish!

Call in Now and make a pledge!

                                Bev and Jaren Peay are talking about putting on the soup kitchen
      Jaren challenged anyone who helps out at the soup kitchen to call in and make a pledge now!

Bill Ystueta, owner of our local Chick-Fil-A is on now!

                                 Be Not Afraid to live your Catholic faith in the work place!
                                      Bill challenged all business owners to make a pledge!
Matching Fund  for $500 this hour!

Our phoneback helpers are waiting for your Call!

Twin Falls 490-7754
Boise 344-4774

Pete gave out a challenge!

                  If a Non-Catholic listener calls in now they will get a Jaime Thietten CD!

Pete and Pete are talking to Christy Carmichael

                        Christy is an Extraordinary Minister to the homebound and rest homes.

Pete Hillman, our main host at work

Just got a huge donation this hour! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!

An Idaho Sportsman gift basket to be given away between now and 11am!

A duck and goose call and their lanyard given by Toxic Calls, Mike Plein and a book by Fr. Larry Richard's called Be A Man!  Over a $200 value!

Steve and Kate Schmid are on with Pete!

                                 The Schmid's are talking about doing medical mission work.

Pete Espil is on now from St. Edward's!

Our new station AM1270 to be out in November in the Magic Valley!

                                       Our new station will be more powerful!  5000 Watts!!

Call us now! Our volunteers are waiting for your call.

KTFI 1340AM in Twin Falls 490-7754
KGEM 1140 AM in Boise 344-4774
Talking about the First Friday at the Monastery show on KTFI

This beautiful figurine will be given out today!

A lifesize figurine of the infant Jesus, handpainted from Peru, in a manger, will be given away
                                               after a drawing of all the donors from today!

JPII Books will be given away!

                                      We will be giving away this book to the first 5 callers!

We are on the air now in the Magic Valley!

Today we will be broadcasting out of Twin Falls.
Listen in and make a pledge!!