Monday, February 15, 2021

2021 Spring Pledge Drive

Tuesday, March 16    
7 AM    Morning Light
8 AM    OLR, Boise
10 AM   OLS |St. Charles, Hailey
11 AM   Immaculate Conception, Buhl
3 PM    Holy Apostles, Meridian
6 PM    End of Drive Day

Wednesday, March 17    
7 AM    Morning Light
8 AM    Sacred Heart, Boise
10 AM    Corpus Christi, Fruitland
11 AM   St. Jerome, Jerome 
3 PM    St. Mark's, Boise 
6 PM    End of Drive Day

Thursday, March 18    
7 AM    Morning Light
8 AM    St. Edward's, Twin Falls
10 AM    OLGC, Mountain Home
11 AM    Risen Christ, Boise
3 PM    St. Paul's, Nampa  
6 PM    End of Drive Day

Friday, March 19    
7 AM    Morning Light
8 AM    St. Mary's, Boise
10 AM    St. Therese | St. Nicholas, Rupert
11 AM    OLV, Caldwell
3 PM    St. John's, Boise
5:40PM    Salt & Light Radio 

Friday, October 16, 2020

St. John's on the air!

 St. John's now until the end of drive sharing their lights.

Call and pledge 208-344-4774 or pledge online at

- Johnny & Lorissa Horn
- Lynn Zeller
- Mirella Gill
- Fr. Mariusz
- Braden Stauts
- Mike Beumeler
- Deacon Steve and Sharon Germain
- Angie Shaltry and Rita Davis

 Braden Stauts

 Deacon Steve and Sharon Germain

 Angie Shaltry and Rita Davis

OLV on the air until 12pm

Our Lady of the Valley in Caldwell is sharing their lights.

  • Consuelo Vargas
  • Harry Schumacher
  • Jacque Scott
 Harry Schumacher

St. Nicholas and St. Therese are on the air!

 On the air until 11 am.

  • Karren Charles
  • Alicia Tellez
  • Sandy Monreal
 Karren Charles

 Alicia Tellez

 Sandy Monreal

St. Mary's until 10am

 St. Mary's sharing their special "lights" in their community: 

  • Richard Mercer, Anthony White, Michelle Pettyjohn
  • Tom Ditter
  • Kate Aravich
  • Brian Olmes
  • Angie Harrison & Louie Murdock
  • Rita Franklin


 Tom Ditter

 Kate Aravich

 Brian Olmes

 Angie Harrison & Louie Murdock

Our final fall pledge drive day.


Starting with prayer. 

Please call and pledge 208-344-4774. 

Parishes today: St. Mary's, St. Therese, St.Nicholas, Our Lady of the Valley, and St. John's. 

First four callers receive a $25 Zamzow gift certificate. 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

St. Paul's is on the air until 7pm.

 St. Paul's is sharing their "lights" now until 7pm.

Listen, call and pledge 208-344-4774
- Cindy Duft
- Monica Salinas and Dora
- Fr. Bill Taylor
- Sarah Harris
- Kathy Jessick
- Stephen Hauge
- Rodney Herman
- Fr. Immanuel
- Brian Hosefro
 Cindy Duft

 Monica and Dora

 Sarah Harris


 Fr. Emmanuel

Ring those phones!


 Kathy and Joe Ferbreche from OLGC

 Fr. Manh Tran from St. Paul's BSU

 Fr. Vance with Bishop Kelly

St. Edward's until 10am

 St. Edward's is sharing their "lights" now until 10am.

Listen, call and pledge 208-344-4774
- Angela Hild
- Fr. Joseph Lustig
- Dr. Steven Kohtz
- Fr. Julio Vicente
- Paul Madalena
- Sue Spain

 Angela Hild

 Fr. Joseph Lustig

 Fr. Julio Vicente

 Paul Madalena

 Sue Spain

 Crew at St. Edward's

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

St. Mark's is on the air!

 St. Mark's is sharing their "lights" now until 7pm.

Listen, call and pledge 208-344-4774
- Fr. Vitalis
- Seminarian Tim Segert
- Josh Arend
- Donna Gordan
- Deacon Chris Privon
- Mario Villegas
- Jennifer Palagi
- Ashley McClung and Janis Deneen-Robinson

Fr. Vitalis

Seminarian Tim Segert
Donna Gordan

Mario Villegas

Sacred Heart is on the air!

Sacred Heart is sharing their "lights"now until 10:00 a.m. 
Listen, call and pledge 208-344-4774

      • Brock Carpenter
      • Peggy Minnaert
      • Tom and Mary Schmidt
      • Sharon Job
      • Angela Calovich
      • Stephanie Ballis

 Tom and Mary Schmidt

 Sharon Job

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Holy Apostles on the air until 7pm!

Holy Apostles is sharing their "lights".

Listen, call and pledge 208-344-4774

- Gina Schmidt
- Eva Pera
- Kristia & Toby Pfiefer
- Alex Street & Grace Swanke
- Jan Camp
- Ardith Anderson
- Cathy Hagadone
- Midge Lee & Jeanette Silbernagel
- Stephanie Hardy

Gina Schmidt over Zoom

Immaculate Conception & St. Catherine's now until noon.

 Dollar for dollar match up to $1,000.

Immaculate Conception and St. Catherine's are on the air until noon. Listen, call and pledge on this day of Our Lady of Fatima. : 208-344-4774 or online at

  • Ellie Miramontes
  • Fran Golding
  • Carey Crist
Look at this beautiful picture of Fatima from Immaculate Conception.

 Fran Golding

 Carey Crist

Our Lady of the Snow and St. Charles until 11:00am


Our Lady of the Rosary is on the air!

 Please enjoy the "lights of the world" guests at Our Lady of the Rosary now until 10:00 a.m.

  • Deacon Lou Aaron
  • Dr. Bruce and Diana Hamerl
  • Dana Swanson 
  • Father Dat Vu
The goal is $3,000 this hour. Please call and pledge: 208-344-4774. 

 Deacon Lou Aaron

 Dana Swanson

 Fr. Dat Vu