Friday, March 18, 2022

Thank you!


St. John's Cathedral is now on the air!

  •  Father Mariusz Majewski
  • Dillion Eyre
  • Clare Lintereur
  • Wilson & Whitney Firestone
  • Peter Oliver
  • Tom Kelly

Thank you Our Lady of Good Counsel!

 Thank you Father German and Ann McGinley.

All callers entered into the drawing for this homemade rosary and receive a Fulton Sheen book. 

Knights of Columbus hour!

 Thank you gentlemen!

  • George Mesina
  • Cory Newell
  • Roy Bartholomay

Our Lady of the Valley

 Thank you Our Lady of the Valley!

  • Deacon Chris Reilly
  • Olivia Burch
  • Tina Toolson

Sisters of Divine Grace are here


St. Mary's time

 Thank you for joining us.

  • Deacon Gene Fadness & Lou Murdock
  • Gloria & Lupita
  • Deacon John Carpenter
  • Brian Olmes
  • Rusty Bang
  • Fr. John Worster

Day 3


Thursday, March 17, 2022

St. Paul's in Nampa is here.

  • Deacon Charles Corbalis
  • Tami Gieseke
  • Becky Swartz
  • Sarah Harris
  • Fr. Justin Brady 
  • John Forrest & Dave King
  • Noni & Steve
  • Tyler Andrews

Immaculate Conception thank you!

Georgia, Seminarian Nelson, and Crystal hitting it out of the park for Immaculate Conception. 

Holy Apostles now until 2PM

 Thank you Holy Apostles for sharing 

  • Deacon Ralph Flager
  • Earl Scharff
  • Pattie Slattery
  • Curtis Chatterton
  • Marie Fitzgerald
  • Dennis Kuntz
  • Sandy McClurg
  • Maryann Streeter

Sacred Heart in Emmett


Thank you Kateri for representing Sacred Heart in Emmett. 

Corpus Christi

 Thank you Father Pako and Vea!

St. Edward's is on the air now until 10AM

 Live over Zoom, we appreciate you sharing your stories:

  • Phil Auth
  • Anne Murphy
  • Fr. Joshua Falce
  • Fr. Julio Vicente
  • Nadine Adams
  • Amanda Tennyson

Day 2