Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Guests

07:00 AM Carol/ Keith
07:15 AM Legion of Mary
07:45 AM Paul and Barbie Bentley
08:00 AM Roberto Amieva
08:15 AM St. Paul's BSU
08:30 AM Natalie Nathan

9-11am: Our Lady of the Valley
09:00 AM Fr. Francisco Flores

11am-1pm: St. Paul's
11:00 AM Ross Hoffman
11:15 AM Santiago Robles
11:30 AM Fr. Bill Taylor
12:00 PM Fr. Jerry Funke
12:30 PM Randy McCormick
01:00 PM Marcie Wilske
01:30 PM George Lewis, Adrienne Smith

2-4pm: St. Mary's
02:00 PM Jerry Helgeson
02:15 PM Father Faucher
03:00 PM Marianne White
03:15 PM Betsy Chumich
03:30 PM Isabell Yale

4-6pm: St. John's
04:00 PM Fr. Henry
04:30 PM Cathedral Women's Connection
05:00 PM Fr. Jerome Montez
05:30 PM George Lewis, Russ Biaggne
06:00 PM KGEM team

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