Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Knights of Columbus have this last hour!

 Pete Hillman is hosting and talking to the Grand Knights from St. Jerome and St. Edwards.

It's Knight Time!

Maria will be praying for all those who make a pledge this hour.

Rounding out the hour is Maria Marez talking about her "Yes" to her faith

On now is Carrie Crist from St. Catherine's in Hagerman

                                                 She's talking about her "yes" to marriage

$500 Matching challenge to all Knights of Columbus this hour!

Vicki Smutney is coming in early to help host the hour too.

Jessica Machado is on talking about Mary and how she's played a role in her and her husband Adam's life.

Immaculate Conception is up this hour!

Hosting this hour is Felipe Zamora

You could get one of these books this next hour!

           Your name will be in a drawing for a beautiful MERCY book if you donate this hour.

Don't forget about the KofC beer stein!

The Parish with the most Knights that call in with a donation get the honor of having this stein until the next drive.

Fr. Adrian rounds out the St. Jerome's hour

                                       Show him some love! Call in now with your donation!

Tricia Davis starts our next half hour

                        Tricia is talking about her "Yes" to God in having an autistic child.

St. Jerome's in their last half hour! Listen and call in support our local Catholic Radio

Trish Borreson and Judy Bay have a lot to say! Talking about the Council of Catholic Women.

Vanessa is waiting for your call. Let's get her busy!

First up for St. Jerome's is Mary Vogel

Mary has a wonderful story to tell about service and saying a Mary yes to giving their son to the priesthood.

St. Jerome's time now until 6 PM

St. Jerome's is on the air this hour:

5:00 PM Mary and Leon Vogel
5:15 PM Trish Borreson
5:30 PM Tricia Davis
5:45 PM Fr. Adrian

Call and pledge 208-344-4774

Dan and Denise Ervin talking about how "Saying Yes to the Lord" works in their lives

St. Elizabeth's time

Denise Ervin is here representing St. Elizabeth's in Gooding to share her "Yes, Lord" stories.

Call and pledge 208-344-4774.

Matching Pledge made for $600 for this half hour! Let's meet it!

Call now 208-344-4774

Starting us off this hour is Nicki Kroese from Stanton Healthcare

    She came bringing gifts! Receive one of these beautiful cards with baby feet pin for your lapel

It's about life!

Image result for stanton healthcare twin falls

Nicki Kroese is hear to share with us.

Adoration prayers were going on for the Salt & Light Pledge Drive at our Guadalupe Center.

The next 12 callers can receive one of these wonderful JESUS plaques!

                                                        Made and donated by Phil Auth

Fr. Justin Bradley is always a great guest! Listen in now to here his story :)

Special guests from Wood River Valley

Image result for wood river valley catholic

3:00 PM Fr. Justin Brady
3:30 PM Maureen Patterson
3:45 PM Heather Dawson

Diane Brumley is our next guest!

                       She came in early enough for us to get this posed picture with flowers ;)
                                                            She's telling her Catholic school story.

$500 matching fund challenge is on! Get your Pledge in this half hour!

Juan Maestas is next up!

    He's talking about a Gospel reading that is having a lot of meaning for him for this Pledge Drive, his relationship with Mary, and being a part of KofC.

Catholic Answers books in the drawing for this hour!

New hour...New guests!

                Melissa Carter is up first for St. Nicholas' hour talking about her story with Mary.

St. Nicholas hour is now!

Image result for st nicholas rupert

2:00 PM Melissa Carter
2:20 PM Juan Maestas
2:40 PM Diane Brumley

Call and pledge at 208-344-4774

Catch up with Sister Rosie talking with Hope and Brian about her vocation story.

Monsignor Andy and Sister Rosie- it's a Holy Hour!

Image result for monsignor andy schumacher    Monsignor Andy Shumacher

Image result for la posada twin Falls Image result for Sister Rosie Boessen Sister Rosie Boessen

Please call and pledge 208-344-4774

Call in this last hour with St. Edward's and make a pledge!

                   Fr. Joseph Lustig is on talking about St. Edward's school and priestly life.

From St. Edward's, Rosa Davila Munoz is talking about her journey with Mary.

*A repost of Fr. Julio's live facebook heavenly music*

                                                          Keep the pledges coming!

Alms giving is part of our Lenten sacrifice. Please consider giving to S&L as part of yours.



Fr. Julio Vicente is on!

                          Show Fr. Julio how much he's loved! Call in now and make a pledge!

Calling all St. Jerome's parishioners!

Deacon John Baumbach has donated his oil painting titled "Sentinel" to a St. Jerome's parishioner who makes a donation today! Your name will be put in a drawing!

St. Edward's is on the air until 1pm!

Related image

11:00 AM Fr. Julio Vicente
11:30 AM Rosa Davila
12:00 PM Fr. Joseph Lustig
12:30 PM Katherine Gannon
12:45 PM Lisa Gifford

Please call and pledge 208-344-4774.

On the line now with Brian is Johnette Benkovic from EWTN

Johnette is talking about coming to the Idaho Catholic Women's Conference to speak.

Lorena Venegas is on talking about Sal y Luz

Starting us off is Brian and Carol

Good Morning! We're in Twin Falls with the Pledge Drive today!

Call in, say hello, and make a donation today for the continuation of Salt and Light Radio on the air!

Broadcasting live from Guadalupe Chapel in Twin Falls today!

Image result for johnnette benkovic
Johnnette Benkovic Williams 
will be joining this hour. 
Call and pledge 208-344-4774