Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thank you all for a very blessed and wonderful day for the Pledge Drive in the MV

                                          We'll end the day with some music from Fr. Julio :)

All donations are tripled during this last half hour! Call in now!

Arounding out our time with Immaculate Conception is Scott Tverdy

                                                  Scott is a great testament for Catholic men

More gifts for this last hour here in the Magic Valley

This wonderful couple have an amazing story!

                                    Ron and Maryanne Anthony talking about their conversion

Nelson Cintra is on now talking about his voyage towards the priesthood

Match pledge of $1000 for this hour! Let's match it!

Gifts this hour! Call in now!

                                                                      Call in and get in the running for one of
                                                     these wonderful prizes!

Immaculate Conception is on for the last two hours of our Pledge Drive today in the MV

               Maria Marez is starting us off talking about her life and her Catholic faith!

       She said she would pray an hour of prayer for all those who call in a donation this hour!

                                                         Call in now and show her
                                                             some love ICC!

For St. Jerome's last half hour we have Dr. Tangen on with Teresa Zepeda

On now starting off the second St Jerome's hour is Elisa Zepeda

Now on is Thaddeus talking about his conversion from LDS

St. Jerome's in on for the next few hours.

                                       Brian is talking to Ben Neff and his life's journey

Salt & Light Radio is live now. Monastery of the Ascension in studio with Pete Espil. Go to Facebook and check it out!

New hour...New visitors!

                                                         From the Monastery of the Ascension
                                                      Our host for the hour is Pete Espil

                                 Fr. Boniface and Fr. Ezekiel are now talking about monastic life
                                                (I did ask them to smile lol)   

On the phone now is Jaime Alamillo to finish up this hour

                                                   Cathy Carter is talking with Fr. Julio

Another $500 Challenge set for the rest of this hour! Help us get there!

Gifts for this hour! Call in for Fr. Julio and Fr. Gabriel!

                                        Three wonderful books to read.

                                     Mystic Monk Coffee with a mug to go with it!
  Fr. Gabriel is joining Fr. Julio and Pete talking about his journey to Idaho from Mexico.

St. Nicholas has this next hour! Call in and make a donation!

                                       Fr Julio is singing! Beautiful music! Listen in now!

Also up for the next few hours is this wonderful book!

                                                     The Story of a Soul by St. Terese

This half hour Pete is talking with Deacon Joseph Lustig

                                    Pete is hosting for this next half hour for us.
Brian is visiting with Levi Welch on the phone
                                     Get one of these beautiful rosary during Fr. Julio's time

On this hour is St. Terese Little Flower

                                  Father Julio is on now being interviewed by Pete Hillman
Jan Davies is on for this last 15 minutes

Teresa is waiting patiently for your call with a smile on her face. Please call and give her something to do :)

On the phone right now is Vicki Smith from Ketchum

Karen Gedde is on with Brian talking about her Catholic faith journey.

Call in this hour and receive one of these beautiful Nicene Creed cards

Our Lady of the Snow/St. Charles is being represented for the next hour!

                             Fr. Justin is on talking about his own journey to becoming a priest

Matching Funds this hour of $1000! Please call and help us out by calling in before the end of the hour!

                          Mike Havener is talking about being on the RCIA team at St. Ed's

We're in our last half hour with St. Ed's. Call in now!

                               Carol is joining Debby Miciak talking about Capstone Missions

Knights of Columbus Challange is on!

Let's go Magic Valley! All three top KofC challengers are from the Treasure Valley!

Call in local Knights and lets bring that Beer Stein back here!
                               Gretchen Scott is speaking about her beautiful conversion.

In our second hour with St. Ed's

                       Peter Murphy is on now talking about life at the Mt. Angel Seminary

Come on in to the Guadalupe Center, say hello and meet our sweet greeter Kathy

Prizes this hour

                 We'll be having a drawing for the book, Rediscover Jesus by Matthew Kelly.

If you don't want to call in - you can pledge online at

Call in and make a pledge!

Debbie and Frank Dehoney, former Methodist (and others), and teachers at St. Ed's are talking about their conversion to the Catholic Church.
                                             Serafina Magness talking about her faith life.

Matching Pledge!

There is a matching pledge of $500 for this hour!
Call in now and help us reach our goal!

The second hour is starting for the pledge drive!

                      Lindsay and Jake Dyson are in talking about the upcoming Epic Love Retreat

Prizes for St Ed's time

                             The first three callers will get one of these Conversions books.
                             A practical guide to bringing those you love back to the church

Sal Carranza is on the air with Brian

We miss Sal here in the Magic Valley! So good to hear him on the air talking about his life and serving the Church.

Listen and pledge now!

Fr. Mariusz is on now talking about conversion

Starting us off is Keith and Brian

Oh Jesus, I surrender myself to you, please take care of everything

Here We Go!!!

Day two of the Pledge Drive!

And we are in beautiful Twin Fall, Idaho today and ready to take your pledge calls!