Friday, April 8, 2016

Getting close...

As Hope leaves for a silent retreat the Salt and Light Team moves into the studio. 30 minutes left! 4 open phone lines.

Crunch time!

Endless Mercy is our theme this pledge drive. Listening to these stories of mercy has been a blessing. Help us finish off strong. Remember TRIPLE pledges is still going on. We only have 40 min yet- don't delay!

Triple Pledges!!!

You pledges are now being TRIPLED!! This is exciting. Don't let it go to waste. Call during this LAST hour!!!


We are learning about the mission trips to Belize. Bringing mercy thoughout the world!!


Evangelization Retreat

Michelle Boisvert is on air telling us all about the Evangelization Retreat. She reminded us that evangelization means "to preach the Gospel". That's what this radio station does every day! Call now.


Adoration at Holy Apostles

Cookie Sorge and Teresa Lowney are on air talking about the Perpetual Adoration Chapel at Holy Apostles. What a gift Adoration is!! This pledge drive we have Adoration on site here at the studio. A true blessing!!


Another Holy Apostles Deacon

Deacon Bernie and Pat Rekiere are on air talking about spiritual adoption of unborn babies. Call now and show your support for LIFE!


Prizes this hour!

Check out these awesome prizes available while Holy Apostles is on the air! 


Matching funds

Call now and a Holy Apostles parishioner with match your donation! Double your money. Call now!!

Holy Apostles is on air!

Hope Ryan is co-hosting and right now we are talking with Deacon John and Midge Lee! Holy Apostles, it's time to call!!


The Golden Spatula!

Call NOW and donate! Mention if you are a Knight and which council you are in and your donation will count towards the K of C battle for this precious spatula!


Prizes to Win This Hour

Lori Chaplin is speaking on her unplanned pregnancy. The prizes this hour are from Lori's apostolate Pro-life Billboards.

Sisters of Divine Grace

Throughout our pledge drive these sisters have been praying for everyone associated with it. They have been on site in with Our Lord in the chapel, and greeting and guiding volunteers.

Divine Mercy Chaplet by the Children of St. Paul's

The kids holding up their chaplet beads.
Praying the Divine Mercy. 

A Look At The Magic Behind The Scenes

Phone Bank.
The Joyful Expression of Taking a Phone Call.

Waiting to go on the air!

Fr. Flores and Fr. Funk finish up a yummy lunch.

St. Paul's Deacon

Deacon Mike Collins and Gordon Stands speaking on Gordon's conversion.

Up to Win These Next Two Hours

You will be entered into the drawing from 2:00-3:00 to win this carving.

Saint John Paul II.
Artist: Deacon Mike Collins of St. Paul's, Nampa.
This Jerusalem rosary is available to callers who pledge between 3:00-4:00.

Sarah Taylor Talked About Education

Jake Ineck is Singing in the Booth!

Jake has a great gift that he shares with so many!

Jake Ineck gets to do what he loves and glorify God in the process. 

Our Lady of the Rosary

Coaching educator Rebecca Carroll is our host this hour. Chef Lou Aaron is speaking on his reversion to the Faith and his journey in diaconate formation.

"God's grace is sufficient, even in cancer." (future Deacon) Chef Lou

Twiddling their thumbs

Please get our volunteers busy!

They are praying for calls and twiddling their thumbs. Please call 344-4774

We are Remote at BSU!

Fr. Jack is our host this half hour. 
Electrical engine ingredients student Shaun is talking about his conversion.


Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Master gardener Marilyn is a member of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. 
There is a picture of her "Barney colored shirt." Please pledge now so Fr. Flores doesn't start giving "Barney Homilies." And Father has also promised to prank for each donation of at least $400. I believe he said he will prank on request for large donations. Call in and pledge! 344-4774

The Previous Hour

Up this last was Fr. Flores and Deacon Kerry Harris

Pat King is on the Air

Here he is:
He is a Knight of Columbus and makes amazing smoked pork! Challenge to his fellow Knights: Donate $100 and match him.

Our Lady of the Valley in Caldwell

Our host for the next hour is Daniel Miller. His first guests are Keegan Harris and Stephanie Morales
(Photobomb by our very own Carol Brown.) 

Consoling the Heart of Jesus

Up to win at 10:30. This book is wonderful. It is a self-led retreat. I can personally attest to how great it is.
Call and support and be entered to win this great book! 344-4774

Available this hour to win

Callers this hour are entered to win this $100 gift certificate redeemable at the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store.
This ministry is so incredibly important. They get some of their funds from the store revenue. Buy that large item you want with this to help.

St. Vincent de Paul is here!

We have a fund matching going on this hour, $600. Please call and donate and a St. Mary's parishioner will match it!

When people need help, have them call 208-331-2208. St. VdP volunteers will come to their homes and help find ways to meet their needs.

Father Camacho is in the house!!

This is a priest who is fully active in the Spanish ministry with our sister station, Sal y Luz. He offers so much to the English speaking community as well. His dedication to the prison ministry is inspiring.
This is taken just as he spoke on the beauty of the Eucharist. 

St. Mary's

Deacon John Carpenter and his deaconate journey story.
John has a full time job outside of his work as a deacon. the community of deacons is so supportive of each other.

Conversion stories

On air now we have host Gene Fadness. We have a fund matching push right now.
Dusty Moriarty from St. Mary's